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America Without Borders
by Paul Walfield
9 July 2003

Should Congress allocate Homeland Security dollars to cities that do not require police to report illegal immigrants to the INS?  Congress says YES!

United States Flag

Many city and local governments have passed ordinances which, in effect, prohibit the police from enforcing federal immigration laws.  The federal government -- our Congress -- has just said, “way to go!”
Most folks without an agenda pretty much understand that illegal immigration is a bad thing.  Our leaders, in their infinite wisdom, have over the years formulated a series of requirements for foreign nationals who want to come to this country to live or visit.  While there may have been an argument in the past some of these immigration restrictions were discriminatory, that is no longer the case.  The immigration laws nowadays are in place to ensure that America as a whole is better off whenever someone is approved to have a visa.
People who circumvent our immigration laws or any other laws are criminals.  People -- mainly folks who may not have the best interest of the United States at heart -- want to call immigration criminals by another name -- “undocumented” workers.  Nevertheless, a rotten egg by any other name still stinks.  The INS, the Border Patrol, and federal law enforcement across the land have all taken an oath to uphold the laws of this great land; so have local police departments.  Even the members of Congress have sworn to do the same. 
Basically, they lied.
Actually, the Border Patrol is trying to fulfill their job description, but they are undermined at every turn.  You would think after 9-11, mindsets would have changed; they haven’t.  In fact, just the opposite has occurred.  Now the people that want open borders, amnesty for all illegal immigrants and the relegating of the United States to being just another third world nation (or worse, to be like Canada), are calling the shots.  If someone even mentions border control, they jump into action and begin doing what they do best, name calling.  And not just any name calling.  They simply accuse others of being like themselves.  They call people who demand that our laws be enforced “unpatriotic.”  If someone says that illegal immigration is “dangerous,” they inexplicably claim that 9-11 is no excuse to “discriminate” against undocumented workers.  Logic, reason and just plain common sense are in no way acceptable or tolerated by the Left.
The Homeland Security Department's $30 billion dollar budget was approved by Congress last month.  At last, much needed federal funding would be allocated to various municipalities across our great nation.  Just before the bill was approved by Congress, Representative Tom Tancredo tried to add an amendment to the bill that he and most honest Americans would believe would make it an even more effective measure.  Congressman Tancredo wanted the bill to allocate Homeland Security money only to cities and towns that did not have ordinances which, according to the Washington Times, “do not require their police to report illegal immigrants to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, even when they are arrested or convicted of crimes.”  Mr. Tancredo explained, “It was simply a provision that required cities to enforce a federal law already on the books. This is the kind of thing that will become an issue at re-election time. I really don't know how anybody can defend that vote.”
When the measure came to a vote, 102 members of Congress voted for it (all Republican), and 322 members of Congress voted against it.  Cities and towns can now collect their federal subsidies for homeland security and still keep their own law enforcement personnel from enforcing federal laws that help keep the homeland secure.
The arguments against having local law enforcement attempt to manage illegal immigration are many, but virtually every one of them is spurious at best.  After 9-11, and contrary to what the hate-America crowd says, it is more important than ever that we protect our borders.  Our immigration laws are in place to keep America America.  There is no other country on the planet that has as many people wanting to populate its land than the United States.  If the Left was to have its way, America would be reduced to a series of Bantustans, with each particular group encouraged to maintain their own culture without embracing America itself.  American culture, as the Left is so fond of saying, is based upon racism, colonialism and economic domination.  Why would anyone want to pledge allegiance to a nation that -- as college students are taught -- is the cause of world misery?
The Left is thought of by many as a fringe element in American society.  They are thought of as tree huggers who are more interested in saving the snail darter than in personal hygiene; not a serious threat to our way of life.  Now, however, even our Congress is willing to put aside America’s long term well-being for their personal short term success. 
Americans are fast becoming an endangered species.  While diversity can be a good thing, it cannot be considered as such when, in order to achieve it, we lose ourselves and our own identities in the process.  Being inclusive in most endeavors is a noble cause.  We need to keep our eyes on the reason diversity can be beneficial, rather than simply having a goal of achieving it.
All Americans are the children of immigrants or were immigrants themselves, save the Native Americans.  Regardless of ethnic background, or race, the one thing that should not be fair game for “diversity” seekers is the one thing that holds this country together: our sense of belonging and allegiance to America, and our faith and belief that America is the land of opportunity, freedom and what is good about human-kind. 
America for Americans is a place to be cherished and to be defended and not to be trashed by the likes of college professors who, but for America's freedom of speech, would be unable to spew their venom.  We need to take back our country and hold the members of Congress accountable for their votes against upholding laws that were enacted to protect all of us.

Paul Walfield is a freelance writer and member of the State Bar of California with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and post-graduate study in behavioral and analytical psychology. He resided for a number of years in the small town of Houlton, Maine and is now a California attorney.

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