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A Call to Arms: A Platform for Jewish Renewal and Resistance in the 21st Century
by Scott Shore
04 February 2004

Jews from the Exile must begin to plan to return to our ancestral and holy homeland, the Land of Israel.  The historic Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation and to the Jewish nation alone!

The year is 2004 C.E. or 5764 in the Jewish calendar.  Next year will be 60 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz death camps.  Europe was recently polled and found that the plurality of people saw Israel -- not Arab terrorists -- as the greatest threat to world peace.  Dark ominous storm clouds are gathering over the global Jewish world.  Echoes of anti-Semitism are being heard that have been silent since the Nazi era.  It is time for the Jewish people to take matters into their own hands. The memory of the nations is short and fickle. While anti-Semitism is open and even fashionable in some intellectual circles in Europe, we are seeing the thin veneer of civilization even in America. The time for silent, backroom negotiations with the political powers is long over. We must not rely on political leaders for they befriend you when it is in their interest and abandon you when inconvenient.  The counsel of the nations’ leaders is counted as naught in the plans of the Creator.

The future of the Jewish people is now one of existential survival. In these times there is no margin of error. This is particularly so in the case of the future of Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land of Israel.  We must now blow the ram’s horn (Shofar) of our Redemption and circulate a bold call to Arms to all Jews with a sense of their common destiny with the future of Jewish continuity. The time for diplomatese and equivocation is over. The time for brutal, straight-talk has come.

Jews from the Exile must begin to plan to return to our ancestral and holy homeland, the Land of Israel.  The historic Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation and to the Jewish nation alone! A century of misguided attempts to coexist with the Ishmaelite Arabs has proven an abysmal failure. The division of the Land is not only against the Biblical commandment to conquer ALL the land, but it is a fruitless policy. Every concession to the people of the Sword is seen as a sign of weakness and leads to a demand for greater concessions. There is simply no way to satisfy a foe that demands the abolition of the Jewish State and the Jewish people. Let us be HONEST with the world and say that the Land is OURS and that there is no way EVER that Arabs can have sovereignty in the Holy Land.  Their very presence, and certainly their political rights, is a desecration of the very foundations of Judaism.

Jews are tired of the shedding of Jewish blood. Two thousand years is enough. Sixty years after Auschwitz the loss of a single Jewish life to terrorists is a blot on all the nations of the world. After all, it was the nations of the world that stood by idly during the massacre of European Jewry, the scales of justice weigh heavily against them. Even the Allies knowingly ignored evidence of the Holocaust and lifted not a finger. Some complain that Jews are holding the Holocaust over the heads of non-Jews as a “guilt trip” to advance the interests of Israel. Damn straight—and these nations deserve and have earned every bit of guilt they may feel.

The time has come to reclaim ALL of the Land of Israel. A “Palestinian state” is a moral outrage and a geopolitical non-starter. The Arabs must be evacuated from the Holy Land. They can be given incentives and the world should rightly help in this effort. If they do not choose to live under Jewish sovereignty and under a  state run by Jewish Law, then they must emigrate to one of the twenty-one Muslim states in the region. The natural domicile for the Arabs is Jordan, in which the majority of the population are so-called “Palestinians.”

The United States would never think of giving up its historical territorial birthright. Any foreign element that tried to set up a separate nation by violence would be annihilated without the niceties of international Law shown by Israel. General Sherman’s march through the South is a fairly honest portrayal of America’s reaction to the idea of the dismemberment of territorial integrity. Imagine if the revolutionaries wanted an independent state on the hilltops overlooking 80% of the nation’s population!! No way. Americans are rightly up in arms over illegal immigrants getting social welfare benefits and jobs. How much greater is the burden expected of Israel to give avowed enemies of the State and the Jews a vote, full rights, parliamentary representation, social welfare and employment. Every time a homicide bomber kills innocent Israelis, the world press can only think of the poor Arabs who can’t enter Israel for their jobs.

Not one Israeli settlement in the Land of Israel should be removed. On the contrary, ferocious efforts should be made to populate every inch of the Land of Israel. The Arabs must be transferred out either peacefully or by force.  If Israel does not proclaim its ABSOLUTE RIGHT, then who will? There are plenty of nations who are willing to sell out the Jews to placate the Arab/Muslim world until the next round of demands. Dominant Islam “of the street” is a supremacist doctrine virtually indistinguishable from Nazism. Should one question my views, go to the sanitized site www.clearguidance.org to see the “mainstream Muslim” view of Israel, Jews and CHRISTIANS! There are links from there that justify the killing of innocent Jewish and Christian civilians in the war to conquer the world through the Power of Allah.

Many wonder what the reaction would be to a proud Israel that demanded the expulsion of Arabs from the Holy Land. It all depends on how the policy is presented. If the Jews unapologetically point to the Bible and say “This land was given to us by God as an eternal covenant," I believe most Americans will respect that. If Israel tries to speak in twisted language about “security concerns” or pragmatic reasons for separation, than the policy will fall on deaf ears. The trendy Left that hates Israel will not like any policy that Israel proposes. The principled Right and true Christians will respect Israel as a nation standing on principles dictated by God. Once again, the tide has turned and the forces of hatred and darkness surround the Jewish people. Shall we learn nothing from the past or shall we pray and act on behalf of ourselves and our children on the rallying cry, “Never Again!”

Israel can no longer afford to live in fear. The fear must be in the hearts of every Arab occupier on Jewish Holy Land. Jews in America would be wise to exercise their Second Amendment rights and learn to be responsible for the exercise of their own right to self-defense. In Europe, no Jew should leave his life and property to be protected by “the kindness of strangers.” Been there, done that. As we reach the Era of a New King David, so the Jewish people must reflect the times. The model Jew must not only be a good person and a Torah scholar but must also be a valiant and skillful Soldier. Our ultimate weapons are BOTH prayers and arms. We must become righteous Scholars and Soldiers. As we begin to resemble King David, so King David will become a greater reality for us.

Scott Shore is a political commentator and management consultant in Providence, Rhode Island.

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