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The President’s Commercials
by George Shadroui
05 March 2004

The President is no longer going to yield the playing field to an opposition that has employed almost unprecedented nastiness in attacking him for almost a year.  Nor should he.

The recent release of three commercials on behalf of President Bush resulted in a wave of negative comments from the media, the Democrats and those who serve their interests.

I rushed to the Bush campaign’s official web site anxious to see what all the fuss was about, imagining pictures of pain, suffering, planes crashing into buildings, grieving families. But those images were not there. Instead, you see a fleeting shell of a building, and an American flag flying. There are a couple of quick images of officers carrying a coffin draped in the  flag, and of firemen, not suffering, but simply shown as the everyday heroes they are.

The content of the commercials is so subtle and positive that it is remarkable that anyone is complaining about them. The issue, apparently, is that the President used a few fleeting shots from the 9/11 tragedy as backdrop, as if the event did not occur and the president has no right to discuss the issue or the impact it had on his presidency or the nation.

Again, it is not as if the commercials replay planes crashing into buildings over and over again, which is what every network in the country did in the weeks following 9/11. He and his campaign have simply tried to put his presidency in historical context.

That alone is enough to drive the Democrats into absurd fits of frenzy.  Their hysterical desire to remove Bush from office has reached the point where rational discourse is impossible. But just for the sake of comparison, remember that groups supporting the Democrats in 2000 showed a lynched man being dragged behind a truck, as if George Bush were somehow responsible or sympathetic to such a hideous act.

I urge those who haven’t seen them to go to the official reelection site of the President and view the commercials for yourselves. If you can find a single frame that is offensive or disrespectful, it is likely you will have somehow stumbled onto the John Kerry for President site by mistake.

The commercials are political, of course, but they are fair and tasteful, and they are being attacked by Democrats for no other reason than that they build a case for the President’s leadership.

This is an important election and an intellectual case can be made against Bush, no doubt. Votes should be cast based on who citizens feel can best lead the country and it is up to the candidates to make that case.

But the president is no longer going to yield the playing field to an opposition that has employed almost unprecedented nastiness in attacking him for nearly a year now.  Nor should he.

George Shadroui has been published in more than two dozen newspapers and magazines, including National Review and Frontpagemag.com

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