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Racist Storms
by Doug Hagin
12 August 2003Sheila Jackson Lee

According to Sheila Jackson Lee, there are not enough storms with African-American sounding names.

If you follow the political games of the left leaning Democratic Party, you no doubt realize that this party has long been hijacked by radicals and malcontents who are only happy when they are offended.

There are the race pimps of the NAACP, the gender pimps of the National Organization of Women, the radical environmentalists who are really just socialists posing as nature lovers, and of course the gun grabbers who hate the right to self-defense.

This is a strange, dysfunctional bunch to be sure. And to be certain this collection of whiners has surely issued forth some of the most asinine comments ever to fall on a Conservative’s ears. And just when you think you have heard it all, just when you think, “no way they can say anything any more inane than that,” they top themselves.

Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is the latest Liberal to not be content just residing at the very bottom of the pit of asininity. No, my friends, Ms. Lee has proceeded to start digging. Recently Ms. Lee found offense at the naming of hurricanes. Yes, the names of these destructive and deadly storms are not inclusive enough to suit Sheila Jackson Lee.

She would like some of the storms to have African-American sounding names. Is this what diversity has come to mean in America? Are we now so petty that everything must be multi-cultural? 

This is the depth to which the race baiters in our country have now sunk? Creating racial incidents for Blacks to be offended over has long been a favorite activity for people like Ms. Lee. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made very lucrative careers at it. 

This sudden offense over the naming of hurricanes is surely the worst example of playing the race card unnecessarily. This ridiculous stand is not going to help race relations in America. If anything it will serve to divide us instead of uniting us.

Ms. Lee should do better by her constituents than playing the role of victimized and oppressed Black woman. Frankly, if the naming of hurricanes is the only problem a Black Congresswoman faces then race relations are in tremendous shape. 

Of course, the truth is race relations are pretty good here, better than ever before and improving every year. The fact is this, the average American could really care less what color their neighbor or co-worker is. Out here in the real world, where Ms. Lee does not reside, the vast majority of us see clearly that skin color is no real measure of anything.

It is simply a color, and the fact is it IS only skin deep. The fact Ms. Lee and the NAACP and Jesse Jackson are afraid to face up to is this: the war against racism is largely over. Racism, while it will never be completely obliterated, is effectively gone from this nation.

There are no more separate schools. The segregation, which is my beloved South’s great shame, is no more. No more Whites Only signs hang anywhere in America. Those who fought the civil rights war won, and rightfully so.
For some that fought that war there was a catch, however. Once they had gained victory for equality, the need for protests, boycotts, and raising of our collective conscience was also gone. This is not good for those who have come to make their living off fighting racism. 

So the likes of Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and obviously Sheila Jackson Lee have sought to keep fighting the fight even if it means creating racism where there is none. We all know how the Confederate flag, fought under by Southerners of all colors and religions, has been used as a wedge to embitter Black Americans by these race pimps.

Today everything and everyone is a possible target for these folks. Southerners have seen our heritage raked over the coals repeatedly. Many have had their careers and lives ruined for uttering some innocent remark, which has been blown out of proportion. Is this what we fought the war against real racism for? So we can now find offense and injustice in everything?

For the Sheila Jackson Lees of the world creating racism is simple job security. She has bamboozled her constituents into believing she is defending them from racism in America. If they ever saw the truth then they might reject her message of petty bitterness and vote for someone else. So Ms. Lee and those like her will continue to invent racist events to ensure they retain their power. Guess it beats actually working for a living.

Those who cared enough to fight against the bigotry which at one time was a problem in America did a noble deed. Their fight does not deserve to be perverted by the Sheila Jackson Lees of the world.

Doug Hagin is a freelance writer

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