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California Dreaming is Becoming a Reality
by Bruce Walker
12 August 2003Gray Davis

The weakness of the Democrats in California has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.

How serious are the political problems of California Democrats?  How great are the opportunities for California Republicans?  The answer to both questions is huge.  The Terminator will be the next Governor of California - and, apparently, a very savvy governor. If Arnold has played coy, the Democrats have played psychotic. 

The Democratic strategy: silence on the recall (despite an apparently unsolvable budgetary crisis) followed by a lukewarm defense of Davis followed by allegations of ultra-far-extreme-arch-rightwing Republicans (you know, like Dick Riordan) and then murmurings of drafting DiFi followed by her Shermanesque denials and then the appearance of the Terminator.

The Clintons are out to help Davis or California Democrats or their own selfish political ambitions, and the rats are scurrying all over the decks of the U.S.S. Titanic Donkey. No one questions that without California, Democrats will not only lose the 2004 election, but lose it by a landslide.

While the weakness of the Republican Party in California has gotten a lot of attention, the weakness of the Democrat Party has been almost completely ignored.  Democrats won the seven statewide elective officials in November 2002, but Republicans gained seats in both houses of the California Legislature.

The real story, however, was how lamely Democrat candidates hobbled to victory in statewide elections last year.  Out of those seven winning candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner, only the Democrat candidate for Attorney General received a majority of the vote. 

In fact, three of the seven candidates - Controller, Secretary of State, and Insurance Commissioner - received a smaller percentage of the popular vote than the universally reviled Gray Davis, who has approval ratings roughly comparable to Mike Tyson.

California voters are also allowed to go into the polling booth and decline to cast a vote for any candidate in a particular race (somewhat like the “None of the above,” or NOTA, in other states).  Including these in the voting totals, every single Democrat who won statewide office in November 2002 had a minority of the vote. 

These Democrats may soon wish that they had lost.  Right now, Gray Davis is catching all the heat for the budget crisis, but it is the naked avarice and corruption of the Democrat Party that has caused this crisis.

The Controller, for example, is supposed to protect Californians from waste and shenanigans by politicians.  The Treasurer is supposed to make sure that the finances of the Great State of California are solid.  Have these clowns done their jobs?

Even worse, because Democrats today run virtually everything in California, there is virtually no way to blame Republicans for any of the problems facing the Golden State today.  That includes Governor Davis himself.  Although portrayed as an “outsider” (much like Gary Condit, with a liberal lifetime voting record, who suddenly became a “conservative” when his scummy live was revealed) there is no salient fact about his 2002 campaign: no Democrat tried to take the nomination from him.

I strongly suspect that The Terminator will soon be Governor of California, and that a thorough housecleaning (which will leave many Democrats frantically searching for “Get Out of Jail Free” cards) will follow.  Maybe recalls of other Democrats.  Maybe some very thoughtful resignations.

Putting the largest state in play for Republicans is very big and very good news, but perhaps the biggest benefit will be that restoring confidence and stability to California will help create a strong economic boom in America.  That is not good news; it is great news. California Dreaming is becoming a reality.

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