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Terrorism by Taxes: “Al Queda Light”
by Randy Cox
06 January 2004Donkey

The Democrat Party seems to have developed an obsessive-compulsive entitlement disorder.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I have to admit I was inspired by the heroes of that time, including John F. Kennedy. As a kid, I respected his courage to stand up for the civil rights of black Americans and other minorities. Let’s face it, whether you are black, yellow, red, white or whatever, all of us have felt the pain of prejudice or bias at one time or another. I sympathized with the pain felt by the minority population. I recall JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” speech as if it were yesterday.

Today, in 2003, however, the Democratic Party has changed dramatically. It has, in fact, developed an illness. An illness I term an “obsessive-compulsive entitlement disorder.” And, it threatens the health and well-being of Americans of every class, color and creed. The Democratic Party is going over a cliff with this obsession and it wants to take good Americans with it. What am I referring to? Well, let me count the ways.

It’s not just because Democrats are obsessed with a “tax and spend” mentality in which they believe they are entitled to our hard earned dollars. It’s not just because the Democrats only tolerate two kinds of speech: the kind characteristic of the rabid Michael Moore for themselves, but only that which is politically correct for the rest of us. It’s not just the fact that Democrats now appoint judges who subvert democracy by overturning the will of the voter and make decisions based on a political and social agenda instead of law. It’s not just because Democrats whose so called “tolerance” and “compassion” extends only to people who agree with them. It is not just because Democrats complain about human rights violations everywhere in the world except in Iraq, formerly, one of the most brutal places on the planet. It’s not just that Democrats want to flood the country with their new constituents of illegal immigrants. It’s not just because Democrats no longer believe in consequences for personal irresponsibility. It’s not just the fact the Democrats think our sovereignty is best left to the U.N.  It’s not just that Democrats continue to create new taxes and hike old ones at the expense of the American family.  The fact is, when one combines all of these “it’s not just because” items, it should be very clear to the majority of Americans that the soul of the new radicalized Democratic Party is empty and its heart is not pure like it was in the 1960’s. 

With an empty soul and a heart filled with disdain toward the majority of hard working, taxpaying Americans and their values, it is truly a fact they care more about their political and social agenda than they care about American families. Their long standing marketing ploy of  “It’s for the children!” is nothing more than propaganda. Their real goal is to undermine the traditional family and generate more tax dollars for their ever expanding sugar daddy, bureaucratic empire. The Democratic Party, once based on conscience and freedom for all Americans, has developed an obsession and a prejudice against the American taxpayer and his/her family. The new radicalized Democratic Party of big entitlements, big government, big taxes, big lies and less freedom no longer represents or cares about “the folks.”

So, who am I to come to this conclusion? I’m just a regular guy who has been around for 55 years. Why should they care? They should care because I am not alone in my observations and conclusions. And, this is the very reason why the Democratic Party should take note. Will they? Is anyone with an “obsessive-compulsive entitlement disorder” capable of rational thought? Of course not. 

Will this average guy sit idly by and voluntarily go over the cliff with them? Not in this lifetime!
What I believe to be perhaps the worst offense this new radicalized Democratic Party (at federal, state, and local levels) has inflicted upon the American public over a period of years is this:  “The Cumulative Tax Effect.”

It is not about any one tax, but about the total of all taxes combined!

The amount and number of taxes these geniuses have legislated against the American taxpayer over the years reminds me of the smoke from the twin towers of Sept. 11. When one considers all taxing bureaucracies including federal taxes, state income taxes, state sales taxes, city taxes, county taxes, property taxes, gasoline taxes, vehicle taxes, death taxes, capital gain taxes, social security taxes, tobacco taxes, telephone taxes, and on and on and on, it makes even a mild mannered, middle class American like myself wonder if we still live in a free country. Many Americans pay as much as 70% of their income to these combined bureaucracies. 70%! Does ANYONE, rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, sane or insane, deserve this kind of abuse? Of course not! But, even if you are one of the fortunate Americans paying only 50%, 25%, or even 15% of your hard earned dollars to all of these bureaucracies, there is still that much less for you to spend on your family. And, these geniuses in the new radicalized Democratic Party wonder why the American family is having so many social problems (i.e. both parents having to work to make ends meet, difficulty in paying for their children’s college, inadequate retirement funds)? If these Democrats are so “compassionate” and “progressive” why don’t they just give taxpaying Americans an instant raise by cutting or doing away with the majority of these compassionless taxes?  The fact of the matter is these geniuses care more about their radical political agenda and big government than they care about the health and well-being of American families! Unfortunately, the only one who cares about this abuse and feels the pain of the “combined tax effect” is the lonely taxpayer!

The lonely Caleeeeefornian taxpayer and voter knows about these combined taxes and the pain that goes with it!  Every class, creed, and color went to the polls and showed the whole nation what they can do when they’ve had it up to here with big taxes and big government living off their backs. Grayout Davis’s “tax and spend,” “compassionate," “tax and spend,” “progressive,” “tax and spend,” sugar daddy building, bankrupt empire went down in flames thanks to the voters finally expressing their outrage. Grayout should be the poster boy for this “obsessive-compulsive political disorder” as well as for everything outrageous about big government and big taxes. His model should be an example for all “tax and spend” Democrats….. wanting a place in history with him. Thank god the voters of Caleeeeeefornia united and ended his reign of terrorism by taxes. 

