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Conservative Punk Rock?
by Michale Graves
03 March 2004Conservative Punk

The agenda of the Democratic liberal left in our country is now being propagated and dressed as an agenda of punk rock through a recently launched web site called punkvoter.com.

The agenda of the Democratic liberal left in our country is now being propagated and dressed as an agenda of punk rock through a recently launched web site called punkvoter.com. Their pledged mission is to convince 500,000 of today's youth into believing that the current administration poses a threat of an oppressive, monolithic state that will crush their cherished differences and impose strict conformity on the world.  Their efforts to “educate” their audience about what is really going on is an educational farce consisting of unqualified teachers espousing vulgar versions of Marx, Freud, and Reich.  They are contributing to and feeding a fire that if not dowsed could have serious consequences to the security and future of our country.  Their doctrine is dangerous and being set forth into naive minds.   

Rebellion against the center of society and its politics is nothing new to punk rock. The stakes, however, have become much higher than any other time then in the past. What happened on September 11, 2001 has forever changed the dynamic of not only our country, but our lives, and if not paid proper attention to, the politics and anti-politics of the young will become more and more dangerous to everyone and everything.  

We need to offer clear factual debate and knowledge that can eventually create a solid, well-informed, educated foundation for kids to draw from so they might then be in a better position to form intellectual informed opinions based on truth concerning important issues that face our nation and people.

The punk rock left shows no level of responsibility concerning the information they put forth, and seem to indulge themselves in voguish conspiracy-mongering and an increasing belief that they are persecuted from all directions. They believe that “Gangsters are running the entire executive branch of our government.”  They believe “...this government to be unresponsive to We the People.” They are saying that the White House and those who support this administration “...have exploited the genuine tragedy of the World Trade Center bombing to undermine our Civil Liberties and warmonger in the most detestable fashion,” as well as “...pissing off the entire world, making veiled threats against our allies, mounting a gigantic misinformation propaganda campaign against the American public and threatening a gigantic number of people with slaughter.”  In one of the most ridiculous pieces of lies and passionate uninformed babble I came across, Brendan Kelly, of a band called The Lawrence Arms, would have you believe that, “The entire world is against us on this push to strike against Iraq.  Not just Middle Eastern nations, not just a few rogue countries in the UN. EVERYONE is against it.”  He also goes on to say that, “Despite what GWB says, there is no axis of evil.”  And, speaking like he has security clearance to the highest level, he informs us that, “Saddam Hussein, while incredibly evil is NOT in any way associated with Al-Qaeda, North Korea, the Taliban or Iran.”  What was most enraging to me was,  after claiming our President “is a dangerous and impulsive man” and “...that not all those countries and groups out there that have been in the news lately aren’t all working together,” he goes on to say that “WE, on the other hand, run around committing the VERY SAME abuses that we condemn these nations for...”  Is he saying that 9/11  was our fault??  That we somehow are responsible for and should begin to “understand” their reasoning for killing 5000 Americans?  I think Brendan and everyone who agrees with him are the ones who are exploiting the genuine tragedy of The World Trade Center.  I think you are dangerous. I think you are part of  the same movement that almost destroyed this country in the 1960s.  You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re blind to the ramifications of your ignorance, cynicism and disenchantment.
These issues reach farther than punk rock music. Farther than you or I.  Together we have the power to shape the face of our nation and the lives we lead and the world that our children will one day inherit from us.  Our generation has been bestowed with a voice that is far reaching, powerful and capable of changing the world.  We must be responsible. We must be intelligent.  We must stay strong. We must realize what the consequences of ignorance can be.

John Jay expressed the same sentiment in an introduction of an essay taken from the war of words and arguments that raged in 1787-1788 over the proposed Constitution of this great country. I feel that it reflects the same importance of our conduct and course of our generation. He writes, “When the people of America reflect that they are now called upon to decide a question, which, in its consequences, must prove one of the most important that ever engaged their attention, the propriety of their taking a very comprehensive, as well as a very serious view of it, will be evident.”

Michale Graves is former lead singer for legendary punk group the Misfits. His latest musical project is Gotham Road. Reposted with permission from ConservativePunk.com.

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