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Fighters, Fools and Nitwits
by Barbara Stock
08 December 2003Shawshank

Tim Robbins portrays our soldiers and marines as roving bands of thieves and looters who murder women and children for the fun of it.

Little Timmy Robbins has written a play.  From the reports it is full of the usual anti-Bush, hate-filled rhetoric that has become a left mainstay these days.  Mr. Robbins takes it a step farther, however.  He portrays our soldiers and marines as roving bands of thieves and looters who murder women and children for the fun of it.

He tells his story through the eyes of an embedded reporter.  This “reporter” is apparently told what to say; what he can show and if he doesn’t go along with the great Bush lie, his words will be written for him by the evil and cruel military commander whose only job is to oppress the truth.  He is just a helpless media puppet for the great and evil Bush war machine.

What is alarming is that people -- who are apparently flocking to see this piece of literary garbage -- are coming out saying they never knew the TRUTH until now. 

Tim Robbins has never been in the military.  He has never been to Iraq.  He has never been a journalist.  He has never been in a real war.  But, he is now one of the far left's experts on all things Iraq.  The LA Times loved his play and has given it not one but two glowing reviews. 

A Marine officer who served in Iraq went to Timmy’s show.  He wore his uniform proudly.  He was promptly heckled and called a Nazi.  He graciously thanked the woman and said he didn’t mind putting his life on the line so she had the freedom to speak her mind. 

Now the fact that Robbins wrote this play doesn’t surprise me.  That he portrays the President as an evil dictator and our troops as animals doesn’t surprise me.  This is how these people feel.  What does surprise me is when we call the far left anti-American military haters they are shocked!  How dare we say they don’t love their country!  Forget that many of them believe our soldiers are mindless savages who kill for sport.  They support them with all their hearts, yes they do.

The left cheer the likes of Michael Moore, presently being sued by any number of people for the fraudulent way they were portrayed in his documentary.   Moore interviewed Charlton Heston; ill with Alzheimer’s and realizing the man was no longer a formidable adversary, he took gleeful advantage of a sick old man.  They have put this bloated and admitted socialist on a pedestal even as he trots off to Europe where he proclaims that “all Americans are stupid.”  Hey, that includes you who worship him.  Personally, I say it refers only to those who worship him.  This twister of the truth dresses like he shops at Goodwill and lives in a million dollar posh apartment in Manhattan.  He laughs at you gullible people all the way to the bank.

Al Franken spends most of his time picking fights with conservatives and any liberal he feels isn’t liberal enough, like Alan Colmes.   Not verbal fights, fist fights.  He has been escorted out of more than one place by security because of his violent and unprovoked outbursts. His book about lies and the liars that tell them is chock full of, well, lies…most of them his.  He had a meltdown on CNN when they foolishly gave him a forum to express his views in a civil manner.  It is no surprise to me that it is Franken who is being seriously considered to be the voice of the new Liberal Network Al Gore thinks will bring FOX News to its knees.  It is supposed to be an all news network that looks like MTV.  Only Al Gore could think of such of thing.

We can’t leave out the self proclaimed political expert, Babs Streisand.  You remember her don’t you?  She was outraged that we would try to remove Saddam Hussein from his position as duly elected leader of Iran. 

What has happened to the people on the left?  Have they all traded their perfectly good brains in for an unoccupied petri-dish?  Are they so desperate for heroes and spokesmen that they look to people like Robbins, Moore and Franken for guidance?

I had posed this question a group of mostly liberals and at first, they all blew Mr. Robbins’s play off as just his opinion but by days end, some were cheering him, all were defending him and few mentioned that his portrayal of our men in uniform was just slightly left of reality and a couple just couldn’t believe he would portray our soldiers like that.  One added that he would believe Robbins, Moore and Franken before he would believe the President. 

I didn’t realize until this very day, that the Democrat Party was in such a sorry state.  They can’t hold up Clinton as a hero, though some try and JFK has faded into the past. They really have no one.  They have sunk to holding up the likes of soldier bashing Tim Robbins, America hating Michael Moore and combative, comedy has-been Al Franken as de facto spokesmen for their party. 

The party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy seems to be in free fall.  It should frighten those in the center of the Democrat Party because they apparently have no one to hold up with pride and say “they can speak for me.”  They have abdicated their voices to fighters, fools and nitwits.  They make embarrassed excuses and blame Bush.  There is no other path for them.  Every direction they look it’s a dead end street. Bush the evil made us blind followers of men who spout hate and lies.  They have no one to blame but themselves for the demise of their party. 

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