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An Eye on the Edge
by Dan Glanz
26 December 2003

A eulogy to an honorable judge who is passing away, and thoughts on the loony left; Dean is an out-and-out socialist willing to take my freedoms, and yours too, to show how wonderful government is.

My readers all know me as a political animal. I love politics with all its intricacies and devious tricks and pratfalls … and I love the good that politicians do … despite their reputation as ribald ideologues who vote every issue on their basest instincts for reelection.

I want to talk a moment right now about my best friend. No one save few know I have a political friend who is also a best friend. Today, as I write this … my friend’s father is dying. This is a man of enormous courage and faith, a man who has led his family by example despite twists and turns in his children’s lives. With God’s help and a little boost from medicine, he will live longer and achieve more.

A man in his professional life who has achieved success and has held the respect of citizens, politicians, and playmakers. A man elected to public office in a state where such a man could never succeed, if you listened to the local pundits. The local pundits adore this man and will, without doubt, write eulogies on the passing of ‘one honest man’, beloved by all … The Honorable Justice Walter Marcus, Jr.

The capture of Saddam is good, despite some silliness from the left. That some even consider showing his capture against the law is beyond silliness. It borders on the stupid! Saddam Hussein is no more a ‘prisoner of war’ than the man in the moon. Saddam himself said on his capture, “I am Saddam Hussein, I am the President of Iraq …” In my world, a President is a political figure … and is accorded the respect due that office. Though still officially the Iraqi President, he is the deposed heartless barbarian reduced to living as a feral creature as befits such a beast.

That Americans running for the most prestigious position in the free world would think to politicize the capture of Saddam … purely for gaining some newspaper headlines or television airtime. This is as repugnant to me as desecrating the graves and memories of each of the thousands he killed during his regime and the graves of those of our sons and daughters killed in dethroning him.

Justice Marcus would clearly decide from his bench that showing the film of the capture of this sought after murderer was entirely within the framework of the law.

The Iraqi citizenry made only one comment on the capture of Saddam … gunfire in the air!

Senator Lieberman and Representative Gephardt deserve credit for recognizing the benefit to the Iraqi people assuring them Saddam will never again torture the members of their family.
No more killing of husbands or wives. No more killings of brothers and sisters. No more killings of sons and daughters. No more killings!

The Governor Doctor Dean said, "I think this is an opportunity for us, an opportunity for us to turn the American occupation of Iraq into an international reconstruction effort." We have heard this before, and perhaps the quote was unnecessary and redundant but it drives right to the core of that ‘anarchy oriented’ left that Dean seems to seek.

Dean’s intent is clear. He will give over to the UN the fate of Iraq AND the fate of every American in uniform to the Kofi Annans and the other haters of America and all the good America stands for. The fate, as well, by extension, of these United States … not only as the only world power, but as the example of what democracy and a free republic can and should be. Gosh, it even allows the likes of Dean to gain some political fame.

I understand that Dean is out on the far left fringe to distinguish himself from the other Dems seeking the nomination. Forget if you will that he will come back to a more moderate stance AFTER he gets the nomination. As O’Reilly would say, “Stop Spinning!” Dean is an out-and-out socialist willing to take my freedoms, and yours too, to show how wonderful government is.

Ketchup Kerry, another one worlder … has gone a bit conservative in his statements. This, no doubt, to distance himself from Dean/Gore. Kerry does believe it will benefit all to have Saddam in custody. Even France and Germany have sent congratulations on the capture.

If I may, the ‘looneyleft’ will give President Bush no credit. That his leadership and stern resolve to free, protect and defend, and to democratize not only Iraq, but the whole of the Middle East has no validity in their eyes. And he, our President, is too genteel to tell them to just ‘shut up!’ In world opinion, the United States rarely gets a ‘fair shake.’

America does not need outsiders telling us what to do. Nor do we find it necessary to listen to fellow Americans who hate our way of life so much they denigrate their American citizenship and American pride for political expediency. Of course, we defend their privileges and rights to denounce us. Even as they try to kill us.
Capturing Saddam in not the end. Not the end of action in Iraq. Not the end of terrorist activity in the Middle East arena. Not the end of the political ballyhooing from the ‘one worlders, the ‘not-in-power’ Dems. The Arabists and other anarchists will stop at nothing to destroy freedom … the freedom we know.

Their idea of freedom is Mullahs free to kill you and me!
Just one final note to Americans everywhere and to my best friend. Justice Marcus in his courtroom vigorously defended our nation, our Constitution, our rights and our freedoms. May God find in Walter Marcus the benevolence and wisdom to allow this judge a seat in the court of honor. Amen.

Dan Glanz is a contributor to TooGood Reports and his weekly column is seen in newspapers across the country

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