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The Jayson Blair Syndrome:  What Illegals?
by Daniel Sargis
06 January 2004Orrin Hatch

The AgJobs bill (S. 1645) and the Dream Act (S. 1545) make about as much sense as naming an airline in honor of Mohammad Atta.

Illusion is the new reality.  Just like Jayson Blair turned fantasy into New York Times articles...politicians and special interests are about to morph the illegal into the legal.  There is a move afoot, in that “other America” (called the Nation’s capital), to turn a nightmare into a dream.  Two pending pieces of legislation, the AgJobs bill (S. 1645) and the Dream Act (S. 1545), if enacted, will make about as much sense as naming an airline in honor of Mohammad Atta.  Should it surprise you that the Traitor Times supports both bills?

In an America where there are over 1 million abortions per year, over 25,000 “gender reassignment surgeries” and human cloning is all but done...it’s easy to be deluded that we are the masters of our universe.  What the heck...if you can make a woman into a man why not make an illegal into a legal.  Don’t like the reality...just play God and change the rules.

Perhaps because an idea is so wrong the Times adopts it as being right...as in “A simple crackdown aimed at sending all illegal immigrants back where they came from would not work.”  Why not?  Because the Times believes that punishing illegal activity will “simply drive people without proper documentation deeper into the shadows, where they would...be afraid to report crimes, send their children to school or seek treatment when they had infectious diseases.”

Oh, I get the Upper West Side logic.  Illegals, who now commit a disproportionately high percentage of national crime, won’t report those crimes until they are legal.  And, God forbid that we might make illegals uncomfortable about depleting the national treasury.  There are already 8 to 10 million illegals using every ounce of American hospitality they can grab.  Making them “legals” would only open the floodgates for the “special interest” organizations to litigate the last cent of perks out of you...the taxpaying citizen.  More about this in a bit.  

The editorial pages of the NYT are laughable in their contempt for mainstream America...it’s the The Turner Diaries wearing Hush Puppies.  Even more laughable is the advice they give to a President that they loathe.  Step one...take the least mainstream position (let’s raise taxes).  Step two...destroy you for actually listening to them (read my lips).  So Bush 43 should remember Bush 41 when the Times urges that, “To win support in Congress, Mr. Bush is going to have to be specific enough to let lawmakers know that he is willing to take some of the heat....”  Don’t trust those lips.

Senate bill 1645, the AgJobs bill, according to an organized labor “non-profit” shill (The Equal Justice Center or EJC), has two basic components: (1) program for undocumented agricultural workers to first gain temporary resident status and then subsequently earn permanent resident immigration status and (2) ... make the program easier for employers to use, while strengthening workers’ remedies against abuse. 

During step one of the bill an illegal has to work at least 100 days during any 12 months of an 18 month period.  In step two, “The worker must perform at least 360 work days of agricultural employment in the U.S. during the 6 year period ending August 31, 2009.”  Glad to see that we are not overtaxing the illegals' capacity to work.  What’s really soothing to the taxpayer is that under this bill an illegal has to work less, in total, than a citizen does just to pay their taxes.  Does this mean that after working a minimal amount per year, the illegal and his extended family will be living out of the taxpayers’ pocket?

The EJC strongly supports the AgJobs bill...and why shouldn’t they?  EJC is a non-profit (non-taxpaying) legal aid front for organized labor.  Their mission... “Legal services provided by EJC include legal representation in administrative and judicial forums, public education, support for organizing efforts by communities and working people, policy advocacy, and community empowerment campaigns that increase client communities’ capacity to effectively advance their legal rights.”  Bingo...organized labor is salivating over the prospect of co-opting 8 to 10 million pieces of new meat.  And it doesn’t end there...once the flood gates are opened, the special interest litigators will be clogging the legal system to insure that the benefits of your tax dollars are spent to enrich formerly “illegal” lifestyles and the union dues’ coffers.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse...along comes the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act of 2003 (S. 1545), laughingly known as the DREAM Act.  This act, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “will place American citizens in direct competition with illegal aliens for scarce slots in freshmen classes at state colleges and universities while awarding the illegal alien students with an amnesty.”  FAIR's Executive Director, Dan Stein, charges that, “This bill is a crass political calculation aimed at selling an amnesty disguised as an educational initiative.”

The “DREAM Act” actually places legal aliens and taxpaying citizens at an economic disadvantage to illegals for precious slots to state funded institutions of higher education.  Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) dreamt up this nightmare, but if you travel to his website...you won’t find any mention of it.  Hey...come on...if Algore can take credit for inventing the internet, can’t Senator Hatch take responsibility for this nightmare?

But that is the Beltway.  If an idea is unpopular with mainstream America, but the pols have to shove it through for their special interest buddies, they just create a mishmash of legislation that deceives and achieves.  In order to skin the public alive with blanket amnesty for illegals and never be held to account, the pols will just confuse you with a slew of creeping cancers like these two bills.  And like the tax mess and Social Security Trust Fund scam, these deceptive webs just keep growing and consuming through time.

This immigration reform (a.k.a. special interest oriented blanket amnesty) is classic muddle-headedness...but it is perfect for the liberal interests and the Traitor Times to use the “moderate” and “compassionate” conservatives for a cheap thrill and put them away dirty without so much as a goodnight kiss. 

Anything less than cleaning the illegals out of this country and starting anew with a rational, controllable and enforced system of immigration is not only a direct insult to generations of legal citizenry...it is also a direct threat to the future of this country and what little we have left of our mainstream middleclass American lifestyle.

Daniel Sargis, a freelance writer, is a principal in a private investment development company.  His website is dansargis.org

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