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The Secret Life of John Kerry
by Bruce Walker
16 March 2004Support from the Axis of Weasels AND Axis of Evil!

Kerry says that we should vote for him because foreign leaders want him to be president, but he will not tell us what these foreign politicians want in return.

John Kerry appears to pass through life quietly observing information critical to the welfare of America and maintaining scrupulous silence until this information can advance what is really important: his political career.

While a commissioned officer in the American military in Vietnam, Kerry solemnly advises Congress that he observed American soldiers routinely commit crimes against humanity. Why did Kerry wait until he was safely out of the military and in the United States to report war crimes? Why did he accept military decorations related to such outrageous behavior? Consider what would we think of a German officer running for Chancellor of West Germany in 1980 who said:

“I was a German officer commanding a squad of soldiers in the German Army on the Eastern Front in 1941. I saw German troops line up and machine gun rows of Jewish men, women and children as my troops marched along. I also personally saw German enlisted men commit many other offenses in violation of international law and the rules of military conduct.”

Why did he not risk his military reputation at the time to save these innocent lives? Why did he not decline the decorations bestowed on him in this campaign? (It has been done before) Where are the official, written reports filed at the time these crimes took placed signed by Officer Kerry? Where is the tender of the resignation of his commission which is all that honor could require of a man who saw what Kerry claims to have seen?

John Kerry thinks that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein was not a terrorist threat and a danger to regional peace. Kerry has served decades in the Senate, which is the branch of Congress most connected with foreign relations.

Why did Kerry not pose his concerns during the eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, when Kerry consistently supported the actions of Clinton and the assertions of Clinton which are indistinguishable from what President Bush said before the Iraq war?

Why did Kerry not pose his concerns when Congress was debating whether or not to engage in war with Saddam Hussein? Why send American troops in harm’s way for a war that Kerry did not really believe was necessary? How does that make Kerry any different from LBJ or the Democrat senators who supported Johnson’s War in 1964?

Kerry was quiet about war crimes until he was safely out of the military and safely in America. Kerry was quiet about war concerns until after he had voted to send American troops into a war with Iraq. Now Kerry seems to have been quiet again.

Kerry says - or today denies, but implies - that foreign leaders have looked him in the eye and said that they wanted him to be president instead of President Bush. Who are these leaders Senator Kerry? If foreign governments are contacting you privately without the knowledge of the Executive Branch of the American government while America is at war, you have a moral and a legal duty to provide that information to save American lives.

Kerry has a duty to tell Secretary of State Powell about these mysterious revelations. Secretary Powell is politely calling Senator Kerry a liar. Secretary Powell denies that foreign leaders have made these representations. Why should anyone believe Kerry and not believe Secretary of State Powell?

Colin Powell, after all, served honorably under presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George H. Bush. Kerry voted to confirm Colin Powell as Secretary of State. Colin Powell in 1996 could have strolled without breaking a sweat into the White House which Kerry so desperately craves. Powell, unlike Kerry, put his country before his personal ambition.

Colin Powell, also unlike Kerry, did voice concerns about the approach President Bush was taking before the war began. Colin Powell does not agree with everything the administration has done, but he has not waited until after our soldiers are in combat before voicing those concerns. And, pointedly, he now believes that we have done the right thing.

Now Kerry has advised us that foreign corporate bigwigs want him to be the next President of the United States. Who are these business tycoons? Are they the same ones who Democrats believe are stealing American jobs? Are these foreign multimillionaires better than American multimillionaires whom Kerry rails against constantly?

Exactly what sort of cozy, private conversations has Candidate Kerry had with unnamed business leaders of unnamed foreign nations? Are these pots of foreign money going to circumvent the very campaign finance laws that Kerry supported? Does he not have an ethical, if not a legal, duty to disclose exactly who on the board of directors of foreign corporations have promised to do what acts to help the Kerry campaign?

We should not worry, of course. John Kerry will tell us, but he will tell us when it suits his interests and not the interests of America. Only after he comes back from Vietnam as a decorated war veteran, does he discover (or lie about) crimes against humanity. Only after an Republican president reiterates what his Democrat predecessor has said, does Kerry say that it was made up.

Now Kerry says that foreign leaders want him to be president, but he will not tell us what these foreign politicians want in return, and now Kerry thinks we should vote for him because undisclosed business bosses in other nations want him to be president, but he will not say what he has promised them in return for their support (or what this support involves.)

John Kerry reveals, conceals, embellishes or invents facts - that is obvious - but what is more disturbing is that even if Kerry actually believes what he is saying, he is only revealing what he believes to be true when it suits his purposes, not when it suits, say, the purposes of the people of Iraq or Vietnam.

His own words convict him. The question is not “Is John Kerry a scoundrel?” but simply “What sort of scoundrel is John Kerry?”

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