At Home but Maybe there is Nothing New after all about the Climate

At HomeThis will be a tough write. But let’s start with the book and the title. The book is At Home by Bill Bryson. And it is about all the changes that took place around the 1850’s. It appears about that time give or take about 30 years that the world really began to change. One would wonder with all the gloom and doomers of today how we ever got here. But one thing the commies must understand is that if man survived the dinosaurs and any illnesses and catastrophes that followed, then man can survive even Obama and his liberal friends like Hillary. Man here is referring to the human species, not just males!

The book was introduced to me by Roy Williams the M and M guy. And he threw a paragraph out there and I checked my library and the book was available. Most of the people that follow me know that I am a mechanic sort of fellow and enjoy information that puts things together so we know how things tick. Not like the liberals that make up stuff and expect the world to follow with no credible evidence. Like ObamaCare: Trust us we know what we are doing and we will learn what is in it once it is passed. Boy did we learn what is in it… taxes and more taxes! Thank you Nancy!

This book spends a great deal of time and covers mostly Britain and the Americas. And the author is a liberal Brit. But it is funny that many things we take for granted like a mousetrap wasn’t always around. I am sure that folks had ways to end the life of a mouse that seems to be as old as a dinosaur, but the actual mousetrap was not invented until the middle class entrepreneurial bonanza that took place around 1897.

Bryson writes a bit about the use of servants to fill in for the menial tasks that we take for granted. So folks had hundreds of servants. An “abbey” had 60 fireplaces.   Guess how many servants it took to fire up and maintain the fires? Even with all the fires, the building was still cold and drafty. Matter of fact most buildings were cold in the winter and hot and damp in the summer.

Taxes were an interesting point. At one time they seem to tax almost anything and the author points out how builders found substitutes to avoid the tax. They taxed bricks, wallpaper, tea, candles, window and glass. When the agricultural English world took a hit they taxed the death of the rich. Started at 8% in 1870, grew to 60% by 1940. This caused many large estates to be sold and many old, historical, and beautiful houses to be destroyed.

So it is nothing new that politicians have been taxing all people for some ignorant purpose. I guess it never occurred to them to stop spending the taxpayer money.

Climate changes were noted as well. The liberals like Obama think they discovered climate change and global warming. Again this has been occurring since the beginning of time. The previously mentioned agricultural hit in the 1870’s was caused by drought. In 1858 there was a drought. Back then London used to poop in the Thames River. They had no clue where Cholera was coming from. One genius probably a future climatologist thought it was the smell of the poop not the poop itself. The Thames was so polluted that when a boat sank, the victims died because they couldn’t swim in the quicksand like poop. Imagine what the smell must have been like on a hot humid day. It must have been the fault of the Republicans. Storms then were many and catastrophic. They had nothing to do with climate change or the dreams of Obama. In 1634 the Storms in Massachusetts were so severe it blew down many houses. Were they made of cardboard or log cabins? 1600’s they claimed we had a little ice age.   Somebody must have sucked all the CO2 out of the air! There was also the Great Blow of 1711 that knocked down many trees in England.

In 1851 2 days of hellish storms. Sank ships and uncovered an archeological find called Skara Brae. So Obama and Jerry Brown if they look hard enough will find that CO2 has nothing to do with the weather. As history will tell us, there will always be storms, droughts and hurricanes and there is not a thing Hillary can do about it. Except as good liberals tax the hell out of it.

There was one story about Captain Cook. At that time millions of sailors were dying of scurvy. So he loaded the ship with sauerkraut and marmalade (1760’s). But it wasn’t till 1939 that a surgeon finally proved lack of Vitamin C was the culprit causing scurvy.

Another fun fact was that Columbus brought measles and mumps to the Indians in America. The author thought most people believed Columbus landed in the United States.   Well if it is up to Obama maybe someday that will be true.

And Columbus brought back via his sailors syphilis to Europe. Must have been the toilet seats!

The author does slip into a prayer for carbon emissions. You would think that after all the facts he shared with us in 452 pages, he would understand that carbon emissions’ theory is as false as the smell of poop causing cholera!

Bryson takes you through the development of each room of the house. Some facts are superficial but others are quite remarkable. Like the development of sitting down to a several course meal with all sorts of utensils in the dining room.

We have come along way baby. One thing we should have learned is taxes don’t help. Taxes only destroy in one form or another the dreams of today and tomorrow! And Climate change propaganda is a tax and a giant redistribution of wealth. The middle class wealth in the United States will go to other countries so folks like the Clintons can build their initiatives and foundations and show no proof of the great things they say they allegedly accomplished!


An idiot for the Washington Post published an article (March 23, 2015) claiming that global warming is now causing the currents in the ocean to slow. Again this is more of the same alarmists’ poppycock. Generally a science basic theory is that heat causes molecules to accelerate. That is why ice turns to water then to steam. So the loons in the asylum made up a new one. Heat is now slowing the oceans. Now this heat which they made up is only a couple of degrees. How stupid do they really think we are! Don’t they know that if they don’t make a direct correlation to the demise of the children… Nobody cares except dumb liberals and media that want to spend more of your money on energy costs and the Clinton Foundation!

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