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Our Own Worst Enemies
by La Shawn Barber
5 December 2003Scam

SCAM, by Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, is a well-documented and devastating critique about the havoc wreaked on black America by so-called leaders.

A book written with truth, wisdom and insight shouldn’t be revolutionary. Unfortunately, reporting facts about black America can be downright subversive. In his new book, SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (“the other Jesse”) tells it like it is. He is the founder and president of the successful non-profit Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny  (BOND), whose purpose is “rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man.”

Rarely do I come across writing as brutally honest as my own when dealing with the black community. Liberals in general won’t like it, liberal blacks in particular will hate it, and conservatives will wonder what took so long. SCAM is a well-documented and devastating critique about the havoc wreaked on black America by so-called leaders, which is why the book hasn’t and won’t receive the kind of media coverage it deserves.

Return to Our Roots

Rev. Peterson contends that black America’s biggest problem is not racism but its own immorality, and that it should reject self-appointed leaders and return to the values that once made it strong. “Because of Jesse Jackson and the [Congressional] Black Caucus and Farrakhan and others, we are more divided as a race than any other time in history,” Rev. Peterson told me in an interview last year.

Approval of Immorality

“If white Americans were to leave the country tomorrow, in ten years America would be a ghetto,” writes Rev. Peterson. Ouch! But one look at major cities run by black mayors, police chiefs and black-dominated city councils provides ample evidence to validate his assertion. In the District of Columbia, for example, incompetence abounds, crime rates are out of control, abortion and illegitimacy rates are high, and the number of new AIDS cases is higher than in other large U.S. cities. Blacks, who make up 61 percent of the D.C. population, represent 80 percent of AIDS diagnoses.

The solution? The irresponsible, bureaucratically inept D.C. government has decided to put condom dispensers in government buildings, encouraging a city rife with a multitude of sexually-transmitted diseases to continue having illicit sex.

In SCAM, Rev. Peterson deals firmly with black churches, once moral leaders in the community, and how pastors have abdicated responsibility for shepherding the flock in favor of promoting the immoral liberal agenda. He describes a program called The Balm of Gilead (headed by an advisor to the Congressional Black Caucus), which distributes free condoms and promotes “tolerance” for homosexuality. Over 5,000 black churches participated. Instead of following biblical teachings about homosexuality, some black pastors have become complicit in the movement. Did you know, for example, that Pentecostal preacher Al Sharpton supports homosexual marriage?

And it doesn’t stop there. Not only do some black churches support pro-abortion Democrats and celebrate Kwanzaa -- invented by an anti-Christian convicted felon -- but black ministers have invited the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan to preach hatred of America in their pulpits.

Drinking Poisoned Kool-Aid®

In 1978, cult weirdo Jim Jones convinced 913 followers (mostly black) to commit suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid®. The followers gave the poison to their children first, then drank it themselves. Rev. Peterson argues the same brainwashing process has happened to millions of blacks and that a “cult of blackness” has been created by “corrupt civil rights leaders, legislators, black journalists, and leftist black preachers.” The very word “racism” is a mantra used over and over again to condition blacks and link the word to whites and conservatives, no matter how absurd the linkage (think James Byrd).

Rev. Peterson chastises peddlers of dangerous and racist (and ignorant) notions like the phony Afrocentrism and ebonics (“gutter language” disguised as “black speech”) who continue to destroy the black community and foster racial tensions.

Back to Africa?

Rev. Peterson has spoken out against these and other ridiculous ideas only to be vilified and in some cases, physically assaulted. The truth hurts. He asks, “Instead of reparations, how about a ticket back to Africa?” Excellent question. Murderous dictators, slavery, famine and strife? No, thanks!

With uncompromising courage, Rev. Peterson asserts, “Black people should ask themselves what debt they owe to whites -- both Americans and British -- who lobbied and fought and died to bring an end to slavery...” Audacious and observant. To date, black Africans and Arabs are still in the human bondage business.

SCAM offers a compelling argument against racially divisive “leaders”, which I will address in Our Own Worst Enemies: Part II.

La Shawn Barber, a columnist for American Daily, reviews books for Townhall.com. Visit her weblog at http://lashawnbarber.blogspot.com.
Scam is available at Amazon.com.

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