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Tapping into Hate
by Vincent Fiore
10 December 2003Howard Dean

The blind rage of the far left drives the candidacy of Howard Dean, and exposes the long knives of the liberal establishment.

“We have been too nice. We have been too polite.” So says long time DNC strategist Ann Lewis in talking about the lack of a coherent message to run against the Democrats' personal devil, George W. Bush. Lewis and the DNC, who post a weblog titled “kicking ass” on the home page of the DNC website as something to be proud of, are just part of a surging liberal enterprise clawing its way to the forefront of the American political scene.

Feeling minimized and unheard, the strident liberalism of the late 1960’s is reborn today with a vengeance. The resurgence of the hard left has nothing to do with a clash of ideas inasmuch as a grasp for power. Instead, it is the blind rage the left shows with such consummate detail for President Bush that drives the candidacy of Howard Dean, and exposes the long knives in the liberal establishment.

Internet organizations like MoveOn.org have amassed nearly two million members since its inception during the Clinton/Monicagate days. They have paid for and run political ads and will all the way up to the 2004 elections, brandishing Bush as a “Betrayer” and “MisLeader.” If the Dean nomination for President prevails in representing the national Democratic Party, he will in no small way owe it to the zealous hate of groups like MoveOn.org. It is just one of many web sites that have sprouted recently with the singular and uniting goal of politically killing George W. Bush.

Within the past year, liberal icons have discovered the poison pen to the delight of the faithful, writing books that match their anger and frustration over their power outage in Washington. Michael Moore’s Dude, Where's My Country, and The Great Unraveling by the New York Times' resident Machiavellian Paul Krugman are just two of the more tamer titles, though the contents of the books are insidiously vulgar. Others like Bushwhacked by uberliberals Molly Ivins and Lou Dubase and satirist Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them leave little to the imagination. These are the enablers of liberal hate. By justifying that hate in print, further fueled by reviews and appearances on the NY Times best seller list, it lends to the legitimacy of the dominate ethos that defines the 2004 Democratic Party; a near pathological hate.

Numerous far left organizations have melded to form the umbrella group Americans Coming Together, a cording of big labor, feminists enclaves, and environmentalists united to “conduct a massive voter contact program, mobilizing voters to defeat George W. Bush and elect progressive candidates all across America.” The group's web site does not promote ideas or positive positions on policy in any detail, but excels at promoting the politics of hate by instilling the cold touch of pessimistic fear. The goal of ACT founder Ellen R. Malcolm, who is credited for starting EMILY’S List, a group dedicated to electing pro-choice women into Congress, is to raise 75 million dollars to defeat the “extremist Republican agenda,” led by George Bush.

Reacting to the reality of long established Conservative think tanks such as The Heritage Foundation, the ACU, and The Federalist Society having contributed to the shaping of political sentiment in the country, liberals have launched the newly formed Center for American Progress. Headed by former President Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, the group's aim is to infuse new ideas into an otherwise directionless party, and increase public awareness of "progressive" issues. Perhaps the most tolerant of all the efforts being expended toward a Bush defeat in 2004, it nevertheless boasts such liberal standby's as Al Gore's former spokesman Doug Hattaway, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Even on an individual level, the hate for Bush runs deep. Billionaire George Soros recently likened Bush to Hitler's Nazi Germany: “When I hear Bush say, 'You're either with us or against us,' it reminds me of the Germans.” Soros has bankrolled every liberal organization he can, giving 20 million dollars to The Center for American Progress, 10 million to Americans Coming Together, and 5 million to MoveOn.org. “America, under Bush, is a danger to the world, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.”  So consumed with hate is Soros that to him, next year's election is "a matter of life and death."

Besides all of the above, liberals are looking to expand their message through the medium of talk radio, and possibly an “all the time” liberal TV network. To me, this is all fine and dandy, as I believe in the open market of ideas. But this is simply not the case with today's new liberal party, which has not had an idea (good or otherwise) since Lyndon Johnson's launching of “The Great Society” in 1964. They have rested on their laurels and sated themselves on the power that lies within the hallways of Washington. Today, the hallways are lined with Republicans, and the power outage for liberals has resulted in a cacophony of indecorous hate bare of policy, but full of rebuke.

Recently, Democratic Presidential contender John Kerry gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine, where upon being asked if he felt “blindsided” by the success of Howard Dean, Kerry replies that he did not expect George Bush to “f**k it up as badly as he did.”  The question pertained to Dean's thrashing of Kerry in the race, and not at all to Bush.

But the knee-jerk reaction of a once respected 20-year Washington veteran was to dive headlong to the left in a rather pathetic effort to appeal to the fringe that propels the candidacy of Dean. And even then, Kerry winds up blaming Bush for what has obviously been a dismal campaign on his part. Bereft of his own platform and creating a personality according to what the latest polls say, Kerry reverts to the Democratic prerequisite, hate George Bush.

If Howard Dean succeeds in winning the nomination, the Democratic Party loses. It will not matter who he picks to run as the Vice President or who his Secretary of State will be. Dean is so far left and vitriolic in his speech, he will not be able to navigate the middle ground to appease the majority of centrist Democrats, and he will have effectively wiped out 8 years of Clinton triangulation. His run up to that point will be replete with too much history, too much hate. The way Democrats are running political discourse and their party into the ground, it's a wonder one of them has not kneecapped George Bush. As American author George Jean Nathan said “No man can think clearly when his fists are clenched.” Unfortunately for the vast majority of the country, Republicans and Democrats both, the new left that is dominating the nominee process walks with a clenched fist at all times, hating, hating, hating.

Vincent Fiore is a freelance writer.

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