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Two Choices
by Pieter J. Friedrich
26 September 2003

If Schwarzenegger has any respect for the GOP, he will withdraw his candidacy and endorse Senator Tom McClintock.

The Arnold Choice

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the liberal "Republican" gubernatorial candidate, must bow out of the California Recall Race. Schwarzenegger is splitting the GOP vote.

Schwarzenegger is not only splitting the GOP vote, but he's also a self-described "liberal" on social issues and a self-apparent waffler on fiscal issues. What's more, Schwarzenegger's sexual escapades rival even those of the promiscuous and rapacious Bill Clinton. A few good examples of what's wrong with Schwarzenegger are as follows:

He dubbed supporters of Proposition 54, the "color-blind" referendum which would prevent the state government from collecting racial data, as "right-wing crazies." As columnist Vox Day said, "How eminently fitting that a son of a National Socialist would fail to see the dangers in compiling such data!"

Schwarzenegger seems to believe that "if you tax them, they will come." The actor, in one of his self-scripted moments, said in reference to balancing the state budget that, "The only way we can deal with those issues is by bringing business back to California, because businesses, when you bring them back to California, it brings revenue back to California. And when you have more revenue, you then can afford to take care of all those programs that need to be taken care of." Many commentators have pointed out that one of the disadvantages of an Arnold victory is that while state Republican legislators will be able to stand strong against tax increases proposed by a Democratic governor, a Republican governor will inevitably be able to pick up enough stray Republican votes to raise taxes.

The Recall of Gray Davis was begun, in part, because voters discovered that Governor Davis had deceived them about the size of the deficit. Yet Schwarzenegger says that, "The public doesn't care about facts and figures." That's a lie. The voters not only have a right to know what is happening or has happened to their tax dollars, but the voters care about what happens to their tax dollars. After all, if I give the government thousands of dollars, I want to make sure it's not wasted.

The actor-turned-wannabe-politician has been caught in more blatant lies, however. On August 20th he promised that he would not mud-sling or campaign negatively. On August 25th he broke that promise when, on "The Roger Hedgecock Show," he described Lieutenant Governor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cruz Bustamante as "Gray Davis with a receding hairline and a mustache."

Further hypocrisy and lies on Schwarzenegger's part were exposed by Governor Davis. Foul and deceitful as the man is, Governor Gray Davis had a point when he said of Arnold, "He said he would not take special interest money, and now he's taking it. He said he would not run attack ads, now he has. He said he'd debate people, but now will only do it if he gets the questions in advance."

One of Schwarzenegger's pet issues was Proposition 49, a referendum calling for the dedication of up to $550 million annually for before- and after-school programs. The "Republican" candidate stole this particular issue from its traditional liberal Democrat domain. Of course, in uber-liberal California, the proposition passed by a wide margin in the November 2002 elections.

Then, of course, there's the issue of Schwarzenegger's lack of practical solutions for the mess that the state economy and budget are in. All he's said thus far is that he will "clean house"...in other words, he doesn't know what he's going to do so his plan is to just throw everyone out. Beyond his "clean house" promise, about all Schwarzenegger has said is that he, like a good socialist, wants to make sure "everyone in California has a great job. A fantastic job!"

And, as we all know, Schwarzenegger supports a woman's "right" to "choose"...abortion on demand, if you will. He also supports homosexual rights and endorses the idea of civil unions. Schwarzenegger is also an enemy of the right of the people to keep and bear arms and supports the status quo -- that is, the enforcement of an on-the-books semi-automatic weapon ban. If Schwarzenegger is elected on such a social platform, his election will set a national precedent for the GOP...the Republican Establishment will convince itself that it can run viable anti-life, anti-family, and anti-2nd Amendment candidates. So the GOP will self-destruct.

Arnold is a RINO (Republican In Name Only, for my politically unsavvy readers). A great many Republicans have been, are, or will be supporting Arnold for no other reason than that the man has a great big "R" next to his name.

