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No Charity for the Boy Scouts
by Hans Zieger
29 July 2003Boy Scouts of America

Which organization is more despicable than the ACLU, PETA, Greenpeace, NARAL, and NOW?  The Boy Scouts of America.

What organization is more despicable and vile than the ACLU, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Public Citizen, Greenpeace, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and the National Organization for Women? The Boy Scouts of America.
So says the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in a decision last week upholding the State of Connecticut's three-year old choice to exclude the Boy Scouts from its state employee charitable contribution list. Even though the state is eager to condemn the Boy Scouts for its ban on homosexuals, it gives prominent place to homosexual front groups like the Hartford Gay/Lesbian Health Collective and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.
The Connecticut State Employee Charitable Campaign gives millions of dollars to a variety of non-profit organizations each year. Local Boy Scouts councils were a grateful recipient of state worker contributions until 2000. That's when administrators of the charitable campaign decided to drop the BSA in protest of its moral code.
A notorious terrorist-sympathizing hate group like PETA is unquestioned on Connecticut's approved index of charities. But a mainstream bastion of moral character and honor is struck off of the list with great fervor.
So who's the real excluder here? It would be one thing if the Boy Scouts were the only beneficiary of state employee charitable giving. Instead, America's finest youth organization is condemned loudly while a host of anti-Scout organizations continue to receive big bucks from the Connecticut State Employee Charitable Campaign.
In approving the State of Connecticut's discriminatory decision, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals set dangerous precedent. Fortunately, the Boy Scouts will be appealing the case. "Rest assured we're working on it. We're going to take some action," BSA spokesman Gregg Shields told Culture and Family Report.
The Connecticut ruling is not an isolated incident. In another effort to keep the Boy Scouts out of the public square, radical Leftists in Philadelphia are pressuring the city council to end a 75-year old agreement with the local Boy Scouts. The Philadelphia Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout council operates a headquarters on a half acre of public land that was granted to them in 1928 in perpetuity.
The special interest groups working to destroy the Boy Scouts could easily start the Queer Scouts of America or join any one of the many homosexual youth groups that already exist. But they see the Boy Scouts as a ripe target for the infusion of their radical agenda into our society.
The Left has consistently misrepresented the Boy Scouts as they've spat upon and booed the young men doing a good turn daily. It is not because the Boy Scouts are a homophobic hate group that the war is waged against them. In fact, Scouting teaches its youth to respect others, including homosexuals.
Thus, it is because the Boy Scouts teach the undeniable link between the preservation of the American family and honor, integrity, and virtue that the Left is in combat against Scouting.
Homosexuals are denied membership in the Boy Scouts for the same reason that girls are not allowed in the Scouts. Camping and hiking and troop meetings are occasions that mold the masculinity and character of young men. The local Boy Scouts hall is not the place for the culture war to be waged. It is a private group as are any of the 900 groups that Connecticut state employees can still voluntarily give their charitable money to. It is a private group worthy of public adoration and encouragement as the City of Philadelphia has given it for three-quarters of a century and should continue to do for another three-quarters of a century.
The Boy Scouts taught me to respect opposing beliefs, and to stand up for my own. For several generations, the Boy Scouts have been doing a good turn daily to pass on values and life skills to young men. Now it's time for the rest of us to do our good turn by standing up for the Boy Scouts.
Hans Zeiger, 18, is a columnist, speaker, and activist. An Eagle Scout, he is president of the Scout Honor Coalition.

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