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North Carolina Welcomes Terrorists
by Judson Cox
10 February 2004

According to North Carolina's director of driver's license certification, "Our job is not to force compliance with immigration laws."

I always thought North Carolina was a conservative state.  Sure, we have some fairly large cities, and plenty of liberal universities, but North Carolina is southern.  Our state is mostly comprised of small towns that really are like “Mayberry” from the old “Andy Griffith Show.”  We go to church, say sir and ma’am, and can identify our third cousin twice removed.  Our state is home to country musicians such as Lester Flatt, Doc Watson, Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis, and political leaders like Senator Jesse Helms.  But last week, I found out that North Carolina is more liberal than California!

State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Fern Shubert informed me that North Carolina has issued nearly 400,000 driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants with no social security number!  She showed me an article in the New York Times, reporting that, “'The D.M.V. in North Carolina, where illegal immigrants from the states on the Eastern seaboard go to get their drivers’ licenses, is aware of its role,'" said Wayne J. Hurder, North Carolina’s director of driver’s license certification.” (New York Times, 3/2/2003)

South Carolina’s Attorney General has asked US Attorney General John Ashcroft to require airlines to refuse to accept licenses from North Carolina for boarding planes.  Again, Wayne Hurder said, "Our job is not to force compliance with immigration laws."  North Carolina issues licenses to anyone possessing an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.  “The IRS recently sent letters to all 50 governors, asking them to instruct their motor vehicles agencies not to accept the ITINs.” (Washington Times, 9-7-03)  The government of North Carolina cares nothing for the laws of our nation, or the security of American citizens.    

Given California’s reaction to this issue, Democratic Governor Mike Easley should be quaking in his political boots.  However, most North Carolinians are unaware that their state is issuing licenses to illegal immigrants!  NC’s news outlets serve as little more than lap dogs for an increasingly corrupt Democratic machine (see, for example, “Corruption Watch” at
www.ncgop.org).  Their scant coverage is necessitated by the lines of non-English speaking immigrants flooding out of DMV’s all over the state, the incredible boom of the illegal immigrant population and the arrest of three Pakistanis who were trying to use phony ID info to get "valid" NC driver’s licenses.

The controversy finally forced the Governor to, “announce new security measures and procedures that will assist the DMV in preventing driver license fraud.” (Raleigh News & Observer, 12-31-03)  However, Wayne Hurder has clearly stated “the fact that a person is in the United States without the permission of the Department of Homeland Security (formerly INS) is irrelevant as far as North Carolina DMV is concerned, as per NCGS 20-7 and NCGS 4.01.” 

Senator Shubert replied in a press release that, “North Carolina law, which cannot be changed by DMV but requires legislative action, permits the use of Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) that are worthless from a security standpoint… Even if DMV changes the documentation accepted to prove residency next month, the law says DMV must permit the issuance of a license even if the applicant has no documentation other than an ITIN provided they swear or affirm an affidavit.”

Most North Carolinians will never see Senator Shubert’s press release.  As a prominent member of the Raleigh, North Carolina press corps explained to Sen. Shubert regarding a related education issue, “We will not cover it, because our readers are not intelligent enough to understand it.”  This attitude earned that “journalist” a high paying position in the Easley administration!  Hundreds of thousands of illegals register to vote in North Carolina, ensuring that Easley and his Democratic cronies stay in power, while North Carolina’s news outlets turn a colluding eye.

American soldiers are risking their lives in foreign countries to protect our homeland.  This is the ultimate slap in the face to our brave men and women who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  This is a national security issue; state-issued photo identification provides unrestricted access to most U.S. air and ground transportation systems and entry to public buildings!  I urge my readers to learn more about this issue at www.forfern.com.  If each of my readers will contact their local news outlets, as well as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the national newspapers, we can get coverage.  Along with the Foundation for Conservative American Values, I will make every effort to make myself available to be interviewed on this issue.

Judson Cox is a college student and political columnist

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