The "R" is meaningless.

Ask yourself, and answer honestly, what difference will it make if the state of California has Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger instead of Governor Cruz Bustamante.

The honest answer is: not a dime's worth.

The Principled Choice

State Senator Tom McClintock is the choice of the principled voter if for no other reason than that he's been faithful to his marriage vows.

There are a great many other reasons to support Senator McClintock, however.

Last year Senator McClintock ran for state controller. He was outspent by his Democratic opponent by anywhere from 3-to-1 to 5-to-1, and lost by less than 17,000 of 6.6 million votes. Also, as Jane Chastain writes, "In 2000, he won his senate seat by double digits in a district Al Gore took by a whopping 19 percent."

McClintock is the only candidate who supports Proposition 54, essentially a step towards the fulfillment of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "dream." The Senator is also a very strong supporter of Proposition 187, which prevented illegal aliens from using California's public schools and from receiving social services and non-emergency health care.

Senator McClintock is also a hardline fiscal conservative. He's the only candidate to sign the "No New Taxes" Pledge, and the only candidate to promise not only to cut spending but to cut taxes as well. Of course, McClintock is the driving force behind the effort to cut the car tax, promising that the moment he takes office he will "sign the order to rescind the illegal tripling of California's Car Tax."

Another promise was that immediately upon taking office McClintock would, "sign a...document, calling a special session of the legislature to deal with our Workers Compensation insurance crisis. They will have 30 days to enact Arizona's Workers Compensation law -- slashing workers comp costs by 2/3. And if they fail in 30 days, I'll take it to the ballot and let them explain to the people why they refused to act while our job market was collapsing." Such are McClintock's specific promises versus Schwarzenegger's esoteric assurance that "he would not sign a budget that did not include plans to reform California's workers' compensation system."

Finally, Senator McClintock is solidly pro-life and solidly pro-family, with a 20-year record to prove it.

A Bustamante Win

One of the reasons pragmatists have offered as justification for a pro-Arnold vote is that if one votes for McClintock, and Arnold consequently loses, the state will be stuck with Cruz Bustamante. While that is a frightening thought, it would not be the disaster which it is presented as.

If Governor Davis is recalled, the replacement candidate will merely finish Davis's term. In other words, if Davis is recalled and Bustamante wins the election, then Bustamante's term will end in 2006...the exact time at which Davis's term would currently end.

If Bustamante wins the gubernatorial election, California Republicans will have lost nothing. If the recall fails, or if Bustamante is elected, the California GOP will merely be right back where it started in January. California voters have a unique chance before them to vote for a principled, uncompromising, conservative candidate without risking losing anything if both that candidate and the RINO candidate lose the election.

In The Race To The Finish

Senator McClintock cannot drop out of the race, for as he said, "How can I get out of the race, when I don't even understand what [Schwarzenegger] believes in?"

He also said, "If the most qualified candidate has to step aside every time a millionaire casts a lonely eye on a public office, then we've lost something very important in our democracy." McClintock has been in this gubernatorial race from the very beginning while Arnold is late to the party. To insist that McClintock withdraw out of respect for the touted viability of the vagaries of a liberal johnny-come-lately candidate is ridiculous.

The Republican vote is split between McClintock and Schwarzenegger, and it's Schwarzenegger's fault. Congressman Darrell Issa insisted that one of the two candidates must step aside "for the good of the party." If Schwarzenegger has any respect for the GOP, he will withdraw his candidacy and endorse Senator McClintock.

Even if Schwarzenegger does not drop out, vote for Tom McClintock. Tom is the only conservative candidate in the California Recall Race.

I repeat: there is nothing to lose.

We leave the race in the hands of Almighty God. I pray for a victory for McClintock, and, as the senator said, "I take courage that, in the end, right prevails."

Pieter Friedrich, a homeschool graduate living near Sacramento, CA, runs Deux Ego and contributes to several conservative e-zines.

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