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Acceptable Discrimination
by Selwyn Duke
16 January 2004Boy Scouts

What’s so ironic about all the ACLU’s sanctimonious posturing about discrimination is that it and its enablers practice discrimination while purporting to fight against it.

Discrimination is a funny word. It usually has a negative connotation nowadays but has a number of definitions, among them being “to choose some from among many.” We all discriminate every day: when we shop, hire workers, choose friends, spouses, watch TV, etc. I discriminated when I chose to submit this article to certain periodicals and not others, and the editor did so when he chose this piece and not others.

Based on how the word is usually used, however, you wouldn’t know that there is such a thing as acceptable discrimination. That is, unless you analyzed the behavior of those who complain most about discrimination.
A good example of such behavior is the most recent lawsuit brought by the American Criminal Liberties Union against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). After failing to achieve their ends on the basis of a separation of church and state argument, the ACLU won a huge battle last week in San Diego based on the notion that the BSA is in violation of anti-discrimination laws.

In a move that should bring some transitory joy into the dark lives led by the statist fascists among us, the San Diego city council capitulated and agreed to ban the BSA from city property. To add salt to the wound, the city legislators also agreed to infuse ACLU coffers with one million taxpayer dollars, which, of course, will be used to tyrannize other, less willing, hapless localities.

What’s so ironic about all the ACLU’s sanctimonious posturing about discrimination is that it and its enablers practice discrimination while purporting to fight against it. Read between the lines in this case: the real message here is that it’s inappropriate for a private organization to discriminate against avowed homosexuals and atheists by excluding them from membership, but peachy-keen for the government to discriminate against such an organization by excluding it from the use of public facilities.

Of course, this is not the message that the ACLU and its ilk want us to get. They like to parade around as champions of freedom and inclusiveness, when all the while they impose their values on others and exclude those who don’t march to the beat of their drummer. Their talk about tolerance, sensitivity and inclusiveness is just that – talk. It’s only tolerance and inclusiveness of and sensitivity to that which falls within the parameters they’ve established, and this makes them no different than anyone else in that regard.

But, you see, like all social-engineers and demagogues they are well-versed in the principles of marketing. They know that claiming to be defenders of the disenfranchised and that they are fighting that wicked, invidious scourge of our society – discrimination – is a much better sales pitch than saying, “Choose our brand of discrimination over theirs. Ours is new and improved!”
They would like to believe that they occupy the high road, as warriors for justice who break down barriers. But in reality they occupy the lowest road of all: the one traveled by people who deal in hypocrisy and dishonesty as they preach love and brotherhood, while being driven by a visceral hatred that motivates them to destroy those who refuse to bend to their will.

But in point of fact discrimination is what they’re selling. The ACLU and others in the vanguard of the left side of the culture war have set themselves up as the arbiters of what kind of discrimination is kosher. In their book, which could be titled “Brave New Word, Part II,” discrimination against groups that are part of their political plantation is verboten, but visiting the same upon those who haven’t donned the left’s chains and shackles is encouraged.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the folks in question would simply condemn those they detest by calling them wicked – it would be more honest. After all, you could be wrong about what actually is good and bad, but there is no question that if your attack on something is legitimate it presupposes that the something is bad. If it’s not, why attack it?

Moreover, I can logically maintain that my opposition to something is justified on the basis that it’s bad, because we should always oppose that which is bad. Simply saying that something is discriminatory doesn’t provide me with adequate justification, however. This is because while everything that is bad is bad, not all discrimination is bad. We should discriminate against that which is bad, for instance. To put it differently, the practice of discrimination is much like the use of force; to condemn someone simply because he practices the former or engages in the latter would render you guilty of rash judgment. For, a person could use force in self-defense or to thwart an aggressor who would kill innocents. Similarly, he could practice discrimination for the purposes of protecting innocents from those whose inclusion would pose a danger. Having only the knowledge that certain people discriminate does not tell you whether or not they are doing wrong. It simply is not enough information.

Implicit in the left’s words and acts but what they will never say is that we must discriminate, only, we must do it rightly. And on this they are correct. They go awry, though, because their failure to delve into themselves and their passions renders them as unable to distinguish between good and bad as they are blind to their own double-standards and discrimination. Yes, there is acceptable discrimination. No, the left doesn’t practice it. And yes, we should. We should discriminate against the ACLU, San Diego’s city council and their philosophical soulmates, and endeavor to destroy them with the same vigor with which they seek to destroy America’s cherished traditions and institutions.

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