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Treason: O’Reilly v Coulter
by Bruce Walker
24 July 2003 Anne Coulter's Treason

Ann Coulter entered Bill O'Reilly's "The No Spin Zone" last Tuesday night to discuss her latest book Treason, on the current stigma against Joseph McCarthy. Who do you think won?

Bill O’Reilly, who normally resists conventional dogma, demonstrated in
consecutive nights on his Fox News program that the master of no-spin is as
incapable of penetrating the Orwellian fables that surround Senator Joe
McCarthy and anti-communism as any establishment pundit.

When the discussion of Joe McCarthy came up, Ann challenged O’Reilly to
identify a single victim of the dead Senator. O’Reilly hid his obvious
ignorance by declining to get “drawn in to” an argument about whether
McCarthy was good or bad. The senator was “bad” because “everyone knew it.”

Ann pressed; Bill retreated. He noted that “everyone” knew about the abuses
of the House Un-American Activities Committee. While it is an undeserved
compliment to the ignoramuses of college campuses today to assume that
students or professors have even heard of HUAC, Ms. Coulter noted the patent
absurdity of O’Reilly’s assertion: Senator Joe McCarthy was never on the
House Un-American Activities Committee.

What is amazing about Bill O’Reilly’s confused statement is that Ann Coulter
notes in Treason that McCarthy attackers invariably place this United States
Senator in the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

On page fifty-six of Treason, Ann points out that the New York Times even
had a crossword puzzle which asked for “Sen. McCarthy’s grp.” and the
supposedly correct answer was HUAC. How could such an obvious mistake become
part of a crossword puzzle? Those on the Left do not care about facts.

But Bill O’Reilly, not a fanatical Leftist, should care about facts. Sadly,
not only did Bill fail to cite a single example of an innocent person
besmirched by Senator McCarthy (there are none) but he inaccurately
identified Senator McCarthy as a member of the House Un-American Activities
Committee (although his guest, Ann Coulter, had highlighted this as the
penultimate example of Leftist brainwashing.)

The saddest aspect of bumbling by O’Reilly, however, happened the next day,
when he responded to a viewer’s defense of Ann Coulter by commenting that
anyone who did not know that anti-communists in the early 1950s were working
closely together was ill informed.

I admire Bill O’Reilly, but his knowledge of the Cold War and the vast
treason that preceded the Cold War appears almost non-existent. The real
story of HUAC is a perfect example of this ignorance. The House Un-American
Activities Committee was created at the insistence of New York Congressman
Samuel Dickstein, who was a liberal Democrat.

The purpose of this committee was not to investigate organizations and
individuals sympathetic to Communism, but to investigate organizations and
individuals sympathetic to Nazism. Dickstein himself was a Soviet agent
with the cover name of “Crook.” Samuel Dickstein was a traitor working for
communism in Congress, and he did it purely for the money.

So, HUAC and McCarthy are interchangeable? McCarthy never served in the
House of Representatives. HUAC was created by the Democrats in the House of
Representatives, and not by the Republicans in the Senate. The man
responsible for creating HUAC was a liberal Jewish Democrat congressman from
New York instead of a conservative Catholic Republican senator from New

Oh, yes - one other trifling detail: Wisconsin Republican Senator Joe
McCarthy, who was exempt from military service, volunteered to serve in the
Army Air Corps and did so with distinction in one of the most dangerous
combat roles of the Second World War - tail gunner on a B-17 Flying
Fortress. New York Democrat Congressman Samuel Dickstein, who was
responsible for creating HUAC, was a traitor in the employ of the Soviet
Union who sold out America for nothing more noble than money, with the cover
name “Crook.”

Ann Coulter does not cover Dickstein in Treason, but the true origin of HUAC
is a perfect example of the reason why Ann uses the brass knuckles rhetoric
which seems to bother Bill O’Reilly. The treason of Samuel Dickstein has
been known for eight years. Scholars of the Cold War even provide details on
the amount of his pay - $1,250 a month - in books on Soviet penetration of

These books reveal the greatest crime in American history. The damage caused
by American traitors in the service of Moscow was greater, not smaller, than
Senator McCarthy believed. But these books have received so little
attention from the establishment Leftist media that well-intentioned and
fair-minded men like Bill O’Reilly still believe the old mythology of
noxious anti-communism.

If Bill would actually read Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America,
Hollywood Party, The Secret World of American Communism or any of the other
books which expose in detail by reference to redundant, reliable and
independent sources the unbelievable damage done to the human race by
American Stalinists, often still unrepentant Stalinists, then perhaps O’
Reilly would not believe that Ann Coulter is too harsh. Indeed, O’Reilly
might think that she was too kind.

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