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Naming Names: Exposing the Bigotry of Christophobes
by Bruce Walker
24 October 2003Stalin

Should not the names of all the local governments in America be purged of Christianity, as the Soviets did with old St. Petersburg?

The bogus battle of Christophobes to remove God from the public square is not about tolerance. American history demonstrates that governments which embrace Christianity produce the most tolerant political systems. America is the refuge of Muslims, Sikhs and Jews, who find public schools with Christmas and Easter holidays safer than schools in Muslim lands or Marxist zones.

Christophobes, like all totalitarians, resist any evidence. They seek any means to drive God from public America. We must defeat them, rather than persuade them. How? Victory will come when we expose a Christophobic pathology of mind and soul which makes all good people recoil.

Bolshevik Christophobes helped show the world the means of corruption by changing the name of St. Petersburg to Leningrad. America also has a city named St. Petersburg. Will Christophobes demand that atheist judges change the name of that municipal government just as the Soviets did with old St. Petersburg? If not, why not?

If so, then should not the names of all the local governments in America be purged of Christianity? The list of these governments is long. Consider a brief sampling of government with profoundly Christian names: Sacramento, Providence, Corpus Christi, St. Louis, Bethlehem, St. Paul, Los Angeles, Santa Fe Santa Monica, San Antonio and San Diego.

Will brave Christophobes ask stout judges to right this wrong? No. Christophobes and their robed enablers are cowardly bullies. They taunt pious Americans, sure from experience that moral Christians will not harm them. These stout lions of secular government, of course, are meek lambs when savaged innocents cry for help in Iran or Sudan.

So Christophobes will not pick a fight in St. Petersburg. But what if the rabid Christophobes in San Francisco convinced its citizenry to change the overtly Christian name of their government to something innocuous like Bay City? Would the ACLU oppose that secularization of American government? No, Christophobes would not oppose removing Christ from government names.

Suppose New Age Christophobes in San Francisco wanted to change the name of their government from a Christian San Francisco to a Pagan Gaia? Would the ACLU rush to the defense of offended Christian minorities? No. Christophobes have only one enemy, Jesus, and the mythical deities of America, Africa or Eurasia, however odious the rites and rituals, would never offend Christophobes.

So while the ACLU would yawn while Christians in San Francisco begged for help, these same Christophobes would scramble to prevent the people of Peoria or Shreveport from changing the legal name of their city to Jesus Loves You or God So Loved the World. Reminding people of divine love is very dangerous business!

How far does hatred of Jesus reach? Perhaps the only way to find out is to take that last bastion of individual conscience, the naming of children by parents. Black Muslims have long rejected "Christian" names and adopted "Muslim" names. Mohammed is the most common name in the world, and it has obvious religious overtones.

Most traditional American names have this same religious origin, but the meaning has been half-hidden. Hebrew names like Daniel or Jeremiah relate back to the Tanakh, but the actual meaning of those names is often forgotten. What if a thousand parents in some city petitioned the courts to change their children’s names to reflect the greater religious sentiment of the name?

This might be simply translating the Hebrew name into an English phrase, like The Lord is My Judge or The Lord is High, or it might be the creation of a new, specifically Christian, name for the child like Christ is King or Jesus is Lord. Would Christian parents be allowed to change the name of their children like other parents can?

Would Christian parents even be challenged at the birth of their child to select from a group of politically correct (i.e. non-Christian) names like Thor, Ali, Vishnu, Minerva or Isis? Names, after all, are legal identifications of individuals. Consequently, names represent values, including religious values.

Already Christophobes and the other Leftists have begun the transformation of common nouns into instruments of political correctness. "Firemen" became "Firefighters" long before September 11, 2001 (even though all the brave souls who died that day in the New York Fire Department were men) and "crooks" have become "ethically challenged."

When common nouns, the names for ordinary things in life, become the plaything of Leftists, then can proper nouns, the names we have for special things in life, be far behind? Nazism, Marxism, Wahabbism, Fascism and other Leftist totalitarian ideologies destroy words in order to destroy values. How soon before the very names of what we treasure are their targets?

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