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Don't Turn on the 'Central Air'
by Edward L. Daley
8 December 2003Al Gore

Al Gore has settled upon "Central Air" as the name for his fledgling radio enterprise, as if to suggest that liberals are actually centrist in nature instead of radically socialistic.

Well, here we go again. The liberal elites have decided once more to try their sweaty hands at talk radio political punditry with the attempted creation of a totally left-leaning talk radio network...as if National Public Radio (NPR) wasn't enough for them. They have, in distinctive leftist fashion, however, decided not to divulge their true agenda from the get-go, something which was to be expected by anyone familiar with their typical modus operandi. After all, they rarely ever embark upon any campaign without inventing some sort of alternative applied terminology designed to mask their actual intent. Just look at the term "pro-choice" if you doubt that contention. Is there any question that they intentionally avoided using the more accurate term "pro-abortion" in an effort to convince the more simple-minded among us that their agenda is something far less malignant than it really is?

But that issue aside, these Clintonoid myrmidons have settled upon "Central Air," at least tentatively, as the name for their fledgling radio enterprise, as if to suggest that liberals are actually centrist in nature instead of radically socialistic. Still, this attempt to color themselves as "mainstream" is as transparent to anyone who follows politics as bottled water. Few others will be fooled by the name either once they've spent ten seconds listening to the unreasoned rantings of people such as Jeanine Garofalo and Al Franken, whom, it is reported, are being scouted for positions of program hosts within the organization. Former Walter Mondale speechwriter, Martin Kaplan, has already been hired to do an early evening show, and a recruitment initiative is underway to bring in many more well-known entertainment industry liberals.

Anita Drobny, a wealthy contributor to various Democrat campaigns and causes, is the brains behind the new venture, and she and her husband Sheldon have formed a group called AnShell Media L.L.C, which has invested $10 million in start-up money in the network already. Another newly formed company known as Progress Media is also involved in the undertaking, with Atlanta radio consultant, Jon Sinton, as its president and Mark Walsh, formerly with America Online, as its chief executive. These people have decided to promote Central Air as a "progressive" network, once again relying heavily on misdirection, deceptive rhetoric and the gullibility, if not sheer ignorance, of their potential listeners for ratings, instead of simply being honest and letting the chips fall where they may.

None of the people involved thus far in this project can be honestly characterized as politically progressive, centrist, moderate or anything else short of far-left leaning. Their entire scheme is wholly disingenuous and, furthermore, critically flawed for one significant reason... talk radio audiences are generally well educated, politically insightful adults who have very little tolerance for people who can't support their claims with facts and historical evidence. They also tend to appreciate straight-talking folks who challenge them intellectually, even if they disagree with their ideas. No one likes equivocators, and the liberal field of commentators these days is lousy with jabbering nincompoops who have little or no credibility, or well-grounded positions.

Sure, there'll be a modest  number of people who will listen to this network, at least initially, because they will be invigorated by the ongoing Bush bashing which will almost certainly be the linchpin of its broadcasting structure. However, these sorts of people tend to have the attention span of gnats. They are the type of consumers who wear out the channel changing buttons on their TV remote controls, bouncing back and forth between the Oprah show and reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, in about the time it takes everyone else to read a good book.

In a nutshell, the foundation of such an enterprise is shaky at best, and each floor added to this liberal house of cards will only further weaken its overall integrity. Dumping more and more crap on a pile of manure won't stop it from stinking to high heaven or attracting unwanted pests, and Central Air is already beginning to fill the atmosphere with the unmistakable and displeasing odor of virulent liberalism even before its expected broadcast debut next spring.

All I can say is that at least this liberal propaganda tool won't be subsidized by the American taxpayer (unlike NPR) and judging by the success of past leftist talkshow hosts, when forced to compete on a level playing field with conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage, this media venture has got the life expectancy of frost on a sunny April morning. I suppose only time will tell, but don't be surprised if by this time next year Jeanine Garofalo is resigned to pushing weight loss products on an infomercial at three in the morning and Al Franken is back to writing inexplicably popular, yet nonetheless inane, books with titles like "Rush Limbaugh is a loud-mouthed crack fiend."

Edward L. Daley is the owner of The Daley Times-Post

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