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Reagan, The Reagans, Leftists and a Study in Evil
by Bruce Walker
10 November 2003Ronald Reagan

The actual life of Ronald Reagan is one of the most inspiring stories in modern history.

The CBS decision to abandon The Reagans has drawn predictable Leftist whining. "The First Amendment is under attack!" It is? Government action did not keep CBS from airing its creepy horror show. Rather it was millions of individuals exercising their First Amendment rights to express outrage at the lynch mob mentality of Leftists that shamed the Imperial Wizards and Grand Dragons of CBS into atypical decency.

The multi-millionaire bosses of multi-billion dollar corporations like CBS doubtless view the American people like the Bourbons of France viewed the peasant rabble. Leftists rail against "big corporations" unless the big corporation abusing us is a malefactor of great wealth like CBS.

Conservatives have noted that Leftists boycotted Rush Limbaugh and Laura Schlessinger, which shows a double standard. That is being nice to Leftists. Rush and Laura are human beings, not a fictional person like CBS. Rush and Laura were not boycotted because of a particular offense, but because the Leftist hive hates what these two people believe.

If CBS is producing a product so awful that millions of angry consumers are complaining, then why are all of its "competitors" silent? The answer is simple. Except for Fox News and a few outposts of unorthodoxy, there is no "competition" in the news or entertainment business. There is collusion which makes the business trusts of the 19th Century seem benign and open by comparison.

Leftists always insist that government protect us from big, bad business. So is the government television network, PBS, holding the huge private corporation, CBS, to account for its savage disregard of the American people?

A single PBS documentary with some catchy title like The Making of The Reagans could have exposed the lies, bias and malice which CBS mixed together to create this cinematic Frankenstein. Big, bad business promoting a Leftist agenda, however, is fine as far as PBS is concerned.

Leftists fret that this rebellion of serfs against Leftist oligarchs may erode the constitutional right of Leftists to lie. CBS in particular has used this right to deceive for many decades. How flagrantly has CBS lied to us? As early as 1970, liberal journalists were complaining about the rampant mendacity of CBS documentaries. That is right, CBS documentaries.

If CBS documentaries like Hunger in America or The Selling of the Pentagon told bald faced lies to the American people (as they did), then how seriously has this right to lie which huge multi-billion dollar corporations like CBS claimed for themselves been eroded? Not much. And it was the lying that finally bothered the American people.

We conservative untermenchen would not have complained about an unflattering film about the life of Ronald Reagan, if it had been well researched and documented. CBS, naturally, never revealed the imaginary sources for the imaginary words and deeds imputed to Ronald Reagan by the hooded night riders of CBS.

Perhaps that is because no one who knew Reagan, whether they agreed with his politics or not, recalled him doing or saying any of the nasty things shown in this despicable screenplay. Perhaps this is also why the gutless wonders at CBS decided not to have an actual documentary on Ronald Reagan.

The actual life of Ronald Reagan is one of the most inspiring stories in modern history. After giving "The Speech" in 1964, Reagan was elected Governor of California by a landslide in 1966, reelected in 1970 by a landslide, almost became the first person to win the nomination away from a sitting president in 1976, then won the presidency by a landslide in 1980 and was reelected by a landslide greater than any Democrat in history in 1984. Each victory surprised Leftist pundits.

This "amiable dunce" was smarter and more capable than Lincoln or FDR. President Reagan defeated an evil empire without killing millions. And while Lincoln left America with a legacy of de facto slavery and FDR left the world with Hitler’s erstwhile ally dominating half of Europe, Reagan liberated hundreds of millions without these costs.

No president in office has shown more sheer courage than Ronald Reagan. He faced the mockery of the Leftist elites without flinching once. He took a bullet in the chest and faced death -- joking and consoling the very doctors trying to save his life! -- without a hint of the bottomless, venal cowardice that was Clinton.

What is most amazing is that the more we learn about the real Ronald Reagan, the more noble and magnificent he seems. His manuscript writings published two years ago in the wonderful book, REAGAN, In His Own Hand, display a mind more prescience and thoughtful than any president in modern history.

Now a companion book, REAGAN, A Life in Letters, reveals the private man. His nobility, his sincerity, and his fundamental goodness show more clearly in these letters, which were never intended for the world to see, than anything Ronald Reagan did or said in public.

There is a great story to tell about Ronald Reagan, but the story is this: Reagan was a much greater than the man America knew. This is not a story that CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN or any other siblings wish America to hear.

So do these little people with big titles care about tearing down the reputation of all great men? Are those iconoclasts necessary for a healthy democracy? No. They are craven flacks in the face of genuine ugliness and real horrors.

The manuscript notes of Harry Truman show a petty, nasty, bigoted man. Truman was someone who -- while the stench of the death camps still hung over Europe -- begrudged Jewish interest in immigration to America. Truman was the only American president who sought to join the Ku Klux Klan. Truman, motivated solely by partisan venom, downplayed the penetration of America by Soviet agents. Truman was a louse.

So Hollywood producers and television networks and PBS (the great protector of the American people!) are all lined up to expose Truman the anti-Semite, Truman the racist, Truman the politico -- right? Well, not exactly.

John Kennedy and his death have been the subject of more pseudo-histories than any modern president. How do these films tweak history? Stalinist screenwriter Dalton Trumbo wrote Executive Action, a dull and predictable tale which blamed the murder of John Kennedy on ultraconservative oilmen and generals. Oliver Stone produced JFK, an equally vicious screed which insinuated that J. Edgar Hoover and the CIA plotted Kennedy’s death.

Since these hatchet jobs against conservatives played in theaters, we have learned about the real Kennedy. He was addicted to painkillers. He philandered shamelessly. He likely committed statutory rape in the White House. He used the IRS as his political Gestapo. He or his anti-Semitic father held hands with organized crime bosses to rig the West Virginia Democrat primary so that a genuinely decent man like Hubert Humphrey would lose. What a nice man!

John Kennedy was much worse than anyone outside his clique, which included many people in Hollywood, would have ever guessed. So where is the film about the "Real Kennedy?" If there is a script, it is collecting dust beside the script of the "Real Truman." What is most odd, however, is that the smearing of Reagan involves pure invention and speculation, while an expose of Kennedy or Truman would be based upon much genuinely new information.

Expect the truth about Kennedy and Truman to appear in a screenplay on CBS or one of its corporate "competitors" about the same time that these creeps get round to telling us that New York Times journalist Walter Durant kicked aside the bodies of dead children and their mothers as the first and greatest holocaust denier in history -- and that he won a Pulitzer Prize for his crimes.

Expect the truth about Kennedy, Truman and Durant about the same time that the corporate overlords of CBS and its "competitors" reveal the depth of treason against the human race which is now clear in Venona decrypts, the subsequently purloined files of the KGB by its archivist and the corroborating information from Stasi files of East Germany about the betrayal of America by rich, powerful American Leftists.

Expect the truth from CBS and its "competitors" when they dare to show America the true Reagan, a man to whom we all owe a debt greater than we can pay and a man much nobler than the greatest dwarf of the Leftist political pantheon. Expect Leftists to hate Reagan because of his goodness and expect them to curse him with their dying breath.

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