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FEC Grants Special Rights for Socialists
by Jan Ireland
13 August 2003Freedom Socialist Party

Your campaign contributions must be publicly reported -- unless you contribute to the Freedom Socialist Party.

Socialist Linda Averill said potential government surveillance or harassment
by anti-socialists necessitated keeping her political donors secret.  And the
Federal Election Commission agreed, extending to the socialist party a
privilege other political parties can only covet.  But if Linda Averill,
Freedom Socialist Party candidate for Seattle City Council, is so afraid of
revealing her donors' names, why would she publicly list more than 30
sponsors and endorsers of her February 2003 International Women's Day
"Organized Labor Against the War" protest?

Linda Averill's Kickoff Campaign Bar-B-Q was held at a supporter's home. 
The husband and wife's first and last names, their home address, a home
telephone number, and even directions to the house were given.  Maybe
keeping those donors' names secret didn't apply, when it would get more
publicity for her political kickoff.

A Freedom Socialist Party big screen TV showing of the movie Deacons of
Defense was advertised at a Hall, with the bus line number given, and with
wheelchair accessibility accented.  Public hall?  Wheelchair access?  If
donors' names really needed to be kept secret, would the Freedom Socialist
Party be so open about its meeting places?

Linda Averill is sure socialism should replace the freedom of America. 
Socialism doesn't offer a First Amendment.  So why does Linda Averill demand
First Amendment rights of free speech for the protestors she agrees with? 
If socialism did take over in America, it would be a tool she would have to
live without.

Linda Averill is taking away the First Amendment rights of free speech from
those who disagree with her, by not revealing people who are her sources of
funding.  She can put your name and my name into any number of databases,
and out will pop whoever we financially supported.  Any funding you and I
give to political parties is available to Linda Averill, but we can't find
out who gave donations to her.

Linda Averill is sure socialism will be embraced by the workers of America,
when they see how much better off they will be under socialism.  So why did
riot police have to be called to protect businesses (American Presidents
Line, Stevedoring Services of America), when ILWU members had to be locked
out, and President Bush had to threaten to call in US troops for national

Linda Averill's response to this situation was to write a letter of protest
to Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, charging that her people (the ones the riot
police were called about) were "terrorized" in an effort to "silence
political dissent."  They were, she said, subjected to "Gestapo tactics."

Socialism, by its very nature, is the antithesis of individuality and
freedom.  Some socialist groups openly advocate the overthrow of the United
States Government.  Some see enlarging unions - both in membership and in
power - as the way to infiltrate and thereby eventually take over from
within, America.

Two of the six commissioners voted against extending the reporting
exemption.  One of those two was Commissioner Danny McDonald, who saw only evidence of "petty harassment" in recent years (oranges thrown and cursing).

I think Commissioner McDonald was right.  Not that I condone any violence
against peaceful protestors, but hasn't more than that happened at rock

And wouldn't more than that have happened to the little old grandmother in
the wheelchair that the Democrats had Republican George W. Bush pushing down the stairs, in their campaign commercial?

I'm afraid Linda Averill's insistence on keeping donors' names secret stems
from one of two other reasons.  Either she simply has learned and learned
well from the left in this country, how best to employ any and all political
tricks, delays, and obfuscations.  Or, the donors who are giving to her
would be known to us, and fear they would suffer in that revealing.

You have to concede one point to Linda Averill, a Metro bus driver and
member of Amalgamated Transit Union Local #587.  She's managed to get
something in America that even trial lawyers can't have - unless they
contribute to the socialist party, of course.

I guess the "Yours in Solidarity" and "Yours for the One Big Union,"
sprinkled on different websites, only apply to Linda Averill's favored few.

Jan Ireland is a counselor and teacher.

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