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We Lynched Lady Liberty: He Says We’re Good Little Patriots
Part I of IV

by Sergei Borglum Hoff

29 October 2003Statue of Liberty

This President has not stopped nor even impeded our descent into the cesspool of Socialism. He has dropped us into a bloody free-fall! Part I of an essay by the grandnephew of Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore.

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A monument’s dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated… Let us place there carved high, as close to heaven as we can... our leaders, their faces, to show posterity what manner of men they were. Then breathe a prayer that these records will endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away.
Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore National Memorial

From boyhood, I have been guided by the knowledge that my ancestors were liberty-committed-patriots who successfully challenged King George the Third during the war for American independence. Family journals reveal that in the year of 1867, my pioneering great-grandparents adventured across the prairies and mountains by covered wagon and were instrumental in taming the American frontier. Despite formidable backwoods challenges, they persevered and openhandedly assisted their homesteading neighbors, further contributing to the prosperity and wholesomeness of our promising land. Among their many achievements and patriotic commitments, including participation in every American war, they created twenty national and state memorials in celebration of freedom and our courageous leaders. I have an unwavering loyalty to my family and the nation that they loved. My roots run deep, and will never be removed. Millions of citizens can rightfully speak with pride in recognition of their American heritage. I will be pleased if they do step forward, further heralding the virtuous intent and patriotic fortitude of their forbearers.

Putting people first has always been America’s secret weapon. It’s the way we’ve kept the spirit of our revolutions alive—a spirit that drives us to dream and dare, and take great risks for a greater good.
Ronald Reagan

In 1987, as a sculptor and grandnephew of Gutzon Borglum, I presented President Ronald Reagan with a bronze sculpture of Gutzon. During our conversation, the President spoke with familiarity regarding Gutzon’s sculpture, steadfast manner, and his timeless gift to the people of America. The inspiring patriotic significance of Mount Rushmore and our ongoing struggle for liberty that this enduring Monument further represents were mutually remembered. Having observed his forthright approach and other sincere attributes of this revered President, noble qualities also exhibited by Mr. Borglum, I believe that both patriots were honored by this presentation. Their dedication to national excellence, justice, and our traditional American values cannot be ignored.

Honor the Genuine American Patriot

My next statement is one of respect for those few politically enlightened men and women who are further trustworthy and liberty-committed. Contrary to commonly held notion, acts of bravery are not limited to those Americans within the public safety professions. While their efforts are meritorious and command nationwide gratitude, other heroes live and work in our midst, with the further intent of restoring integrity to our Constitutional Republic. Such individuals are well aware of the message that I am about to deliver. These honorable citizens are confident and courageous enough to present the truth without any prompting from me. Their voices will never be stilled, or patriotic endeavors defeated. Yet, their sincerity of purpose and words of wisdom are seldom remembered and at no time applauded. Unlike the submissive majority, these genuine patriots are representative of our founding intent, sovereign dignity, and national strength. For them, enslavement by our government will never be an acceptable condition of life. They will remain free, or perish. If we are truly concerned Americans with national pride and clear conscience, then how can we not appreciate the value of their courageous efforts, and further honor such commitments to freedom and human rights? Ashamedly, we do not.

Their Life Threatening Betrayals Draw Unnatural Responses

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson

Seldom are there more disturbing patriotic obligations than challenging acts of betrayal by our leaders and other public servants. This is particularly true when such perfidious and life threatening deeds draw unnatural responses of either praise or timidity from the injured citizenry. Given the sweeping abnormality of the people’s behavior and magnitude of federal interference within our daily lives, concerned yet lesser persistent defenders of our founding principles will despairingly and wrongly conclude that it is now time to surrender their freedoms. As for my ingrained response, I refuse to fearfully sit in this stinking puddle of national humiliation, and be browbeaten by bureaucratic hoodlums with titles that suggest honorable intent. As a sovereign American citizen my stance was foreordained; I shall never yield. Memories of my meeting with this courageous presidential defender of freedom and the very real dangers now facing our children demand that I put forth this challenge. The unjustified accusatory tone of the citizenry further necessitates that I present notable family history, along with a few personal experiences, as a foundation for my intentions and opinions. Upon reading the next several lines, many individuals -- not giving the personal and national ramifications of our constitutional crisis adequate thought -- will label me un-American or unpatriotic for publicly expressing my unpopular views. A small number of loyal, resolute, and knowledgeable Americans that speak in a similar vein are now under condemnation by the unenlightened masses, and two masterful weavers of disinformation: government propagandists and the mainstream news media. They have indeed spun a lengthy mythical yarn.

