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Punk Rock Hates Me?
by Michale Graves
16 April 2004

Like Noam Chomsky and his campus lecture circuit tours, organizations like Punkvoter.com and Bands against Bush are spreading the doctrine of the radical left into your children’s minds on college campuses and concert halls all over the country.

The young, Democratic, radical left in this country are building and supporting a case based clearly and overwhelmingly on anti-American sentiment, espoused by dangerous minds, that seems to be in line with the ideas of the people who seek our destruction as a country and a people.  These are the same people who argue the Twin Towers were the palace of the Great Satan himself. 
However bad 9-11 seems, to them, America has done worse.  They look away from the pain that has been brought on us and focus on the “atrocities” we have brought -- according to them -- to everyone else. And there is no shortage of this information.  Barnes and Nobles bookshelves are filled with newly released books chronicling the warped historical perspectives of the past in which America is the “fount of evil in the world.” To them we got what was coming to us and the Iraq war is a perfect example of why. America, in their eyes, is in fact, the belly of The Beast    

Wherever you notice this otherwise incomprehensible rage against this country, the inspiration of their sometimes vitriolic hatred is usually traced back to the most treacherous intellect in America, Noam Chomsky.  For over forty years he has penned thousands of pages of documents in books and pamphlets, CD's and speeches, with one underlying message to his audience: America is the Great Satan. He and his academic disciples are the medium the young and curious often use to find "root causes" for why atrocities are committed upon all of us and our friends around the world.  In 2001, there were more chat room references to this man than to Vice President Dick Cheney and ten times as many as there were to Democratic leaders Richard Gephardt and Tom Daschle. According to the Chicago Tribune, Noam Chomsky is “the most often cited living author.  Among luminaries of all eras, Chomsky placed eighth just behind Plato and Sigmund Freud.”

Besides school aged kids, some of our most privileged and educated youth are growing to despise their own nation and doing so with a ferocious passion.  Like Chomsky and his campus lecture circuit tours, organizations like Punkvoter.com and Bands against Bush are currently touring and spreading the doctrine of the radical left into your children’s minds on college campuses and concert halls all over the country. 

A good portion of these organizations, like Punkvoter, operate as 527 political committees along with Rock the Vote, the ostensibly nonpartisan organization that is synonymous with its frequent collaborator MTV. 527's are political nonprofit organizations formed to circumvent restrictions on political activity imposed by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act.  A new study of the latest Internal Revenue Service filings for 527 groups shows they spent more than $72 million last year to influence federal elections. The 527s spending the most cash were Democratic groups formed to oppose Bush.
We are at war.  We are at war with an enemy who makes no distinction between conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican.  Their mission is to kill us all by any means necessary, anywhere they can, anytime they can. 

Spreading lies about the motives and actions of the U.S. Government to its citizens and other people around the world weakens America and only emboldens those who wish its destruction.  Creating a generation of people who believe these lies will be equally as destructive.  There are those aligned with the radical left who already believe, as Chomsky has recently said, that “This is the best time I can remember for organization and activism. The system of power is frail.”  Many take this to mean to use any means necessary, violent or otherwise, to bring about this change.  

Pay attention to the youth of this country. Chomsky in his own words calls for “internal disruption in the United States.” The revisionist history that is so often preached to them, in their minds makes perfect sense.   Understand, too, that it no longer seems to be to them, what is right or wrong; rather what matters to them is who wins or loses. 

They are the growing voice of the fifth column left.  They are everywhere.  In his address before Congress on September 19, President Bush reminded us: “We have seen their kind before.  They are the heirs of all murderous ideologies of the 20th century.  By sacrificing human life to serve their radical visions, by abandoning every value except the will to power, they follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism. And they will follow that path all the way to where it ends in history’s unmarked grave of discarded lies.”

Michale Graves is the former lead singer for legendary punk group the Misfits. His latest musical project is Gotham Road.

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