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The Truth about Truthout.org
by Doug Schmitz
29 August 2003Truthout

Introducing Truthout.org, an anti-Bush landfill that masquerades as a bastion of news credibility.

When President Bush stepped onto the presidential landscape in 2000, the Left had only just started to show their true colors – especially those on the extreme left-wing of the media, who prove daily to be further aiding and abetting our foreign enemies.  Undeniably, Bush seems to have brought out the voracious fury of the Left in ways no other president has done since Ronald Reagan won the Cold War.

Although leftist propaganda portals such as CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the San Francisco Chronicle, to mention a few, have done their part to advance the Left’s agenda, ultra-leftist extremists have already infiltrated the new media of cyberspace – spewing out their caustic venom at the current administration.

One of the Web sites that has morphed itself into a veritable Trojan horse arm of the extreme leftist media is Truthout.org – an anti-Bush cyber landfill that masquerades as a bastion of news credibility.  Not only does Truthout.org post exclusively pro-Democrat, Bush-hating articles and editorials – they also boycott the views and opinions of both conservative Republicans and Libertarians.

While claiming to represent America and purportedly seeking to “get the truth out,” Truthout.org conceals who they really are: A cornucopia of anti-American, anti-Semitic, pro-Palestine sedition.  Its primary purpose: dumping extreme, Far Left rhetoric into its own little private black hole on the Internet – to anyone and everyone desperate enough to read its acerbic pontifications.

In fact, as an analysis, a quick glance at the articles posted on Truthout.org reveals its ultimate goal: to politically destroy the moral and ethical character of President Bush, while spitting on not only the graves of our brave soldiers, but also on American patriotism.  Its anti-U.S., anti-war message speaks volumes about the treasonous corruption of the Far Left, who seems to care more about protecting our enemies than protecting our borders.

Truthout.org’s associate editor, William Rivers Pitt, whose Web site seems to post only articles and editorials with a Far Left anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian bent, has authored such leftist tomes as Our Flag, Too: The Paradox of Patriotism and War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn’t Want You To Know.  The latter was written from an interview with Scott Ritter, a former Clinton Administration weapons inspector.

In the book, Pitt and Ritter try to make the case that the U.S. and the rest of the world would have been better off if Saddam Hussein were still in power.  These two Fifth columnists theorize that Saddam never actually posed a real threat to our national security at all – especially since he supposedly destroyed all of his WMDs.  (This is yet another trait of the Far Left: trusting a lying, murderous despot more than our president.)

Moreover, Truthout.org’s home page reads like a Democratic Party billboard – again, offering no point-counterpoint analysis; no balanced news articles; no proper substantiation for the outrageous claims these embittered Democrats have leveled against Bush and other prominent Republicans; and no honest or open discussions for Republicans or Libertarians who wish to debate them.

In fact, a brief scan of Truthout.org on Aug. 11 alone yielded the following articles and editorials, expressing unconscionable angst toward Bush and our U.S. troops (who daily risk their lives to protect the freedom of speech that Truthout.org refuses to afford others):

  • Soldiers Emails-Bring Us Home
  • Family Shot Dead by Panicking US Troops
  • Basra Protests Continue for Second Day
  • Terror Group Seen as Back Inside Iraq
  • Powell’s Battle Cry Fails Test of Time
  • Depiction of Threat Outgrew Supporting Evidence
  • Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network
  • Protest Groups Planning for Republican Convention
  • The Niger Time Bomb
  • Tongue-tied Arnie Takes Hits From Left and Right.

In addition, Truthout.org’s Aug. 9 edition also included this story from the London newspaper, The Independent: “Israeli attacks on militants leave families homeless.”  In addition to its daily postings of the deaths of our brave U.S. troops, Truthout.org seems to have a demented kind of Schadenfreude in doing it as well.

Not surprising, these articles are submitted by none other than the left-leaning, anti-war Democratic house organs of the New York Times, the Washington Post, Reuters, The Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, and the radically Far Left Village Voice.

Rife with anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiment, Pitt’s columns are also featured on such leftist Web sites as Palestinemonitor.org and the politically partisan Bushwatch.org. 

