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The United Nations and Our National Sovereignty
by Andy Obermann
09 April 2004United Nations

The World Court's "decision" that the US violated international law by sentencing 51 Mexican nationals to death is stunning on multiple levels.  

Since the beginning of the War on Terror, liberals have appealed to the “better senses” of our leaders to incorporate a broad, United Nations based, coalition to combat our enemies in the world.  This coalition would grant “legitimacy” to our efforts, while invoking the spirit of multi-lateralism and global hegemony.  These ideological opportunists include the likes of Senators Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, former Vice President Al Gore, and presidential candidate John Kerry.

After all, who would be against having multi-lateral support backed up by the almighty UN?  We would gain a great deal from it.  European nations, who have been our staunchest allies in the past, may again fall in line, and demonstrate a strong message of power and unification to our enemies.

It may sound good on paper, but this hand over of power will do nothing but harm our nation.

Take, for example, the most recent case of UN interference with American justice.  Last week, the UN World Court in the Netherlands ruled that the United States was in violation of the 1963 Vienna Convention -- which protects the rights of foreigners convicted of “serious” crimes -- by sentencing 51 convicted felons to death.  These inmates happened to be Mexican nationals, who, under American law, were illegally working and living in the United States.

Charles W. Hoffman, a State Appellate Defender, praised the ruling of the court as necessary for the promotion of law and justice worldwide, “To recognize the legitimacy of this ruling is to protect people all over the world.”  The United States Department of State has promised to “study the decision carefully…in accordance with international law.”

A very telling point to this situation, and one that many seem to be missing, is the fact that these men were sentenced to death.  I can think of only one reason someone is sentenced to death—if they murder another human being!  At least 30 of the 51 are, in fact, murderers.  The rest are a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure they fit the profile, as well.  In case the UN needs a review of American law, those who murder others are up for capital punishment in most states!  That’s how the system works—you kill someone, you die.  That simple!

No, no, in the strange world of the United Nations, this logic doesn’t fly.  It shouldn’t be surprising that an organization that tolerated the murderous ambitions of a man like Saddam Hussein for over a decade, passing paper resolution after paper resolution while thousands of Iraqis were tortured, murdered, and buried in mass graves, would raise flags when dozens of cold-blooded murderers were apprehended, convicted, and sentenced to an appropriate punishment.  I suppose it is justice for the “world community,” but for Americans, it leaves much to be desired. 

If the UN has its way, these men would be released to Mexican consulates, extradited to Mexico, tried and sentenced by the Mexican justice system, the most corrupt justice system in the world, for the murder of dozens of American citizens.  I’m sure the families of their victims would love to see that!  We’ll just hand over a bit of American sovereignty and the legitimacy of our justice system to an embryonic “world court” to protect the rights of the savages who murdered American citizens.  Sounds like a great plan to me.

Oh, but, liberals here in America will praise this revelation from the UN.  After all, these are the same people who defend the rights of men like Mumia Abu Jamal, a liberal icon and convicted cop killer and Black radical.  It would make sense that they would flock to defend men like Mario Flores, one of the 51 Mexican nationals who was convicted for hacking his girlfriend to death with a hatchet.  Never mind the victims, as long as the perpetrator’s rights are protected, all is well in the world. 

This is just one example of many attempts by the UN to invade our sovereignty.  They also have aims for global control of the Internet, seizing American waters for the international community, international redistribution of American wealth, and the hand over of American military control.  If they succeed in these goals, the results will be devastating and America will be “just another nation” under UN authority.

The United Nations is a dated, failed experiment in global democracy.  Unless serious reforms are considered for it, there is little hope for its survival.  I for one will not be sad to see it go.

Andy Obermann is majoring in History and Secondary Education at Missouri Valley College

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