The combined tax effect outraged voters and the voters knocked out Grayout! But, there are many “Grayouts” in this radicalized, but ever so “compassionate & progressive” Democratic Party. How about Teddy, Barbara, Chucky, and Hillary, just to name a few of the uncaring. All of these geniuses fought against President Bush’s tax cut. If it was left to this obsessive-compulsive crowd, they would have continued their assault on our wallets. These people talk a lot about “working Americans” as if they were their best friend. But the truth is…..finding ways to increase your taxes is what they live for. Ever met a tax they didn’t like? NEVER. Ever concerned about Americans being hosed out of 70% (or 50%, or 25%, or even 15%) of their hard earned dollars for Democratic redistribution? Are you kidding, 90% would be even more “compassionate and progressive.” For these people, it is the American taxpayer who needs to be more “understanding” of society’s ills. Ever concerned about the loss of quality of life and increased stress on working, taxpaying Americans? Hey, not my problem! 

They just don’t care about “the folks”. And, it is really that simple.

Here is just one small, but telling example of their lack of empathy for the combined tax effect on Americans.

While watching the O”Reilly Factor several weeks ago, I saw O’Reilly confront Senator Lieberman about the huge amount of taxes Americans are paying. When O’Reilly told him that, he, O’Reilly, pays a combined state, federal, local, and sales tax rate of 70% of his income, Lieberman just shrugged his shoulders.  Then, Lieberman said something to the effect of “oh, you’re talking about the combined rate” as if it wasn’t his problem! This guy could not have cared less! Hey Joe, I thought you and your wannabe buddies on your left cared about working, taxpaying, Americans? I mean, you’re always talking about “working Americans” as if you really care with your phony “compassionate and progressive” propaganda. But, when you are given the choice of either taking from my wallet or reducing my taxes…...you always seem to have a way of rationalizing your way into my back pocket! You and your “neverwillbes” always have some excuse (i.e. “it’s for the greater good of the country”) as to why you can spend my money more wisely than me! This kind of attitude is callous and outrageous! Mr. Lieberman, I’ve come to realize that the only real difference between you (and your neverwillbes) and a hijacker terrorizing a 7-11 store… is the weapon you use. Mr. Lieberman, just because you are a nice guy, “kinder and gentler,” and slicker about it, doesn’t change a thing. You are still picking our pockets for some grandiose, “greater good” of a reason at the expense of our families. Your lack of understanding of this combined tax effect is only exceeded by your own self importance.

And, Lieberman is supposed to represent the “moderate” wing of the Democratic Party? There is no moderate wing in my view.

In my opinion, the new radicalized Democratic Party at the federal, state, and local level (and believe me the state government is just as greedy) is so obsessed with unsympathetic and unrelenting terrorism by taxes, they have earned a new title. From now on, The Democratic Party of 2003 now deserves the title of “Al Queda Light!” Like a terrorist hell-bent on destroying the lives of innocent people for some grandiose, ideological reason, “Al Queda Light” is now terrorizing innocent taxpayers and their families with the “cumulative tax effect.” There marketing campaign is “kind and gentle,” “compassionate and progressive,” and it is slowly and deliberately taking the heart and soul of good Americans over the cliff. 

After over 200 years as a so called “free” country, we know one thing for sure; we can’t trust Democrats to look out for “the folks” anymore. Their obsession with “taxing and spending” is a disorder not unlike that of a crack cocaine junky. “Al Queda Light,” (formerly known as the Democratic Party), is by far the worst. Democracy has now been subverted and hijacked by these geniuses whose grandiose ideology and need for power trumps the least little bit of empathy for hard working Americans.  If the taxpayer has any chance of controlling the stress induced “combined tax effect”, there is only one permanent solution. That solution is a constitutional amendment banning all new taxes AND tax hikes without voter approval. If the geniuses in Washington, D.C. want to create another tax (and you can bet your a$$ they are dreaming up ways as you read this article, i.e. internet taxes), WE THE PEOPLE MUST VOTE ON IT FIRST!  What a novel idea! Kind of sounds like real democracy! Some states have this law, but unfortunately, they also have appointed (Democratic) judges who frequently overturn the will of the people.

If we are to pass a constitutional amendment for the purpose of voter approved taxes, it will take some brave and wealthy soul to step forward and lead the taxpayers of this country to that end. We need a leader whose life’s mission ends up truly freeing working Americans from the terrorism of all these ever growing “compassionate and progressive” taxes! We need a leader to give us TRUE COMPASSION and TRUE PROGRESS for a TRULY GREATER GOOD…..the American family!  We need a leader who would be willing to help free Americans of all creeds, all colors, and all classes to keep their dollars for THEIR families and THEIR futures. We need a leader who will fight domestic terrorism by taxes and put an end to “Al Queda light” and its mentality. A constitutional amendment, in the end, is our best hope.

As a kid growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I never thought that the American dream would be hijacked by the Democratic Party of JFK. It is now a Party that asks: “Ask not what you can do for your country, but ask what your country can do to you.” It is now a Party that makes its political and social agenda more important than your and my family and their future. I now know that the war on terror has come to America alright. But, unlike Sept. 11, 2001, this enemy is the domestic “Al Queda light” and its sympathizers. Thanks to these geniuses, “the pursuit of happiness” for tax paying Americans has turned into “the pursuit of survival.” 

Until we can get a Constitutional Amendment banning any more taxes and tax hikes, we will just have to settle for giving back to the Democrats what they have given us…..stress, difficulty, and no compassion…. by making them all unemployed. By way of the voting booth, the new radicalized Democratic Party and their domestic “terrorism by taxes” needs to be extinguished. The American taxpayer and voter deserves more than being a slave to “Al Queda Light.”

Randy Cox, Ph.D., is a retired professor and former dean

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