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Abortion Tragedy
by Doug Hagin
25 July 2003Human Fetus

The “right to choose” takes over a million human lives every year here in America.

The recent tragedy in Santa Monica, California is still tough to come to grips with. An elderly man, losing control of his vehicle and running down pedestrians at the farmers market, killing ten and seriously injuring many others.

In his first public statement, the driver, Russell Weller, states he is heart-broken over the extent of the tragedy. And surely it is easy to see how devastated this poor man must be. And certainly the families of the victims must be just as devastated as well.

Tragedies such as this are incomprehensible to us. But such tragedies surely point out all too well just how precious and fragile human life really is. Or is it?

Certainly each of our lives is invaluable, and precious. Yet each day the most innocent among us, the unborn, are killed by abortion “ doctors” in abortion clinics under the guise of a woman’s “right to choose.”
This right to abortion takes over a million human lives every year here in America. To put that numbers into perspective imagine the tragedy in Santa Monica happened every day for a year. The death toll would be 3,650 lives lost or less than 0.4 % of the death toll from abortions.

Imagine if the media reported all of these deaths. Imagine the sheer horror Americans would be forced to face up to. Imagine just how quickly abortion would be banned here in America.

Yet most of us remain ignorant and blind to the daily tragedy of what abortion really is. We go on with our lives and jobs and families, never really considering the number of innocent lives beings snuffed out in this great land of ours.

Even more damning for us is the fact that this horror has been stalking this land for 30 years now. Thirty long years of precious babies being killed in the womb. How can this great country possibly justify this holocaust?

Those who fully support the legalization of abortion of course defend it as a sacred right without which women would be reduced to sub-human standards. So women must be able to have their unborn children killed to be truly equal in America?

Of course these same defenders will rant and rave about how women must be able to control their bodies. On this I agree, but when a woman is pregnant there is another body involved, the baby will have their little body destroyed in the abortion. Yes women do have a right to their bodies, and so should the unborn child.

How about the argument, that states abortion is an exercise of a woman’s right to reproductive choice and control? Birth control is a choice both women and men should be free to make. But the choice or choices should only apply before there is a baby involved.

After conception there is indeed a human being growing, developing inside the mother. At that point birth control and the right to it are no longer applicable. The man and woman, formerly lovers, are now parents and have a moral responsibility to the child they have created. And this responsibility goes far beyond financial responsibility. The child will need a mother AND father much more than a child support payment every month.

Of course the most inexplicable defense of abortion is the argument women should not be forced to carry a child to term. This sounds like a solid argument doesn’t it? After all we would not wish to force anyone to make such a commitment would we?

Well we certainly should expect the woman and, once more, the father to step up and accept responsibility. Abortion is, in the end, the ultimate abdication of personal responsibility. And it is the innocent child who pays the price for this abdication. And they pay with their lives.

Abortion is not really about choice or a right to privacy, or reproductive freedom at all. It is about furthering the leftist dream of a guilt free, personal responsibility free, consequence free and morality free society.
Yes some abortions involve pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. And some involve the life of the mother. In the case of rape or incest, the woman faces a tragic situation. But killing the child, who is totally innocent, will not solve the problem or make the tragedy any better. It will only compound the tragedy. Anyone doubting this should listen to the tearful testimony of women who “chose” to end their pregnancy. Now they deal with grieving their lost child as well as the rape they endured.

Abortion is the killing of a baby. There is no other way around it. The medical evidence is crystal clear for all to see, which is why the abortion supporters never debate facts or medical truths. Instead they defend their position with emotionalism, rhetoric and hyperbole.

And all the while babies are dying.

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