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Punk Rock is Dangerous
by Michale Graves
21 March 2004Conservative Punk

The leftist radical agenda seems to be resonating loudly from within pop culture, and has hijacked punk rock through selfish motives.

What makes the idea of America so wonderful? The possibility of anything at all?  That is how I imagine people from far away places felt when they watched us send a man into outer space and walk on the moon for the first time. We are the ideal.  We are the utopia.  We are closer to paradise than they could ever be. Closer than most realize. And some hate us for it  They harbor great disdain for they believe is the reality of America, where all the streets are paved in gold and every one is rich and perfect. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

I believe this is an age of extremism and in it teen angst is being used as a political tool.  Columbine allowed everyone to see inside the actual depth of emptiness some kids feel, medicated or not, and what the outcome of that torture could be. 

Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebold's actions only scratched the surface of the destruction children could inflict in this country. Make no mistake, that emptiness they felt is even more profound today then ever before. 

We have to remember we are at war on many different levels. We face mass death brought to us from radical-thinking people bent on a mission from God that will stop at nothing to destroy us. It’s happening right now as you read this. It happened a couple of days ago in Spain.  It  could happen again here in this country right now. Do you realize that?

Are you forming opinions and values through reflections of eternal, objective truths or rather through modern forms of communication and technologies, hand-in-hand with pop icons and Hollywood liberals who seem to dominate the entertainment industry?
The leftist radical agenda seems to be resonating loudly from within pop culture and has hijacked punk rock through selfish motives.  What are your motives ?

Do you think punkvoter.com is a good example of a neo-shadow political organization -- backed by special interest groups -- bent on removing at any cost what they have defined as a “Regime” whose leader -- to them --  is an “ idiot son of an asshole?”  Is that healthy? How will that make are country better or safer?

Do you see that what Todd Beamar and Jeremy Glick and so many other people did on September 11 in this country as reflective of what Jesus Christ did for all mankind?  They sacrificed for a greater good and to save others. You don’t have to go be Catholic to realize that. Isn’t that what Mel Gibson was really trying to communicate to us. Sacrifice.  Isn’t that what our soldiers do for us. Isn’t that what America is. Isn’t that what America represents?  Isn’t that how we should see ourselves?  As a great idea whose possibilities are endless and subject to great success  -- limited only to our collective imaginations and our willingness to work hard and sacrifice.  That is how I see myself. I see my country as I see myself. 

That is how I see The United States of America for which I would fight and if necessary give my life with honor if ever given the opportunity to serve in uniform.  You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Vote for Bush.

Michale Graves is the former lead singer for legendary punk group the Misfits. His latest musical project is Gotham Road.

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