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The Threat of Gun Control
by Doug Hagin
14 January 2004Handgun

The ultimate result of gun control will be the criminalizing of self-defense.

Think for a moment of the rights that Americans enjoy. Which is the most precious? Which is the most fundamental? Which of our rights can we truly not be free without?

Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? How about Freedom against unreasonable searches and seizures? Yes these are all hallmarks of a free society. Yet there is one freedom which protects these and all our other rights in America. That right is found in our Constitution in the form of the Second Amendment.

Yes truly the right of Americans to keep and bear arms is the most fundamental of all our liberties. The Founders were brilliant men. They knew our rights came from the Creator and they formed a nation based on respecting and defending those rights. They also knew that those God-given rights would last only as long as the American people held the right to own guns.

Think of it, without the freedom to own guns we are unable to defend our other rights. Without the Second Amendment the rest of the constitution is hollow and meaningless. By its very nature any government will, over time become greedy and start to encroach on the rights of its people. The founders certainly knew this and put the right to own guns as the ultimate defense against government intrusion upon our liberties.

This truth is why the battle against gun control is so crucial to preserving America’s freedoms. None of our constitutional rights have been so maligned or attacked, as has the right to keep and bear arms. And the price if we lose this struggle is clearly illustrated by a case out of Chicago.

There Hale DeMar, a 54-year old homeowner, is facing prison time for owning a gun. A local ordinance bans ownership of handguns, a clear violation of the constitution, and Mr. DeMar has found himself in hot water for daring to exercise his constitutional right to defend his home.

The trouble for DeMar began when an intruder broke into his home on December 29th. DeMar shot the intruder twice and protected his family from whatever the criminal had planned for them. Now he faces up to a year in prison, for simply doing what the Second Amendment guarantees him the right to do, own a gun.
The tragedy of this case is very clear to see. The ultimate result of gun control will be the criminalizing of self-defense. And this case borders on that. The attitude of the authorities in Wilmette, Illinois, where DeMar lives is frightening to anyone who loves freedom.

Police Chief George Carpenter said the charges show the town's “serious concerns” about the shooting. How about the concern for the right to be secure in our homes? Or the concern for our right to protect ourselves?

Carpenter made some very troubling statements about DeMar and the charges he faces. “The outcome of the matter in this case was very fortunate for the homeowner. We much prefer, for the safety of the home, that a resident who finds himself in this situation immediately lock the door of the room he is in and dial 911.”

Really Chief Carpenter? There is no “safety” in the home once an intruder has chosen to violate the law and break in. Mr. DeMar chose to be prepared to protect his home and now he is facing a jail term?

Not content to pass judgment on DeMar for standing up to law breakers Chief Carpenter continued his nonsensical remarks. “Wilmette residents are much safer without handguns in their homes. We see handguns stolen, used in domestic arguments or suicides. Those are far more likely outcomes than when you would actually need a handgun to defend yourself.”

Apparently Chief Carpenter has been drinking the gun grabbers Kool-Aid pretty regularly if he believes such ignorant statements. As I wrote just last week well over 2 million Americans use guns to defend themselves annually in America. Maybe Carpenter does not approve of self-defense?

Chief Carpenter did express some concern for DeMar however. “He strikes us as a good man with a good heart who did something that apparently came naturally to him. That’s why it is important the Wilmette Police speak out now.”

Speak out about what, Chief Carpenter? People not surrendering to criminals? People defending themselves and their families? Why would any law-enforcement officials speak out against these things?

Chief Carpenter also said he did regret “the intrusion of the family’s privacy.” Well that ought to ease their concerns, shouldn’t it? If Mr. DeMar goes to prison for exercising his constitutional rights they should thank Chief Carpenter for his “regrets”. If some other family actually follows Carpenter’s advice and dials 911 and hopes help arrives in time they might be killed in their own home but they will have Chief Carpenter's “regrets.”

The question of gun control is truly a question of liberty. Will we be free to defend ourselves? Or will we leave ourselves at the mercy of criminals and the gun control laws criminals love?

Doug Hagin resides in Dallas and hopes to one day be a nationally syndicated columnist with his own radio show

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