Fear and Widespread Denial

Having been reared by Gutzon Borglum’s sister -- my grandmother -- I benefited from her wisdom and intimate understanding of Gutzon’s social and political ideals, unfaltering character, and patriotic resolve. With confidence, I can state that my granduncle would be outraged by the debilitating socialistic atmosphere within our nation, and the unscrupulous propensities of those leaders now seated in office. With the same passion as his personal friend Theodore Roosevelt, Mr. Borglum would thunderously condemn this calamitous “USA Patriot Act” as treasonous legislation, defying the Constitution and Bill of Rights, authored and enforced by cowardly elected and appointed scoundrels. Further noting the people’s fear of sacrifice, their denial of accountability, the thoughtless renunciation of our founding principles, and the fatuous predilections of an intellectually and culturally dormant populace, the corruptibility of America has become a demoralizing reality for our children. If living today, I sincerely doubt that Gutzon Borglum could muster the inspiration needed to create Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Nevertheless, he would be prepared for battle.

A number of readers will ask -- with a seemingly justified posture of indignation -- by what right does this unfamed meddlesome person reproach fellow Americans, and renounce a government that was established by the will of the people? Despite the inevitable calls for censure, I now accept that it is my duty -- a responsibility of every loyal American -- to contribute towards the transformation of fear and widespread denial, into proficient patriotic activism. On several occasions I have condemned the actions of politicians and other government officials, but until now, have never publicly rebuked the irrational intent or the irresponsible detachment of the people. In view of the unnecessary dangers that we must all now face as a result of our most recent childish behavior, I was remiss in my responsibility to this troubled nation. Never again!

For the resolved men and women who are angered by the theft of their fundamental rights, my message will deliver more than a little advantage. Those people of a well-meaning nature yet somewhat fearful and clearly misinformed, significant attention is also directed towards their inner struggles. For the others who are content with the social engineering of their lives by an oppressive nanny-state, they will not benefit from reading further. Because of an inability to accept responsibility for their lives, these paragons of docility have by now, bleated their way into the flock, shepherded towards the precipice. Unless their grazing meadows of sweet-grass wither, they will not stray.

The idea is quite unfounded that on entering into society we give up any natural right.
Thomas Jefferson to Francis Gilmer

We wisely rebuff conspiracy theories of a delusional nature. Yet, our frequent denials of reliable, observable evidence are as detrimental as paranoia. As imperiled citizens of a troubled nation, our fear and escapist denials will lead to disaster. Our government, which was in fact established by the will of the people, is wantonly disregarding the liberties of its masters, making it imperative that we all speak out loudly and demand constitutional remedies. Under the misdirection of rebellious politicians, this wayward government has the audacity to challenge the Constitution and our authority. Government has perpetrated far more damaging assaults on human rights and national dignity than Middle Eastern terrorists could ever hope to achieve. Truthfully, this is a treacherous juncture for us all. We are now witnessing the deaths of courage, human rights, and dignity within our nation. Sovereign citizens are under attack by terrorists, the United Nations, Socialists, gun-ban-zealots, federal police invasion forces, and a multitude of faithless public servants. Have we a rational plan of defense for our families? No! Instead, we witlessly scurry about in a mob, frantically waving Old Glory with one hand and tossing confetti from the other, while cheering the lynching of our children’s unalienable rights. All of which, genuine American patriots by the hundreds of thousands sacrificed their lives in order to preserve. Yes! I am bloody outraged over the cowardly betrayals by our public servants but equally disgusted with the escapist Mardi-Gras revelry of my fellow Americans. Through fear, widespread denial, and escapism, if we permit this mighty land of the free to wither into a dysfunctional home of the oppressed, our brave and noble fathers will have fought and died in vain.

