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The Euro-Man cometh….
by David Vance
23 April 2004

Israel's assassination of Hamas terrorist leader Adbed aziz al-Rantissi earned the predictable scorn of the Euro-men, and the gratitude of the rest of us.

Listening to the chorus of horrified outrage from European politicians greeting the news that Israel successfully killed Hamas terrorist leader Abdel aziz al-Rantissi, one could be forgiven for thinking that it had been these liberals' patron saint, Kofi Annan, which Israel had somehow targeted!

British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, summed up the views of the Euro-sheep when he bleated, “The British government has made it repeatedly clear that so-called targeted assassinations of this kind are unlawful, unjustified and counter-productive."  This echoes similar sentiments he expressed on the occasion of the death of Sheikh Yassin. Then Straw informed Israel that, “it is unacceptable, it is unjustified and it is very unlikely to achieve its’ objectives.”

Straw is the archetypical Euro-man. Opposed to terrorism in theory, in practice he does all he can do pacify and appease it. Like most dripping wet liberals, Straw has never met a terrorist that he did not want to engage with. He shares the deep-seated illusion with others of his kind that terrorists can somehow be persuaded to turn away from their murderous path by a winning combination of “inclusive dialogue” and a sympathetic “reaching out.”

Those who have experienced the cutting edge of terrorism know that this laughable notion could not be more far-fetched. Terrorists deal exclusively in fear, mayhem and death, and they only understand resolute political will and crushing military strength.

And yet the most cursory consideration of the current realities also confounds Straw’s inane comments. For a start, killing all terrorist masterminds is obviously entirely justified and also highly productive. Who, after all, is Jack Straw to tell Israel what is lawful and what is not? Is he the new Moses? From whence does he derive his moral imprimatur? Has Straw noticed, for example, that Sheikh Yassin has not been unable to plan terror strikes in the past moth and that now Rantissi has joined him in a period of eternal inactivity!

How many innocent lives have been saved by the removal from planet Earth of these malignant killers? The cowards in Hamas now refuse to even name whoever has succeeded Rantissi because they now know the fiery fate that will befall such a person. That’s further proof that terrorists do understand force. In summary, killing certain terrorists is a necessary step for a country determined to defend its’ citizens. The only issue under discussion should be how many and how quickly these terrorist war-lords can be taken out. 

But back in Euro-land there is only blank incomprehension at this. The crunch issue for all these straw men is that they cannot bring themselves to accept that Hamas really is a bloody “terrorist” organization. Equivocation has entered the very soul of this political class and rendered it incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong. We saw this manifest in their desire to keep Saddam in power and we see it most recently in the result of the Spanish election, when left-winger Jose Zapatero cruised to power on the back of his pathetic pleading for al Qu’eda to please leave his country alone. 

Thus the likes of the late unlamented Sheikh Yassin are portrayed as “deeply spiritual” men whose only crime was to be Palestinian. The Euro-media conspire in this nauseating fantasy through the repeated description of Hamas members as either “militants” or “activists.” The “t” for terrorist word is never mentioned!  This nuanced evasion instills the idea that somehow machine-gun toting Hamas thugs seeking to indiscriminately slaughter Israeli men women and children are a legitimate counter to the IDF. Welcome to the land of the Euro-man!

By killing the terrorist Rantissi, Israel has done a great service to true democrats everywhere. It has shown that there is at least one nation outside of the United States that fully understands that terrorists must be brought to justice or justice visited upon them. It has demonstrated, once again, that it is a moral beacon in the darkness of the Middle East. For that, it earns the predicable scorn of the Euro-men and the gratitude of the rest of us.

David Vance is a UK-based political commentator. Having previously been the Deputy Leader of the UK Unionist Party, he decided it is better to be outside the tent peering in! His web site is A TANGLED WEB

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