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9/11: Two Years Later
by Timothy Rollins, The American Partisan
15 September 2003

Two years later have passed, and the question remains - is America safer? Not in the slightest.

It's hard to believe two years have passed since the American landscape was forever changed by a handful of suicidal fanatics with a bug up their behinds, and who thought by hijacking four commercial airliners they could bring down the United States of America.

Like many Americans, I watched in horror live as the second jet crashed into Tower #2 (right) of the World Trade Center and sat the remainder of the day riveted to the television. I have since forsaken that habit upon following the advice of a dear friend and fellow columnist Karen Beth Pike - who explained it simply by saying that staying glued to the television was not going to undo what happened, and that it was best to watch for a few minutes, go about your business and catch up on it later in the day. Such advice was handy when the East Coast power blackout hit last month. When the news broke, I watched for a few minutes and then turned it off, catching updates from time to time on the Internet. Simply put, I am no longer a slave to 24-hour news channels, as there's far more to life than FOX NEWS, CNN or any other news channel or outlet. If there was any one thing 9-11 taught me, it was that life was too short to be spending it all in front of the tube or in front of the screen. My priorities are in better balance now.

Unlike many Americans however, I was living in Canada at the time of the attack and experienced things somewhat differently in the initial week or so after the attack, such as the first Sunday church meetings after 9-11. For those of you who either know me personally or who have read my bio, I am a practicing Latter-day Saint - some of you may know us as the Mormons; anyway, emotions were running pretty high as I had lost a couple of colleagues in the attacks. Come Sunday morning and in the discussion during priesthood meeting, one guy in the group with a reputation for his mouth, decided to run off with his, and I had been on my best behavior that day planning to keep myself in check - until he had the temerity to say that when the terrorists were dancing in the streets for joy over the attacks, that 'we didn't know what they were thinking.'

I nearly cold cocked him on the spot for that remark; these cold-blooded killers were basically getting off on these attacks as an alternative to well, you know … because they were too creepy to find any female companionship to get it on with. I told him - right there - using these words - that he 'didn't know what the hell he was talking about, and that it would be in his best interests to put a lid on it!' I then told the quorum president I was going to the back of the chapel to hear the children sing for the remaining 20 minutes as that would be best for clearing my head and getting my mind back on track, and that nobody was to follow me. So I did just that, and I was fine.

This attitude was typical of all too many both in Canada as well as America - the fat, dumb and happy approach that fears taking a preemptive strike to ensure our safety and that of our families. We turned to government and they basically slapped us in the face with nothing less than a baseball bat when it came to our civil liberties. Go after the terrorists on U.S. soil? Sure they have, but in airports? No, they can't do that, for fear of a lawsuit, yet us normal folk get hassled constantly, like having to take off our shoes, and we're powerless to seek redress. Next thing you know, they'll require us to fly naked - wait a minute; I may have given them yet another dangerous idea. Our once sacred civil rights have become a joke!

We've fought wars in Afghanistan and now Iraq, while North Korea and now Iran have become nuclear powers, and they pose far greater threats to the United States than the former, yet we need to stay on top of al-Qaeda, lest they launch another strike - God forbid those scumbags get atomic weapons, and yes Virginia, nukes are available on the open market.

Two years later have passed, and the question remains - is America safer? Not in the slightest.

© 2003 Timothy Rollins

Timothy Rollins is Editor of the American Partisan.

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