In March, Pitt wrote about former public defender Andrew O’Connor of Santa Fe, N.M., who was arrested for saying in an Internet chatroom that “Bush is out of control.”  According to Pitt, Secret Service agents later arrested O’Connor in a public library for threatening the President.

In typical leftist defiance, Pitt wrote a follow-up column, inveighing:

George Bush is out of control.  I’ll say it again.  George Bush is out of control.  I’m waiting for the black government cars to come squealing up in front of my house, for the thump of the leather on my stairs, for the sound of knuckles on my door, for the feel of steel braceleting my wrists, for the smell of urine in some dank Federal holding cell as I listen to questions from men who no longer feel the constricting boundaries of constitutional law abutting their duties.

On Aug. 10, Pitt was the keynote speaker at the Veterans for Peace National Convention (in San Francisco), which made up of primarily resentful, drafted Vietnam veterans. 

In his opening address, Pitt described his father’s hardships during a 1969 stint in the Vietnam War.  But Pitt proceeded to go into this Bush-hating rant:

If the American people fully knew what this war in Iraq was really about, if they fully knew what it means today to be a soldier in that part of the world, they would tear the White House apart brick by brick.  If the people had but a taste of the horror and the lies, they would repudiate this administration and all it stands for.  They don’t know, because they have been fed a glutton’s diet of misinformation and fraud.  Changing that is why we are here…

After listing a montage of alleged reasons why we shouldn’t have gone to war with Iraq, Pitt cited a Washington Post article titled, “U.S. Shifts Rhetoric On its Goals in Iraq.” As usual, when the leftist media refuse to substantiate its allegations against the Bush Administration, the Post cited only an “unnamed source.” 

Pitt, who admitted to never serving in the armed forces, however, told the group,
“I bet you all the money in my wallet that this 'source' was a man named Richard Perle (chairman of the Defense Policy Board, an advisory panel to the Pentagon) - who outlined the newest reasons for our war over there. 'That goal is to see the spread of our values,' said this (unnamed) aide, 'and to understand that our values and our security are inextricably linked.'"

What Pitt and other leftist extremists fail to comprehend is that if Bush allegedly lied (and that’s a big “if” since it has never been proven), then so did Bill Clinton.  After all, Clinton went to war in 1998 using exactly the same arguments as Bush.  The only difference is Clinton never sought congressional approval to validate his Wag-the-Dog bombings.  But where was the outrage on the Left over Clinton’s wars?  Hollywood leftist Janeane Garofalo has hypocritically claimed that criticizing Clinton’s bombings on Iraq weren’t in style at the time.

But exposing Clinton as the real liar at least exonerates Bush from every single lie the Left has told about the current administration.  To read about Clinton’s false intelligence lies, visit http://www.nationalreview.com/levin/levin.asp.

Another lie Truthout.org recently perpetuated is the Bush Administration reportedly nurturing a “neo-conservative” presence at the White House. 

Building on the infamous “vast right-wing conspiracy” scare tactic the Left uses whenever they can’t effectively debate the issues, Truthout.org posted an article by the Inter Press News Agency (IPS).  (IPS is a left-wing news clearinghouse, “recognized by the United Nations” and linked to several leftist news groups who sponsor Third World countries.)  According to ISP’s Jim Lobe, the Bush Administration employs conservative think tanks to advice him on foreign policy issues. 

Lobe also cited Iran (which is part of the axis of evil – as if Iran is a credible news source) in a deliberate attempt to undermine Bush’s military successes, while ignoring Clinton’s culpability and dereliction of duty in not thwarting terrorism when Clinton also passed up three separate opportunities to capture Osama bin Laden: “Iran recently said it was prepared to turn over five senior al-Qaeda figures, including the son of Osama bin Laden, who are currently in its custody if Washington permanently shuts down an Iraqi-based Iranian rebel group that is listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department.”

So by posting such articles on his Web site, Pitt seems to be endorsing Iran as a legitimate news source to be believed and supported. 

What Pitt and his readers fail to grasp is that by taking an extremely Far Left stance against Bush and this country, they’re doing exactly what they have falsely accused Bush of doing: practicing fascism.

That being said, Truthout.org is part of the anti-American, vitriolic ideology that doesn’t tolerate dissidence, nor the free marketplace of ideas that even remotely deviates from the Far Left agenda.  If you are a Republican, conservative or your last name happens to be “Bush,” you are already considered Public Enemy #1.

