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Kerry Taps the Coward’s Vote
by Alan Caruba
01 March 2004

The likely candidate for the Democrat Party nomination, John Kerry, was one of the leading protesters of our war in Vietnam, but this war is very different.

George W. Bush calls himself “a war President”, but Americans seem to be more focused of late on the state of the economy. Moreover, the war was fought and won so swiftly, it has virtually faded from the minds of Americans, despite the fact we have troops deployed in combat situations both in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Once the “embedded” journalists came home, the war, for most people, was over. Only it’s not. This war is about transforming a region of the world in ways that may well take a generation or more. It’s about ridding the region of despotism. It’s about putting in place the structures for real, lasting democracy. That will take a long time.

Americans have always been reluctant to change Presidents in the midst of a war, but now Democrats are telling people the Iraq war was unjust and unwise. This is how the Democrat Party is seeking to seize power again. Given the fact that America was attacked, to undermine the resolve of Americans to wage a war that has, to date, protected them against a further attack, is idiotic. And worse.

This is why Americans being told over and over again that Bush43 “misled” or even “lied” to them? Of late, we are being told the President has no “strategy.” If so, whatever he’s doing seems to be working!

Why is this generation of Americans so impatient with the process of initiating some form of democracy in Iraq? Why not remove a dictator who waged two wars with neighboring nations, gassed his own citizens, and tried to assassinate a former US President? In essence, the real issue of Iraq is whether or not it was the right and, indeed, the moral thing to do? Americans instinctively understand this.

As evidence mounts of countless thousands of Iraqis murdered by Saddam’s regime, why do Democrats want to get out as fast as possible while saying nothing about the future for Iraq if it is allowed to become another Islamic republic. Do we really need another Iran in that area?

The likely candidate for the Democrat Party nomination, Senator John Kerry, was one of the leading protesters of our war in Vietnam, but this war is very different. It is the stealthy use of terror to weaken our resolve to thwart the ambitions of fundamentalist Muslims; men who are committed to imposing their religion on the world. Unlike too many Americans, they are very patient. They waited for eight years between the first bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993 and the attack in 2001 that destroyed that symbol of America’s economic power.

Reportedly, they are training an unknown number of terrorists to become “sleeper cells” in America to wreak further terror upon us in the years ahead. There are an estimated 1.2 million Arabs in America, some 75% of whom are Christian. According to the latest US Census, about 20% of Arabs in America are Muslim, but that is more than enough among whom to hide. There are, in addition, both American blacks and Asian Muslims. There are more than two thousand mosques in America in which to meet and plot their attacks.

The election campaign is shaping up as one led by a Democrat candidate who thinks the war is a “law enforcement” problem, not a potential for unthinkable lethal attacks that can take place in any American city at any time. Senator Kerry is looking to tap the coward’s vote.

George W. Bush is not perfect. No President is, but he understands the scope of the threat that America faces. The Democrats either do not or they do not care. They have demonstrated they are willing to say anything to acquire the power of the Oval Office.

Their last candidate for President, Al Gore, is now going around saying that Bush “betrayed” America. No, he did not. Bush acted to protect it, something former President Clinton, his Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, and his National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, never did.

Alan Caruba is the author of Warning Signs, published by Merril Press. His weekly commentaries are posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center.

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