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Monsters on the Loose
by George Shadroui
09 February 2004

Do we have an obligation to try and understand the suffering of a mother who drowns children, and a father who abducts and murders his own children?

I think that it is time for us to understand the criminal mind. I think it is essential that we study violent criminals, interview them and try to reason with them.

It does not matter that the latest victim was an innocent child of 11, minding her own business, but then reduced to nothing by a brutal monster.

I think we need to understand the man who murdered Carlie Brucia. He is probably frustrated. Things in his life did not go well. He had problems with bed wetting. He might have had a girlfriend who mistreated him. Maybe he was exposed to Janet Jackson’s breast. Maybe he read too much John Paul Sartre.

Whatever the reasons for his crime, as a humane society we have an obligation to forgive him, to treat him humanely, to ensure his rights.

While we are at it, let’s make sure we understand those who murdered Samantha Runyon, the killer of Lacie Peterson and her child, and the men who murdered Megan Kanka, Polly Klaas and Laura Smither. Look them up on the web. If your heart doesn’t break, you have no heart.

While we're at it, we have an obligation to appreciate the suffering of a mother who drowns children, and a father who abducts and murders his own children.

But I have one suggestion. Once we understand them. Once we explore their pain and their pathologies, once we appreciate how difficult their lives were, and make more movies and write more books that glorify their criminality, let’s do ourselves and our children a favor: execute the bastards.

We won’t judge their souls. That is the work of God.

But execute them. In recent months, several beautiful children and women have died at the hands of violent, aggressive criminals that the system sought to understand, rehabilitate and then unleashed on society.

Thanks for trying to understand them, but I have news for the bleeding hearts and the anti-capital punishment crowd: millions of parents who have been exposed to these increasing waves of brutality against innocent children don’t give a damn why the twisted and evil mind does what it does.

We only want to be assured that the mind that can imagine and perpetrate such a crime is quickly removed from the planet, the quicker the better, so that other parents and children will be spared what Carlie and her family have gone through in the past few days.

I will stand before my maker with a clear conscience. Can those who would protect such  monsters say the same thing?

I doubt it.

George Shadroui has been published in more than two dozen newspapers and magazines, including National Review and Frontpagemag.com

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