In a commentary on his Web site, today, Bernard Goldberg unleashed all his vented fury at the Democratic has-been of has-beens, Eleanor Clift – known, even to her few remaining (still alive) PBS fans, as the mistress of liberal-left talking points … and for talking & talking & talking about those talking points.

In fact, some viewers are rumored to have hanged themselves in despair after being exposed to yet another one of Ms. Clift’s many defenses of the Obama White House.


However, last Sunday – on PBS’s rating-challenged Sunday news hour, “The McLaughlin Group” – Eleanor Clift crossed the line from her customary mainstream-media White House cheerleading status to a new designation: raving, senile fool … embarrassing even her fellow media White House boosters.

When the subject turned to Benghazi, Ms. Clift – ever the Obama apologist — opined, “I’d like to point out that ambassador Stevens was not murdered … he died of smoke inhalation”.

As one Bernie Goldberg reader tweeted: That’s like saying JFK died in a car accident!

Regardless, as Bernard Goldberg further noted, the only reason Ambassador Stevens was in the consulate “safe room” is because if he didn’t go there he would have been killed in a hail of gunfire by the terrorists who had stormed the consulate.

Memo to Ms. Clift: The fact that the attackers set the whole embassy on fire, and that he died of smoke inhalation, doesn’t mean he wasn’t murdered.


Worse, when Ms. Clift had the opportunity to set the record straight and apologize a few days later — when interviewed by talk-radio host Steve Malzberg — she was as stubborn as Senator Harry Reid refusing to apologize for calling Clive Bundy a terrorist.

There was no apology, and no retraction of her offensive remarks.

Stated Ms Cliff: “I was taking issue with the sort of glib use of the word ‘murdered’ … I think dying of smoke inhalation in the safe room of a CIA outpost has a slightly different feeling, and my point is that it was a very chaotic event.”

And when Malzberg asked the most reasonable question under such circumstances — whether the victims who died during the September 11, 2001, terror attacks were murdered – the living, walking progressive fossil that is Eleanor Clift insisted: “I was just trying to add a little bit of complexity, and I’m going to stick with what I said.”

According to Bernard Goldberg, Malzberg then asked one more perfectly reasonable question: If Ambassador Stephens was, God forbid, your relative, would you tell people that he was murdered or not?”

“I would say that he died of smoke inhalation, NOT murder,” Ms. Clift replied.

As Goldberg sarcastically notes: at least she didn’t say: “What difference does it make?” how the ambassador died.


But Bernard Goldberg is still willing to give this never-ending liberal “talking head” some slack.

We just can’t blame Eleanor Clift for this Sunday morning outrage, insists Goldberg.
It’s just a symptom of the “left-of-center” view of the world she holds, along with most of her media colleagues.


According to Bernard Goldberg, liberals — in an out of the media — just want Benghazi to go away.

Further, he says,” the so-called mainstream media has pretty much been AWOL on this news story, covering it the way President Obama would like it to be covered – barely, or not at all.

So, for an Obama apologist, like Eleanor Clift — to inadvertently legitimize the current outrage over Benghazi– is to also provide a gift the to the enemy: Republicans in the current Congress.

So Ambassador Stevens wasn’t killed, he just died!


Oh boy, maybe that’s what happens when dementia starts to creep in, scrambling the brain of a steadfast progressive war horse like Eleanor Clift.

To complete his “op-ed” , Goldberg turns to the world of sports.

And in this case, he notes that the fans usually know when it’s time for a player to retire. But it’s not unusual that the player himself is the only one who doesn’t know that it’s time to “leave the stage”.

And similarly, he opines, “it’s also time for Eleanor Clift to go”.

And as Goldberg advises her liberal media colleagues, it’s time for them to tell her how “reprehensible” her comments were.

“Surely they know,” Goldberg continues. “In fact, everyone but Eleanor knows.”

And in fact, some of the most pointed criticism of Ms. Clift’s daffy notions of murder have come from other embarrassed liberal media colleagues.

As a marketing specialist might put it, Eleanor Clift is debasing the liberal brand.

So what do I personally think about this recent exhibition of bad taste & senility on PBS television?

Well, for one thing, I’m a little puzzled that Bernard Goldberg was so surprised that a living fossil like Eleanor Clift would respond the way she did.


After all, my unnamed sources tell me that she’s been doing the same thing since the civil-war days, when she was a cub reporter at the Baltimore Sentinel and she commented on Abraham Lincoln’s assassination: “President Lincoln was not murdered; he died from a bullet that entered his head.”

Ms. Clift then continued: “Obviously this new Republican fund-raising initiative — to blame John Wilkes Booth for this bullet entering the President’s head — is just another Republican smear campaign.”

Of course, the real question about Ms. Clift’s shameless excuse-making on the “McLaughlin Report” (on PBS) is: why do they still employ this unsympathetic advertisement for senile senior citizens?

Is it possible that Ms. Cliff and Mr. McLaughlin (another portentous senior) are engaging in senior-to-senior relations?

If they’re of a sexual nature, I don’t even want to think about it.

But there must be a reason why Ms. Clift is still appearing on this PBS program.

Perhaps she’s funneling her Social Security payments to the latest PBS fund-raiser, featuring the polka music of Lawrence Welk!

Nuff said.

[Murray Soupcoff is editor and co-author of “Good Buy Canada”: and author of “Canada 1984”.

He was a founding member (and senior partner) of Ian Sone & Associates Ltd — Canada’s first independent social-research company specializing in evaluations of federal, provincial & municipal government projects in Canada.

He is also the publisher of the FREE “Soupcoff Report” investment newsletter, whose distribution is partly subsidized by paid subscriptions from former research clients.

You can e-mail Murray Soupcoff at: [email protected]]

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