These vital questions must be addressed: Do we desire to be cradled, and then carried throughout life to our graves by this partisan propelled, bureaucratic monstrosity? With two centuries behind us as individuals of sovereign dignity, are we now so terrified, bewildered, and impotent that our main purpose is to seek asylum from the potential hazards of freedom? Have we no faith in our natural strengths and abilities? Do we no longer sense the invigorating American blood of liberty rushing through our veins? Do we not owe the same constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to our children and theirs? A few veteran defenders have begun to ask; are we now an emasculated nation of cowards and unworthy of retaining our liberties?

The strategy of gentle persuasion has been a miserable failure. If, in the defense of our founding principles and human rights, I also manage to shame quasi and pseudo-patriots, an unpleasant yet needed victory will be declared. For possible consolation, these bruised egos can loosely relate such unflattering results to my expression of “Tough Love.” Admittedly, I have a tendency to become a bit insensitive while addressing life threatening betrayals, police state atrocities, and victim disarmament. While I am desirous of mending this tiny personality flaw, I cannot find convincing reasons to retract one damn word. And, I have no intention of suffering pangs of guilt. My conscience compels me to venture out, and publish this challenge along with a truthful and sobering “State of the Union” address. I have never aspired to become a White House speechwriter, politician, or mainstream political columnist. Hence, the misinformed citizenry has the opportunity to learn something of value, which would otherwise not be available through some bureaucratically programmed toady. I can promise the minority of Americans who prefer to function in a world of reality that my priorities, observations, countermeasures, and predictions, are not in any manner similar to those embraced by President Bush, other lesser statesmen, or the government dominated Socialist media. For the attainment of this goal, every step will be taken to avoid the disorienting, enfeebling, and feminizing amenities of political correctness. Be grateful for this first and last tidbit of comforting news. Those Americans of brittle disposition might do well by awaiting a ride on the next emotionally indulgent transport; this one is scheduled nonstop over rocky roads. As a result of our newfound, government and media directed purpose for living, with most everyone busily jostling to appear a wee bit more patriotic than their neighbor, it is doubtful that this writing will stir national support, or win many friendships. Even without government and media praise for my patriotic worth, I remain confident that attentive readers will be influenced. I can only chance that such influence does not prompt the acquisition of tar and feathers. When it comes down to the stability of our Republic, family welfare, and the defense of my liberties, I am not the meek or apologetic little lad with a plan of retreat. Here I stand!

Browbeaten Masters and Tyrannical Servants

[It is] the people, to whom all authority belongs.
Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane

Big brothers often display loyalty and a benevolent nature, provide sound leadership, and offer wisdom when most needed. And, George Orwell’s representation of “Big Brother” appears to lack the intensity of our perverse sibling. Indeed, our ethically challenged bureaucratic boy has further degenerated into a ruinous and treacherous Bully-Brother. Along with other Socialists, perhaps the feminist defenders of officialdom (NOW) -- our goddesses of perpetual victimization -- will feel more than amply repressed if they equate tyrannical government with a stay-at-home Evangelical-Mom. In either case, it is important that we all understand the seriousness of our problem. Regardless of the labels used, the fact remains that we -- a nation of sovereign individuals -- are in Big Trouble.

You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.
John Adams

Not the powers of the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, Unites States Constitution, or Bill of Rights include the authority to either confer or negate human rights. Fundamental rights are inherent throughout humanity and endowed by an omnipotent force, far superior in creativity and wisdom than mankind. Concerning the treatment of lawful individuals, a legally defensible authority to encroach upon the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, does not exist in the United States. Whether or not foreign governments dishonor and violate the unalienable rights of their citizens is a subject for discussion elsewhere. We have enough on our own platter to digest. The intent of the Bill of Rights is to protect human rights from the abuses of our government, including the courts.

