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The Real Aim of Gun Control
by Doug Hagin
19 August 2003Glock

As long as citizens are able to own and carry guns, they will never be completely dependent on government.

The debate over the right of the American people to own and carry guns has been fought and re-fought over and again. The emotionally charged arguments of those against guns have been heard and re-heard. And they have been proven dead wrong time after time by gun rights arguments.

Yet those who despise your gun will never cease their insidious campaign until they have stripped away your most essential personal liberty, the right to self-defense. In the end the sacred right to protect ourselves and each other is the target of the gun-grabbers like Sarah Brady and Senator Charles Schumer.

Yes, we all know they claim to be defending children when they talk gun control. We know they claim to be interested in reducing crime when they rant about sensible gun laws. We have heard all of these lies over and over and over again.

The fact is theirs is a very different agenda than they claim. Their stated goals fade in the face of the facts about guns and gun ownership. Seventy percent of the states in this nation have enacted laws allowing citizens to carry guns. And violent crime has dropped in those states. The predicted shootouts in the streets and rampaging citizens predicted by the gun control gang have never come to pass.

Yet gun control advocates continue to use this false campaign of fear and lies to try to persuade us of the need for their gun control ideals in America. They tell us that guns and children are a deadly mix. They tell us no parent should own a gun. They tell us of all the children killed by guns accidentally every year.

Yet when the truth is examined on these matters the lies of the gun grabbers become apparent. More children die every year in fires, falls, drownings, and from playing football than by accidental shootings. If the gun control gang is really concerned about saving kids, then why are they not campaigning against two-story homes, swimming pools and youth football? Why do they just target guns?

Simply put, guns and the right to own them is the key ingredient in a free society. If Americans are allowed to own and carry guns then they can feed themselves and defend themselves. In other words, gun-owning Americans are less dependent on government than Liberals prefer.

To any devoted Liberal, government is the one and only answer for everything. Self-defense and our inherent right to it are not conducive to being dependent on government. In the Liberal ideal, the average person is better off being more dependent on the government. Anything that lessens our dependence on government is the sworn enemy of liberalism.

The gun grabbers, of course, would vehemently deny this charge. But take a look at the countries that have taken away gun rights.

In England, gun rights have pretty much ceased to exist, and -- predictably -- violent crime has risen. The rate of “hot” burglaries -- burglaries where the residents are home -- is much higher than in America. Why? Well, as studies have shown, criminals do not know whether or not Americans are armed. They tend, therefore, to avoid invading homes where the resident is at home. England, with its gun control laws, has removed that fear from criminals.

Should the gun grabbers of America ever get their way, England's example would become our reality as well. And not only have gun rights been taken away in England, but the very right to protect oneself has taken a serious hit as well.
Citizens are not allowed to use the same deadly force in protecting themselves as Americans. People there have faced prosecution for defending themselves too vigorously against criminals. Again, this is where gun control eventually leads. The right to protect yourself, like the right to own a gun, makes us too free for Liberals. Imagine if this ideal were to be adopted here? Could defending your life and home land you in prison? If the gun control gang ever gets their desired goals, yes.

They want us to place our protection, as well as our other liberties, in their hands. In the world of Liberals violence is violence. If you kill in self-defense, you are just as bad as the criminal who sought to harm you. This is the dream of the Liberal elites. A nation where everyone depends on government, a government controlled by Liberals, for all our needs. Especially self-defense!

No matter how deluded this vision of Utopia is, rest assured the Liberal elites will never abandon it. To Liberals, you and I are not able to think or decide for ourselves how to live our lives. In their estimation we must be dependent on government for all our needs. This can never take place while we are able to own and carry guns. Remember this fact the next time a liberal talks about gun control. 

Doug Hagin is a freelance writer

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