What’s even more frightening is the fact that Pitt was once a Boston schoolteacher.  In turn, these young impressionable students were unwittingly subjected five days a week to Pitt’s Far Left ideologies that likely permeate that particular school system. 

For example, although the TV series, Boston Public, is fictional, it nonetheless underscores the often times radically out-of-control views of teachers who have literally become surrogate parents by protesting with their students and being supported by equally subversive school administrators.  Therefore, it would come as no surprise if Pitt were expressing his Far Left rhetoric in his classroom – found so laden on Truthout.org.

In the end, Truthout.org is nothing but a pro-Communistic/Marxist, French-adoring, anti-U.S., Bush-hating virtual gripe fest for U.S. traitors.  Those who visit Truthout.org are able to fuel their overt hatred for Bush and this country with anti-American propaganda.

Since leftist-controlled Web sites like Truthout.org already know they have lost the debate in the marketplace of ideas, they now have to take their leftist crusade to the information superhighway: the place where they feel the safest, and where they never have to be challenged face-to-face about their outrageously propagated claims.

After all, the Left wouldn’t be raising such a ruckus – much less, even care – if they didn’t feel so threatened by alternative voices of opinion who seek out their constitutionally protected right to be heard.  Inasmuch as they claim to be for free speech, the Left only supports free speech when it applies to them. 

In other words, in the Left’s twisted world, conservatives and Libertarians who don’t tow the leftist line have no say and therefore, have no place in society.  Despite the fact that the Left has had an ideological monopoly in media, industry, business and entertainment for over 50 years, they still want to believe they are the only true voice in mainstream America.

If Truthout.org genuinely wanted to “get the truth out,” as they claim on their Web site, they would be exposing the lies and distortions of the Democratic Party, instead of covering them up.  They would also be allowing conservatives and Libertarians to be heard.

For example, why doesn’t Truthout.org tell the truth about Gray Davis, who recently validated drivers licenses for illegal aliens in a last-ditch effort to garner support, as well as votes?  Or, why hasn’t it told how a state convoy carrying Davis was pulled over on Aug. 9 for speeding at 90 mph on a major highway, allowing the “constitutional officer” (as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle) to break the state’s own speed limit? 

Or, what about telling Truthout.org readers that Davis deliberately concealed his state’s disastrous financial condition in order to guarantee his re-election? 

What’s more, how about California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, a Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and the highest-ranking ethnic minority politician? 

On Feb. 9, Bustamante used the “n” word in a speech at a prominent African-American labor group banquet.  Although Bustamante reportedly apologized for his racial slur, he told reporters he meant to say “Negro” but said he “slipped.” 

Or, why doesn’t Truthout.org tell their readers about Democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt lying to his core constituents about his childhood upbringing and about his father’s party affiliation?

So, why doesn’t Truthout.org post such straightforward news items about Democrats – especially since it claims to want to “get the truth out?”  Simple: The Left has a problem with the truth.  The Left’s dishonesty clouds everything they do and say. 

Because the Left doesn’t care about the truth, their unfounded lies about conservative Republicans and Libertarians serve only to fuel their rage – which is what most leftists live for every day.  This is also why Democrats and the leftist media are having a literal meltdown.

What Truthout.org needs to understand is that truth involves telling both sides of the story, instead of only presenting one side in order to fulfill a political agenda.  It involves exposing all lies – not twisting the truth to support those lies.

Daniel J. Flynn, author of Why the Left Hates America: Exposing The Lies That Have Obscured Our Nation’s Greatness, said of the Left’s seething hatred for this country, “Clearly, it is the Left that represents the greatest threat to free speech in America today.  At the same time progressives indignantly censor others, they confuse – deliberately, perhaps – any criticism of their program with censorship. It is the height of hypocrisy that people who exercise their free speech right to run down this country then cry censorship when they are criticized for their irresponsibility.”

If Truthout.org really desired to “get the truth out,” it would stop promoting the blatant lies and fabrications of the Democratic Party – and start exposing them.

Doug Schmitz is a free-lance journalist who regularly contributes to AmericanDaily.com, Etherzone.com, and BushCountry.org.

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