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Bush Ads Must Blast Kerry As Frighteningly Liberal
by J. Grant Swank, Jr., Pastor
20 March 2004

The truth is that Kerry is in awful shape politically and morally. Therefore, that has to be put on the table.

Mr. Nice Guy Bush had better not dominate the campaign ads. If they do, the Republicans will learn all too dearly that pabulum ads don’t feed a voting public. Not.

There’s so much about Senator John Kerry that’s terrible, that if the Republicans don’t get hold of it, deliver it up fully and furiously, they will not have done truth justice.

The truth is that Kerry is in awful shape politically and morally. Therefore, that has to be put on the table — centerpiece and side dishes. Now. All the way till November.

Kerry is the liberal of the liberal. That must be underlined in red. Then follow the details:

For starters, Kerry has an arch liberal, leftwing voting ballot right there in the United States Congress. The specifics must be set forth. Does America truly want that kind of voting creature for President?

Kerry has voted pro-choice. He has voted pro-practicing homosexual lifestyle. He has voted pro-euthanasia. He has voted for the United Nations, in reality, to govern the world, including the United States. It’s all a part of this grand world community that the United States is to wed into if the globe is to glow with peace and kindness.

Kerry voted against the death penalty. He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. He voted against the Iraq war in 1991.

Furthermore, Kerry has a horrible attendance record in the United States Congress he was elected to serve. He was supposed to be there — in person. Much of the time he was somewhere else. Is that contemptuous or what? Is that negligent or what? Is that high-hat snobbery or what? Is that relying upon some sort of past laurels — of what branch they came from only the liberal dead trees would know — or what?

Especially for devout Roman Catholics, Kerry must be seen as the hypocrite that he truly is. He is an example of how not to be a practicing Catholic. He is the errant one. He is the backslidden stubborn goat gone astray in the liberal hills of wantonness. He is not spiritually fit to receive the sacrament for, one thing, being a vocal, daily champion of killing the unborn. That in itself flies in the face of the Holy See’s expectations of the faithful. Therefore, once Catholics get hold of the reality concerning John Kerry gone wrong, they ethically will have to choose to band together supporting his waywardness or vote against him.

The fact is that to date Kerry has been flying through the primary airs as if the breezes have no tales to tell. He’s coughed up cliches aplenty, waved his arms with an actor’s sore arm, phrased himself from platform to platform, provided no substantive anything and still won out due to Democrats scratching for any mortal they think can clobber George W. Bush.

But when the microscope — and it won’t have to have too strong a lens — actually gets close to the reality on Kerry, facts will cough up a frightening scare in the night. He’s not good. He’s not moral. He’s not right. He’s not middle America. He’s not spiritual. He’s fraudulent, deceitful and one of the cleverest liars on the nation’s stage.

Now that’s what has to come across in the Bush campaign — clear and simple. No fudging us with sweet photo ops of the Bushes in Kennebunk or their Texas abode. Give us the truth about the agent from evil — John Kerry. That should be the elementary education now offered thinking America, nothing less.

One final word: Kerry has no commendable foreign policy. His international hookup is to deny that there actually is a global terrorist threat. That’s an illusion the Bush administration has cooked up.

There can be world peace if only Kerry gathers the heads of the world community together around a UN table to talk things out. Sweetness and light — all left over from the hippie era when a younger Kerry lit into the Vietnam vets with accusations of atrocities that were never proven. Kerry is still hanging on to leaves of gold and meadows of green when days were breezy and killers international were but a figment of Stephen King’s imagination.

God help the free world if the likes of Kerry fantasy sit in the executive branch of the government. We will be taken over. The murderers will come through the front door. We will hang by our fingers, wondering whatever happened to the tough and true.

Joseph Grant Swank, Jr., is the Pastor of New Hope Church in Windham, ME.  His columns have appeared on on IntellectualConservative.com, VIOdaily.com, AmericanDaily.com, MensNewsDaily.com, BushCountry.org, Chalcedon.com, ConservativeTruth.com, FreeRepublic.com, and WoundedShepherds.com, among others

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