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With Turban in Hand: Uncle Sam Goes a-Courtin’
by Daniel Sargis
18 January 2004

How many times do U.S. charitable dollars have to come home like U.S. scrap-metal at Pearl Harbor before we get the point?

Does a snake know it’s a snake?  It crawls on its stomach and thinks it’s a queen.  And then...along slithers Maureen Dowd.  In a recent editorial, the diva of the New York Slimes puts forth a worthy foreign policy lesson.  There is no pleasing a snake until you are in its stomach.

With the capture of Saddam, Dowd suffers the chronic cramps of “Osama and Al Qaeda...still lurking and frothing.”  And a Midol-deprived day has her reducing national interest to the President’s fear of his “inner fat boy” while she gleefully coils over the possibility that G.W. might be “...putting on weight, now that his knees hurt too much for him to run....”  In a final strike, Dowd sinks her crusty old fangs into an accusation that makes the President’s immigration initiative worthy of the Clinton years..."he can get the credit in states like Florida without having to deal with the results.”

For dessert, Dowd hisses a yearning fascination for her true calling...Women kissing women.  Oh…the joys of that forked tongue.

If Dowd stopped waxing her facial hair, she could pass for many of America’s “friends” and foes alike.  Makes no matter what you do…the personal agenda will always trump policy.  So why even try.

Let’s see...after World War II the U.S. taxpayer poured $1.4 billion into German aid through the Marshall plan.  The aid was used to rebuild an “ally” that breeds and coddles terrorists.  Germany declares war on America, gets its butt whooped, takes $1.4 billion as an “ally”, is protected from the Soviets during the Cold War by the U.S. taxpayer and then becomes an America basher.  France is not much different and, in many ways, worse.  At least the Germans are a hygienic people.

And, on December 26, 2003...BAM.  That’s Bam as in the Iranian earthquake.  So, Uncle Sam, the Great Satan, steps up to the plate with “A U.S. military aircraft bearing the first 15 tons of a planned 75 tons of American earthquake relief supplies” the very next day.  All of this for our dear Iranian “friends” who held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days in 1979. 

Within days of the U.S. relief effort, our “peace loving” Muslim clerics in Iran hit the airwaves with their thank you to the American taxpayer, “We hate the arrogance of the Americans and we are sure that they haven't come for humanitarian reasons....”  Well, the jig is up, they know we went to Iran in a quest to open convenience stores.

A year after 9-11, the Washington Post abstracted a report from the Council on Foreign Relations which concluded that, “Financing for Osama bin Laden's terror network is often routed through charities, front companies and shell banks in offshore havens.”  So, the day after the Bam earthquake, The Islamic Center of the Lehigh Valley (PA) established a drive to aid the victims.  “Mohamed M. Bugaighis, a trustee of the Muslim Association of the Lehigh Valley, said donations will be restricted to cash and checks because it can be transmitted electronically through the International Red Cross or another relief organization (my emphasis).

How many times do U.S. charitable dollars have to come home like U.S. scrap-metal at Pearl Harbor before we get the point?

Giving aid to hostile nations is even sillier than bipartisan cooperation.  The liberals take conservative votes and then attack the conservatives for not going far enough or coming to the table too late.  Hostile nations take American dollars, often times charitable, and return the generosity with explosives. 

American resources, like conservative votes, should not be squandered.  Their only proper use should be strategic.  Trust me...when the next act of terrorism occurs, the “peace loving” terrorists responsible will not be thinking about America’s relief efforts for the Bam earthquake victims any more than Maureen Dowd might give sincere credit to the President.  Hostile is hostile and money only temporarily forestalls the inevitable.

Listen folks...snakes are snakes and you just “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Daniel Sargis, a freelance writer, is a principal in a private investment development company.  His website is dansargis.org

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