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Bin Laden Bound for the White House?
by David Vance
19 April 2004

A prominent British politician, Marjorie Mowlam, has called on the US sit down and negotiate at the talks table with Bin Laden and his Al Qu’eda henchmen.

A prominent British politician, Mo Mowlam, has called upon the US Government to stop fighting the war against the Jihadists and instead to sit down and negotiate at the talks table with Bin Laden and his Al Qu’eda henchmen.

Quite what is to “negotiated” is left rather unclear, but since we know that Al Qu’eda seeks the destruction of Western Civilization in general, and the US in particular, the concept of negotiating really reduces to de facto US surrender to Al Qu’eda. 

Subjugation to a renewed militant Islamic Caliphate is the best result we can hope for -- or at least such is the considered political wisdom from a woman once dubbed “Britain’s favorite politician.”

Marjorie Mowlam, a member of Tony Blair’s Labor Party, and a darling of the UK leftist media, says that she will use her new one woman show to criticize government policy on Iraq and the Middle East. Mowlam, who stood down as an MP in 2001, said the US and UK should open dialogue with their enemies.

In an interview with UK television broadcast Easter Sunday, Ms. Mowlam claimed that the UK and US were acting as a "recruitment officer for the terrorists" by carrying out military action in Iraq. 

Asked if she could imagine "Al-Qu’eda and Osama bin Laden arriving at the negotiating table," she replied: "You have to do that. If you do not you condemn large parts of the world to war forever.”

What could be clearer? If you don’t give in to terrorism you are storing up problems for yourself! That’s tough love, British socialist style.

It’s hard to imagine from such deranged immoral ramblings that Mowlam was a central figure in British politics only a few short years ago, back in the late 1990’s. Then she happily brought the propagandists for IRA terrorism to the talks table. Once again, “dialogue” was her solution to solving terrorism. 

She also gained notoriety when she visited a top security prison and emerged to talk of “Johnny and Michael, the unsung heroes of the peace process. “ The gentlemen she referred to were Johnny Adair (convicted of being a Director of terrorism) and Michael Stone -- a mass murderer.

Rather than dismiss Mowlam as one more has-been trying to garner publicity for her forthcoming one woman show, it is more instructive to understand that she is articulating that which many UK leftists feel. 

For the past ten years, the UK has been praised around the world, including the USA, for its sickening policy of appeasement towards Irish terrorists. It didn’t matter that 3000 people have been murdered in Northern Ireland, under Bill Clinton the mission statement was to achieve peace at any price and that is what won Mowlam her accolades.

Here is an example of what the dripping-wet BBC’s political correspondent, Nick Assinger, had to say about her. “Mo Mowlam has a quality most politicians would give their right arm to share -- she is seen by voters as 'one of us.' She is almost universally admired in Westminster and persistently wins the award as Britain's most loved politician -- albeit from a tiny field.”

This “universally loved” politician had had no problems sipping tea and eating afternoon crumpets with individuals whose terrorist organization has bombed and murdered, shot, maimed and tortured. 

Indeed she was hailed as “International Woman of the Year” in 2000 for her sterling efforts in undermining the tenets of democratic government in Northern Ireland. It is a pity Neville Chamberlain was not available to present her with it.

So given all these international plaudits, one can only imagine her horror when she discovered that President Bush wasn’t up for playing the appeasing game -- at least not with Al Qu’eda. Mowlam would contend that continued US support for the Irish “peace process” justifies her argument that terrorists should be talked with.

She is stunned to discover that the US Government might be prepared to fight for its liberty, to defend its citizens and to secure its homeland from the threat of terrorism by an active policy of hunting down and killing terrorists.

Mowlam and the rest of the leftist British political caste cannot comprehend that terrorism can be crushed by the effective combination of political strength and military might. Instead they dream of endless “peace talks” and “inclusive dialogue.”

Such spineless appeasement ended for many Americans on 9/11, and there are still some people in Northern Ireland who oppose having Irish terrorists placed in their Government, much as it may displease Tony Blair.

One positive suggestion is that Mowlam should be permitted to contact Al Qu’eda and be facilitated to visit them in one of their subterranean bolt-holes. That way, she could learn up close and personal, the morality of the barbarous terrorism she yearns to accommodate.

David Vance is a UK-based political commentator. Having previously been the Deputy Leader of the UK Unionist Party, he decided it is better to be outside the tent peering in! His web site is A TANGLED WEB

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