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MoveOn.Org: The Left Moves Away from History & Humanity
by Aaron Goldstein
12 January 2004Adolf Hitler

When the Left apologizes it is not because of a genuine recognition of being in the wrong but because they were caught.

I was not shocked to hear that MoveOn.Org accepted submissions for its “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest that compared President Bush with Adolf Hitler. But I am saddened.

This is hardly the first time I have seen or heard Bush be compared to Hitler by Left. At an anti-war demonstration I attended in Boston last year prior to the War in Iraq, numerous so-called “peace activists” chanted the slogan, “Bush is Hitler.”   

On numerous occasions over the past two years, I have heard many Leftists compare the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act to Nazi Germany. If the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act were anything like Nazi Germany, these Leftists would be jailed, if not killed for their statements.    Yet I have seen not of these people arrested much less killed by the authorities.  Over the past two years, I have heard many Leftists assert that the Bush family financed the Nazis.  Funny, I seem to recall that FDR had to recall one Joseph Kennedy as Ambassador to Great Britain because of his sympathies to Hitler. Yet no one compares Ted Kennedy to Hitler.  I guess it’s all water under the bridge.

It’s astonishing that people who are so quick to compare Bush to Hitler without giving it more than a second’s thought go absolutely apoplectic if one were to dare compare Saddam Hussein to Hitler.   
Even my native Canada is not immune from these knee-jerk notions.  During last fall’s provincial election campaign in Saskatchewan, the governing left-wing New Democratic Party (NDP) put out a political cartoon caricaturing Official Opposition leader Elwin Hermanson of the conservative Saskatchewan Party as Hitler. The NDP depicted Hermanson rounding up civil servants into rail cars to their termination.  When Hermanson found out about the ad his eyes welled up with tears.  Saskatchewan Premier and NDP leader Lorne Calvert withdrew the cartoon and apologized.   But the damage was done.  The NDP narrowly retained power and Hermanson has since resigned as leader of the Saskatchewan Party – a victim of the Left’s viciousness and demagoguery.   

When the Left apologizes it is not because of a genuine recognition of being in the wrong but because they were caught.    MoveOn.Org has not apologized for its actions.  Instead it condemns Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie’s condemnation of the ads as “deliberately and maliciously misleading.”  The left-wing website Democrats.com is even more shameless, “Once again, the comparison of Bush with Hitler strikes terror in the hearts of Republicans – because they know how close it cuts to the truth…..Moveon removed the ad from its contest – one more victory for GOP censorship, bringing us ever closer to a Nazi dictatorship.”

What we have come closer to is forgetting that the Nazis very nearly exterminated Jews from the face of the earth and brought nearly all of Europe and Northern Africa to near ruin.  With fewer concentration camp survivors around to tell us what really happened, the Left has taken license to subvert the tragedy of Nazism for its own twisted political ends.  The Left paints President Bush and Ariel Sharon as Hitler while downplaying or ignoring the deeds of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and Kim Jong-Il.  

For a dozen years I considered myself a man of the Left.  At one time, the Left represented humanity at its ideal if not humanity at its best.  There was a time when the Left recognized that there was a difference between good and evil.  In the post-9/11 world this is not so.  As such I no longer consider myself a man of the Left.    The Right, of course, has its flaws.  These flaws, of course, must be given attention and action.  But whatever its flaws, the Right recognizes there is good and evil in the world and that the two should never be confused.

Aaron Goldstein, a former member of the socialist New Democratic Party, writes poetry and has a chapbook titled Oysters and the Newborn Child: Melancholy and Dead Musicians. His poetry can be viewed on www.poetsforthewar.org.

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