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Victory Over CBS and Liberalism
by Jon Alvarez
16 November 2003

We don't have access to the TV cameras like celebrities do, but we do have control over our wallets and our television dials.

America has been witness to another battle as the war of ideologies continues within this country. This war, between patriots who love their country and leftists who seek to undermine all things American, is nothing new and should come as no surprise. Remember the huge public outcry over the Dixie Chicks as they chose to attack our president from abroad? This recent flap with CBS was no different as leftist Hollywood attempted to smear the legacy of President Reagan. Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty would be proud, as patriotic Americans fight off continued assaults on our country from the left.

This war is being waged for the minds and hearts of those Americans who glean what little knowledge they may have of current events and history from their television sets. Until the events of 9/11, many of us would have fallen into this category as well. These people, the misinformed, will eventually wake up and join the political battle for control of America and her destiny. Until then, it's of utmost importance that we continue to win battles in this culture war. We've seen how the left in America have slowly eroded our values and norms. One only has to look to recent court battles over the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance for proof of this. America is not only under attack from terrorism, but from liberalism as well.

Some left-wing pundits have taken the position that this was only a movie, an entertainment vehicle, and did not warrant the response it garnered. However, one cannot doubt the impact the media has on the minds of the masses. How many Americans now repeat the leftist mantra that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a "war for oil", or that President Bush said "Iraq was an imminent threat" or that "Bush lied"? Nothing could be further from the truth in all instances, yet the liberal media have helped to entrench these mistruths in the minds of the masses. We must not underestimate the power of the broadcast word and its influence on unformed opinion. Americans are beginning to realize the truth concerning the agenda of the media and Hollywood.

We cannot allow the hypocrisy of Barbra Streisand to go unnoticed as she cries censorship. Babs claims this was part of a sinister right-wing conspiracy, seeking to stifle "artistic integrity". Where was Ms. Streisand when liberals sought to silence Dr. Laura? Did Ms. Streisand stand up for Rush Limbaugh when critics called for his resignation from ESPN? Someone needs to inform the left that free speech is a two-way street and the boycott is still considered a legal means of protest. Are liberals upset that we have borrowed their favorite weapon to use against them? This is not censorship, it's simply consumer backlash.

Average working stiffs like myself have begun to organize to have our voices heard. We have grown tired of Hollywood biting the hand that feeds them. It's time for them to take notice; CBS was merely one battle in this broader war. We don't have access to the TV cameras like celebrities do, but we do have control over our wallets and our television dials. It's time for Hollywood to find a new villain; we're tired of America being portrayed as the bad guy. America is the greatest country in the world, where people are dying to move here. If these spoiled stars don't appreciate our country and won't support it, then why should we support their careers?

Obviously, it's been reported that many Americans voiced their outrage over this despicable attack, thus defending the honor of a noble man unable to defend himself. What is being under-reported is the fact that much of this outrage was in fact, spearheaded by certain groups that are taking positions of leadership in this struggle. Groups such as FreeRepublic.com and PABAAH (Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood) worked in conjunction with conservative pundits like Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Joe Scarborough in getting the message out to other patriots.

Are we seeing the emergence of modern day Committees of Correspondence? Colonial patriots formed such networks during the decade of turmoil preceding the American Revolution to share information and plans of action. It's not far-fetched to make such a comparison. Battle lines are being drawn, that much is certain. The Internet has proven to be a most valuable tool with which to share information amongst groups of other like-minded people. The threat to our way of life is as real today as it was back in the colonial days. Patriots throughout America are taking notice and taking action. In fact, we are beginning to organize boycotts and protests in anticipation of the release of Michael Moore's conspiracy film "Fahrenheit 911", which is due out next year.

Aside from the obvious victory we achieved in the capitulation of CBS, there are several other victories that we can savor as well. More Americans have awoken to join us, as their outrage has lifted them out of their fog and has turned into a new awareness of the liberal agenda in Hollywood. This is obviously bad news for liberals in America as we gain new converts. Also, there is a renewed interest in the Reagan story. Hopefully someone in Hollywood will get a clue that many would enjoy an accurate depiction of this great man's life and legacy. Finally, the Reagan family can take solace in the groundswell of support they received throughout this controversy.

The stakes are very high as we move forward in this struggle. Some in Hollywood will cry that this movement is in fact, a renewed "McCarthyism", a return of the infamous blacklist. We prefer the term Red-White-And-Blue List as we continue to hold those celebrities accountable for their anti-American positions. We respect free speech, it's a two-way street for all to enjoy. What we don't respect is attacks on people and things we cherish and hold most dear. The Constitution does not protect one's right to earn our hard-earned entertainment dollars. Support our country and our way of life and we will support you. Speak badly of it, side against it, and consider yourself fired. You are still free to speak your mind Hollywood, just not on our dime.

Jon Alvarez is a free-lance writer and the founder of PABAAH, Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood

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