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Sharon's Perfidy
by Scott Shore
19 March 2004Ariel Sharon

The Ariel Sharon of today makes Neville Chamberlain look like a bully.

When all is said and done, the long and often illustrious career of Ariel Sharon will have its final curtain call as a failure, a betrayer and a desperate man bereft of principles. On the other hand, it may be that those who put their trust in Sharon for all these years failed to see him as a sheer opportunist, a man who would sell out anyone or anything to keep power.  Sharon long positioned himself as a strong “secular” believer that the entire Land of Israel was the Biblical Jewish birthright.  Of course, there has always been trouble when secularists proclaim Biblical claims on historical or other grounds. For them it’s a moral justification for their strategic view that Israel can not afford to return to the indefensible lines of 1967 and can not do business with terrorists over land concessions.

The fact is that Sharon has continued to do business with terrorists and in one of the most outrageous acts in modern Jewish history has allowed the release of hundreds of terrorists for an exchange of one man who put himself in danger and two dead corpses.  Without skipping a beat the “spiritual” leader of Hamas said the goal of the group was to kidnap more Israelis to gain concessions. What a surprise!! This is the “tough guy” Sharon that everyone either wanted or feared. The Ariel Sharon of today makes Neville Chamberlain look like a bully.

His latest outrage is to forcibly expel Jews from Gaza. This includes the large communities around Gush Katif. Unlike Yamit twenty years ago, in which the Israel Defense Forces under Sharon forced government-encouraged settlers to leave their homes and later demolished the infrastructure of the towns built with Jewish sacrifice, this time all the homes and amenities of the Jewish towns in Gaza will be simply given over to the Palestinian terror squads. What concessions have the Palestinians made to gain this valuable property? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Doing nothing seems to be a way to gain incredible favor under the Sharon government. By doing absolutely nothing to stop terror or constructively engage in talks, Sharon has decided to dismantle over twenty Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. Apparently Sharon does believe in population transfer, but for Jews only. This policy reminds me of the remarks of a US Senator during Vietnam, “Let’s just leave and declare victory!”

Sharon has made it clear that time is on the side of the Palestinians. Israel will unilaterally withdraw given enough time. In Sharon’s mind this unilateral withdrawal will gain Israel all kinds of friends in the international community and by showing such good faith it will put pressure on the Palestinians to be reasonable. WRONG!!! Once the government has displaced thousands of Jews and abandoned all moral justification for Jewish settlement in historic Israel, the Palestinians will then BEGIN their demands. Any centimeter that is still under Israeli control after unilateral withdrawal will be declared a “Nazi” occupation. The Negev will be declared to have been a historic land grab by the Jews and rightfully part of a united Palestine. Jerusalem will become the center of the new storm. After Jerusalem there will be a call for mass migration of Arabs to Israel so that the country can be destroyed demographically and “democratically.” This has been part of the “moderate” Arab plan of war in stages for a long time.

Syria will likely start talking about cooperating with the US war on terror if only they could get the Golan Heights. After all, if the Palestinians did “nothing” to get back land, the Syrians are being equally generous in giving “nothing” to get the Golan Heights.

Never has a Jewish government so betrayed Jews since the pre-state official Jewish defense group helped the British occupiers against the Jewish Resistance movement during World War Two. This Resistance was trying to save millions of Jewish lives in Europe. Ben-Gurion and the grand pooh-bahs of the Labor Movement preferred to work with the British authorities, despite the fact that the British failed to permit Jews to enter Israel during the Holocaust. In fact the British created a naval blockade to stop escaping Jews from entering Israel. The Labor leaders preferred to work with the British despite the fact that they had given away 80% of the Jewish homeland (the Trans Jordan) in a cynical deal to curry favor with the Hashemite dynasty.  When Israel was fighting for its survival in the War of Independence, it was Ben-Gurion and his Labor-based fighters that shot at the Altalena, a ship of fellow Jews bringing in massive amounts of arms to ensure the survival of the new state. Who knows how much more of the State might have been liberated from the marauding Arab Legions had the soldiers on the Altalena been able to bring their arms on shore and fight? Yet the “establishment” at the time did not feel the need to think of Jewish opinion. How like the elite Jewish establishment today. They thought only of keeping power and they thought they could win world favor by being moderate with the Arabs. After all the kow-towing to the British, the Brits did not vote for the Jewish state at the United Nations and, in fact, were the only major country to recognize the Arab Legion’s conquest of the “West Bank.”

This is the sad chapter of history of which Mr. Sharon will now become a part.  His unilateral actions are a disgrace to Jewish honor and to the Biblical commandment to settle the Land of Israel. The modern state of Israel has turned its back on Judaism and the fundamentals of Jewish values. Worse, it has become an example of total surrender to terror at a time when Israel should be the “poster boy” for resistance to terror and a basis of hope for all the free world.  Israel must make clear to the world that its struggle is the struggle of all free societies against archaic barbarism and terror. If there were ever a time in which Israel must be a “light unto the Nations,” it is now. Mr. Sharon is a tired old man. He must step aside and allow those with strength and the vigor to continue the struggle for freedom and truth to take the reins of power.  This will be not only a blessing for the people of Israel but a proud example for all the free world.

Every son of Israel that remains on the Holy Land of Israel is a sanctification of God.  Each man, woman and child is a force for good in the world.  Every concession to evil is a crack in the defense of freedom and truth everywhere.

Scott Shore is a political commentator and management consultant in Providence, Rhode Island.

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