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Love Letters from Leftists
by Bruce Walker
16 November 2003

A columnist goes over the predictable and repeated flaws he sees in emails from the angry left - ad hominem attacks, lack of specifics, stand for nothing, etc. etc.

Anyone who has published conservative articles on the Internet, if he pulls no punches and if he reads his email, will find himself deluged with "love letters" from Leftists. My series of articles on bigotry and hatred directed toward Christianity has produced a record crop of "love letters."

Although this will astound Leftists, we on the Right disagree on many issues. We are, after all, a motley crew - rather like the coalition of nations and peoples that opposed Hitler. Within the broad umbrella of "conservatives" are libertarians, Christians, objectivist atheists, Orthodox Jews and the many, many victims of Leftist hate over the last half century.

Conservatives who send me e-mails which disagree with my opinions are easy to identify. Our correspondence is brief, honest and civil. More often than not, we agree to disagree - and without rancor or venom. Personal conscience is the salient characteristic of the political right. "Love letters" from Leftists are completely different. These "love letters" fall into predictable patterns.

Get personal! Leftists want power, no truth. They want to crush those with different opinion, not persuade those who disagree. If people are cowed into silence then not only has the Leftist won the debate, but he has convinced others that there is simply nothing to debate. Insult, snicker and defame.

Picture those who question the Leftist monopoly on truth and morality just as a good Leftist working for Himmler would picture a stereotypical Jew before the Nazis savagely murdered the Jew. Anyone who holds a conservative position - after you and your friends have gone to the trouble of lecturing and hectoring him for years and years - must simply be ignorant, dumb, bigoted or evil.

The Leftist ad hominem attack need not be bounded by logic. Hitler and his fellow Leftists had no problem simultaneously describing Jews as stupid and clever, as inferior and powerful. What is good enough for the Leftist leaders of Nazi Germany is good enough for modern Leftists.

Don’t get specific. I cannot overemphasize this enough. Ann Coulter wrote a book which single-handedly dismantles a generation of Leftist mythology. Her challenge to Leftist interviewers? Identify one single person wrongly and unjustly accused by Senator Joe McCarthy of being sympathetic to communism.

No Leftist ever found one, because none exist. The critical significance of this fact, however, was largely lost on the American public because Leftists wisely chose to never even attempt to come up with an actual specific instance of wrongful accusation by McCarthy.

Fall back on unprovable assumptions. Anti-Semites, who infest the Left, can always demand that conservatives prove that tripe like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the concomitant "Jewish conspiracy" does not exist. Any proof will only expose to a Leftist the cleverness of the plot.

Feminist propagandists can post the faces of male college students with the statement underneath "potential rapists." Black opportunists can simply yell "Racist!" and expect others to respond with proof of non-racism. It is easy and requires no special skill, wit or knowledge.

Lie. Lie and lie and lie. Truth, after all, is an illusion. Those subjective "truths" which matter are already known to Leftists: War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength. Why trouble yourself with "details"? Leftists plagiarize, pilfer and pervert any datum which would undermine their grand truth - and why not! If you have a monopoly on truth, then what is the point of getting into the petty business of "facts"?

Hide your beliefs. Take your cue from all the "moderates" and "progressives" who stopped being "liberals" about the same time that people figured out what "liberals" supported. Masking your preconceptions is a marvelous way to avoid getting into the meat of arguments. You stand for social justice (or something like that) and conservatives stand for evil.

Eschew logic. This has been well refined in academia. Logic and coherent thought are all part of the VRWC or of the "Jewish cabalists" or of "Patriarchal rulers" or - well, fill in the blank, it doesn’t matter - the principal point is to challenge the very idea that words have meaning, that thoughts be consistent or that the secular religion of Leftism can be disproved by any means at all.

So Clinton’s well documented brutal rape of Juanita Broaddrick is not important because it is only the word of a woman against a man, but Anita Hill’s undocumented charges against Clarence Thomas for actions much less serious were vital. One was a Leftist and the other a conservative. What is hard about that?

Stand for nothing. It is almost impossible to overstate the vital importance of this last rule. Archimedes once said "Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world." Well, that just shows how dangerous consistent principles can be! Stand for nothing except an insatiable lust for power, and no constant virtue or vice can affect your behavior.

The Left is nothing new, nothing "progressive," and nothing "liberal." Anyone who has correspondence with a Leftist quickly learns that. Leftists stand for nothing and against everything that stands in the way of their power. Their "love letters" show this perfectly, and each one I revise is like a version of the famous World War Two films "Why We Fight." We fight because the Left is manifestly indifferent to any notion of truth or compassion.

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