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Dr. Dean and the Hypocritical Oath
by Barbara Stock
31 December 2003Howard Dean

Hitchhiking on some back road somewhere around the Mason-Dixon Line, Howard Dean found Jesus.

Dr. Dean has found Jesus.  Alleluia and Praise the Lord.  He discovered him hitchhiking on some back road somewhere around the Mason-Dixon Line.  After declaring that he wasn’t going to talk about “God, guns and gays” down south, his handlers once again grabbed him by the nose hairs and told him “ixnay on the God stuff.”  I expect Dr. Dean will go to a black church, state he’s on a “mission from God,” don some sunglasses and do some back flips down the aisle.

The Bible belt is important for two reasons.  Southern folks tend to take God very seriously and the Black vote is vital for any democrat, and they tend to be strong church-goers down south. 

So Howard found Jesus.  I guarantee he will kick him out of the car when he heads back north.  He may not stop the car if Jesus dares bring up the fact that the good Doctor is a strong believer in the “right” to kill a full term baby for any reason -- including Mom has decided she might break a nail changing a diaper causing irreparable psychological harm.

Howie felt abortion was so important he spent some of his medical training in obstetrics at a Planned Parenthood office.  The major thing that happens at those places is learning various ways to kill off the very person that will make you a parent.  Little training on how to deliver a healthy baby is found in a Planned Parenthood clinic.

People in the medical field know the cardinal rule of medicine is “Do no harm.”  I think we can safely say the good Dr. Dean threw that oath in the trash before he took his medical board exams. 

Dean confessed that he had a drinking problem.  I have to wonder if that was when he was a practicing M.D. or Governor of Vermont.  Is the media searching for any DUI arrests for the formerly tipsy doctor, as they did with President Bush?

Of course, if you feel finding Jesus and vocally supporting partial birth abortion on demand a bit hypocritical, the very fact this man feels he is qualified to be President is downright scary.

Those overworked people at the end of his leash were kept busy this week as he said he didn’t know if bin Laden was guilty of anything.  They slapped a muzzle on him, then told us what he REALLY meant was bin Laden should be treated the same way as Saddam.  As he stuttered and stammered over the old innocent until proven guilty slogan, the Democrats were once again embarrassed by his total lack of understanding of the situation.  After all, Howie’s only had a little over 2 years to form an opinion of bin Laden. 

Osama has, on numerous occasions, confessed to and bragged about the 9/11 attacks and is, at this very moment, swearing he will have American blood running in our streets from an attack that will make his 9/11 attack look small.  Personally, I have no problem with Osama having his Miranda rights read to him right before he is shot.  Our soldiers are not going to have Osama’s constitutional rights foremost in their minds when they find him.  Let’s call it giving him the right to remain silent on a permanent basis.

Keep in mind this is the same man who found the theory that Bush knew about the 9/11 attack before hand “interesting.”  He said it not once, but twice to make sure as many Americans heard it as possible.  Dean vehemently denied he believed it, of course, but gosh, wasn’t it interesting.  Bush is suspect with no evidence at all; bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty.

Dean is the perfect example of Democrats who refuse to see that we are at war and they will get a whole bunch of us killed while they figure it out. They will spend months denying the truth and covering up attacks, calling them tragic accidents or attacks carried out by radical right wing zealots.  Hey, it worked for Bill, why not Dean?  The left still doesn’t realize that the ability to lie so convincingly is a talent possessed only by Mr. Clinton.

The frustration level of the rank and file Democrats must be at the breaking point.  Many pinned their hopes on Dr. Dean only to have him turn into a loose canon with a severe case of not engaging his brain before speaking.  They swung to General Clark, only to find he is on both sides of everything and has two moods, asleep and rage.  Who does this leave? 

I suspect that many of them will look to the present Administration which has turned around the economy and waged two successful wars to remove terrorist leaders from power. The “Bush Doctrine” is bringing enlightened thought to many world leaders who are suddenly seeing the error of their ways.

To be sure many Democrats won’t like it, but they will vote Republican in November 2004 because they realize that to vote for their own party is akin to committing suicide.  While there are a lot of kool-aid drinkers out there, the majority of them know the choice is a simple one, because they are rational people who don’t have a death wish.

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