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Rule of Feelings, or Rule of Law?
by Michael R. Bowen, M.D.
08 March 2004Pink Triangle

When public officials charged with upholding the law begin to pick and choose which laws they will enforce, they are no longer public servants but despots.

Mayors in New York and San Francisco, and a County Commissioner in Oregon have taken the law into their own hands and begun marrying homosexuals.  The County Commissioner explained yesterday that her sense of justice and her "Christian belief" led her to her actions.

Now, when public officials charged with upholding the law begin to pick and choose which laws they will uphold and which ones they will disregard, they are no longer public servants but despots who have elevated themselves and their feelings above the laws made by the people they serve.

And when "Christians" pick and choose which parts of the Bible they will uphold, they are no longer Christians, but something else.  A Christian must take Christ as He comes, not as we want Him to be.

There are many laws which I believe to be unconstitutional and downright immoral.  By the standards of New York, San Francisco, and Oregon, I can now begin disregarding them.  For instance, I believe no one has a right to abort an innocent baby.  Therefore laws which prohibit me from blockading abortion clinics are unconstitutional and immoral, and I should be free to disobey them.  Every human being has a right to use the necessary force to defend himself and his family; therefore gun control laws are immoral and unconstitutional, and I can now begin carrying whatever weapons I choose wherever and whenever I wish.  Income taxes are an illegal taking of my money for purposes I have not approved, and I may now cease to pay them.

We can play this game from the Left also...oops, they've been doing that since the 1960s.  They've been lionizing murderous radicals like the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, and the New York Times was busy praising a '60s radical terror bomber just the day before September 11.  And Leftist judges have been ignoring the Constitution all along as well.  Somehow, though, it's only a violation of the Constitution when a conservative or religious person does it.  That's why a judge who insists on posting the ten Commandments in his courtroom must be hounded from office, while a mayor who deliberately breaks the law gets off free.

Knowing well that the American people do not support their objectives, the Left has unhinged the law from the voice of the citizens and tied it to the whims of judges and sympathetic public officials.  This has become such an ingrained habit that Democrats cannot imagine a judge who would faithfully support a law even though he disagrees with it.  Hence the slandering and illegal blockading of President Bush's judicial nominees: the Democrats naturally expect his judges to disregard the law as freely as they do.

The Democratic Party has dedicated itself to rule by feelings rather than the law.  The result is paralysis of the legal system, widespread distrust of government, and bitter partisan fighting in Congress.  In forcing America away from the rule of law, they have sown the wind, and should be prepared to reap the whirlwind.  Somehow, I doubt they are. Probably it'll all be the conservatives' fault when it happens.

Michael R. Bowen practices Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, and has a weekly column on America's Voices

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