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The Mote in Fraud's Eye
by R.A. Hawkins
15 October 2003R.A. Hawkins

Liberal politicians and their left-wing media allies are feeding enemy morale in Iraq.

As my son’s letters drift home a few at a time from Iraq I find myself reflecting on his words and the words of the many who were present for the actual conflict. I can’t help but notice the chasm which has opened wide in our society. It is quite a welcome sight for me. I always knew it was there and avoided the edge of the precipice save for the joy of occasionally shoving a few liberals over the edge and into the hole they created.

First there is a friend of mine who works at an auto parts store locally. His cousin was part of a Marine sniper team in Baghdad. Once they were finally turned loose, they were removing about five hundred Ba’athists per day. Upon his return he was shown news clippings and video from the same time frame by his parents and friends. In those video clips and newspaper clippings he noticed the liberals whining and carping about the heady losses of one or two per day by us. He noticed that they whined incessantly about each and every allied and American loss at a time when his unit was completely destroying the enemy. He wasn’t surprised. He was angry.

When Private Lynch’s unit made that wrong turn, it was basically right into Ba’athist Party Headquarters. This wrong turn had quite a bit more significance than anyone might imagine. These soldiers who took that wrong turn weren’t the type of soldiers who ever expected to see actual combat. They were clerks, not battle hardened soldiers. They lost in record time and as a result, the enemy found a new courage and became emboldened by this new development. For the first time since the start of the war, they felt hope and actually thought they might be able to beat us.

The local Ba’athist leaders concluded from this incident that all of our soldiers were like the ones they had just captured. The result was the strongest resistance we ran into anywhere during the war. There was an upside to this resistance that blossomed out of this Murpheyesque error. Because of that error we now have a lot fewer of them to deal with. When they attempted a flanking maneuver on our troops across a rather large area en masse...they were permanently removed from the equation forever en masse. The entire bunch was removed completely and totally. Not one of them emerged from the resulting explosion.

When thousands were dropped in the blink of an eye the expected white flags began to appear. The resistance grew out of a misunderstanding regarding our troops. Once they got a dose of reality it was over quicker than it had materialized. If that simple misunderstanding caused the resistance to metastasize, how much more are the liberal media and politicians guilty even now of feeding the enemy morale? They glowingly told us of each American and allied loss or error, while hiding behind a mask of sorrow. Now they are ranting about the quagmire we are in. They cheerfully parrot Putin’s comments about us being in the same situation they were in while they tried to conquer Afghanistan. They quote the United Nations terrorist enablers as though they are loaded with genius and insight. Have you noticed they aren’t talking as much as they were about the power being out all of the time in Baghdad? That’s because it is now running better than it was before the war. I guess it became time for them to shut up on that one.

They still like to talk a lot about how we are going it alone. I suspect the reason they can’t keep track of the number of nations involved in helping us is the fact that most of them only have ten fingers and ten toes. Although I suspect the left coast media, and I mean both left coasts, have a few reporters that could go to twenty-four. That isn’t to say these people are actually inbred or stupid. On the contrary they are quite intelligent. But being intelligent doesn’t necessarily preclude a person from being insane or misguided. These people, and I use that term loosely, are the enemy within. They are the mouthpieces of tyrants and anarchists. They have no moral authority whatsoever. For them it is power at all costs and they prove it daily. In order to save their liberal darling in the California election the Los Angeles Times even gave away free newspapers with their special election-day smear piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger. We will be seeing a lot of that type of behavior in the upcoming Presidential election you can be sure. They want us to lose the war Clinton should have fought. The liberals are still trying desperately to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

R.A. Hawkins is the author of "Through Eyes of Shiva," available through www.amazon.com. His website is Entropical Paradise.

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