Yet arguing that the words of the Constitution have no fixed meaning is tantamount to arguing that we have no Constitution; a Constitution serves no purpose if the branches of government it is supposed to limit can define their own powers.
W. James Antle III

The constitutionally decreed separation of powers -- equally divided between three branches of government -- for the purposes of enforcing our founding intent and uniform justice, is nonexistent. The separation of these distinct and well-defined powers remains as mere symbolism of the past, serving only to deceptively reassure the unwitting masses. Today, we seldom hear of a Judicial branch ruling that is in opposition to the Executive or Legislative branches, in accordance with the Constitution, and in favor of the people. As a result of all governmental branches refusing obedience to constitutional law, our system of checks and balances -- originating from the genius of the Founding Fathers -- has been abolished. Through the finalizing machinations of George Bush -- accelerated by the events of September 11th -- the Executive branch is now the dominant force within government. Consequently, the people are left without adequate protections from abusive federal officials. Additionally: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches stand guard for one another against the people’s outcries for justice. For the most part, this conspiratorial usurpation of our authority over government has been a silent and gradual process yet ruthless and nearly complete.

The Constitution is the founding and preserving law of the Unites States; it supports the people and restricts government. If government refuses to abide by the restrictions and laws of the Constitution, its legitimacy ceases. And, the people are not obligated to be governed by an illegitimate authority. Today -- without hesitation -- our government officials subvert constitutional law. It is politically expedient for them to do so. As a minority of informed and resolute individuals, it remains our patriotic duty to prevent the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, by both the unenlightened masses and bureaucratic cowards. This is not a call for the overthrow of government. In truth, the Socialists and rebellious politicians have already done so. That is the problem. Our crucial task is to restore constitutional government to the original state intended by our Founding Fathers. Judiciously authored law is necessary for the preservation of any nation. Our Constitution, united with the Bill of Rights, is such a law.

To educate a man in mind, and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society.
Theodore Roosevelt

The President is the elected chief executive and law enforcement official of this nation. It is his duty to ensure that all constitutionally supported federal laws are justly enforced. While his responsibilities are momentous and may appear majestic, he is not a king, emperor, or some other monarch. His powers are limited by the Constitution and granted only with the authority of the people. He does not enjoy a divine right to rule. The President is compelled to obey the same laws as we. And, he is answerable to the people. George Bush is an American public servant. Two of his primary duties in office are to defend and enforce the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lesser commitments are unacceptable to all thinking Americans.

During the President’s inauguration -- not unlike millions of other concerned citizens -- I enjoyed a brief moment of anticipation. Although my optimism lacked a stable foundation, I envisioned that the integrity of our Constitutional Republic would eventually be restored. Because it was my desire for our next President to possess noble attributes, I foolishly accepted him as a man of prudence and virtuous intent. I welcomed his apparent contrast to the former White House poll-jockey and searched for further reasons to support his presidency. I convinced myself of his suitability for office. My response to his election was such, that I wrote the President a letter of congratulations, recommendations, and hopes for the future of our sovereign nation.

George Bush opportunistically proclaimed himself to be a “born-again Christian Republican.” As a result of this miraculous primetime revelation, he was granted the Imperial Crown by his apostles, assuring blind obedience from the enraptured disciples within their neoconservative flock. For the unquestioning devotees of this Oval Office prophet (Messiah?), his campaign-trail testimony is indisputable evidence of veracity, loyalty, and wisdom. For the veteran defenders of liberty and self-governance, it is not. With vigilance and the presence of reason, those genuine patriots of a wise and healthy “doubting Thomas” nature have instead witnessed the President embrace several subversive policies, further revealing his contempt for the doctrines of our Founding Fathers. And that, my fellow Americans, is a factual and useful revelation.

Man is not free unless government is limited … as government expands, liberty contracts.
Ronald Re