Bazookas vs. Fly Swatters: Why Doesn’t the Right Fight?

Take No Prisoners“Progressives are not in politics to tinker with the existing system although they understand that tinkering and fixing problems along with way will gain them votes. They are in politics to transform the way Americans live…The very grandeur of their ambition turns progressives into zealots.”                                                 

“Conservatism is about individual freedom which is its natural unifying idea.”                                                           

—David Horowitz 

It’s hard to know which phrase, “profiles in cowardice” or “profiles in defeatism,” better sums up the 2012 Romney campaign for the presidency, but his indifferent performance was straight out of Vichy France. It was a bad time for impotence as our country is in dire peril. Every conservative should be terrified about rumors that Romney might be trolling for the 2016 nomination as well. 

Like John McCain in 2008, Romney fought his fellow Republicans viciously in the primaries, but then morphed into Mister Rogers before the general election. He wrote off half of the electorate and basically quit before the campaign began. We are better off without him as no self-doubting nonentity who cannot call a leftist a leftist is the type of man to save our nation. 

Both of the GOP’s last two nominees followed the edicts of political correctness meticulously when it came to President Obama. Their weakness and refusal to vigorously criticize a “black” politician is the principal reason why America is in such a precarious position today. 

If the next Republican candidate proves as pusillanimous as Romney or McCain, then the party of Lincoln will be probably be finished in a decade’s time. The battle is Right vs. Wrong, not Statist vs. Statist-lite. Our politicians need to recognize this. That they refuse to make leftists uncomfortable by labeling them what they are is demoralizing. How someone could mistake the sinister Nancy Pelosi for “a nice lady” is precisely why four million conservative voters stayed home in 2012. 

David Horowitz understands this eventuality and believes that changing the businessman character of the Republican Party is the best hope we have for preserving our society. In his new book, Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, Horowitz provides tactics and strategy for overcoming the current plague of radicalism. The latter section is drawn from Horowitz’s earlier works, The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits and How to Beat the Democrats and Other Subversive Ideas. Here he continues to teach how to vanquish leftist emotionacs and preserve America in the process. 

GOP politicians could use the encouragement. The author correctly discerns that conservatives seem to have a dominant gene which expresses pessimism and gloom. They identify all the reasons for why the population will reject them before they even run for office. 

Instead of Notre Dame’s stirring words outside their locker room, the GOP seems to have “Fight like a Gimp Today” printed above their Congressional chamber entrance. Horowitz recognizes that there is no place in politics for fatalists or quitters. Visualizing failure and then realizing it…is not an accomplishment. 

“The best defense is a good offense” is a cliché, and while many Republicans are no doubt familiar with it they certainly have not internalized its meaning. They act like the best defense is tossing aside your friends and groveling before your enemies. 

Ruling class politicians of the GOP would rather apologize to the press for whatever insensitive sneeze or utterance they made and then explain why they are not “extremists” for wishing to balance the budget. There is an ingrained docility within the conservative personality which appears to take over whenever our side has an opportunity to change the country for the better. Rather than undo Democratic Party socialism, our representatives stick to the statist glide path and never ratchet down the size of the federocracy. 

Republican politicians who wish to complain and blame rather than restore America to its former glory need to exit stage left. Horowitz desires unity. He seeks to undo “the circular firing squads” which have for so long characterized the political right and urges our side to fight fire with fire. His tactical tenets are as follows: 

  1. Put the aggressors on defense.
  2. Throw their victims in their faces.
  3. Start the campaign now (because they already have). 

In the past, the GOP leadership has ignored all of these propositions. Indeed, they have done the exact opposite. They often have a bad case of premature surrender. A perfect example of their counter-productive behavior is Mitch McConnell’s recent vow to restore the filibuster should the Republicans retake the senate in the fall. This will undo the nuclear option that Harry Reid created. 

Why would McConnell take such an action? Better to allow the Democrats to suffer from their own authoritarian tendencies. The Minority Leader may consider himself to be an ethical man but its essential is that we punish the left by exploiting the mistakes that they make. Foes like Reid are devoid of honor so we must discard the rules of chivalry when we battle them. 

Sadly, McConnell’s pusillanimous instincts are pervasive within the GOP. In 2000, despite having the Vice President’s tie breaking vote in their pocket, Republican leaders gave away to the Democrats co-chairmanships in the senate…for no apparent reason. They called this “power sharing.” A better term would be “irrational capitulation.” McConnell and his ilk should commit to memory the six principles for fighting the left that Horowitz articulates in Chapter Eight of Take No Prisoners

Another example of the right taking the high road and losing was the 2012 Vice Presidential debate. How did a guy as smart as Paul Ryan lose to a nattering nabob of negativism like Joe Biden? His passive performance underwhelms to this day. 

Ryan’s refusal to understand that we live in a sound bite culture was a major reason why his words evaporated before Biden’s snark. Rather than explain intricate proposals, he needed to provide the audience with concise bits of information that they could digest. He came off as a manikin instead. 

Ryan is strong on policy but weak on politics. Horowitz argues that this is a common problem among Republicans. Policy ≠ politics. If you fail to politically persuade then you never get a chance to initiate policy because you lose every election. The professorial Ryan-esque approach is ineffective when your opponent, ala Chris Lehane, seeks to punch you in the mouth. 

In Horowitz’s opinion, what we need are game changers as opposed to dealmakers. He draws favorable distinctions between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment. The latter has a businessman’s approach to politics which produces “flaccid opposition.” 

Horowitz argues that only a missionary right can dispatch a missionary left. The Tea Party’s approach is the correct one. They are a cause which means they can create the necessary fervor needed to take on the left. The Tea Party speaks for a betrayed culture, a denuded private sector, and a Constitution that is in the process of being shredded. 

As always, the author’s unique characteristics are what make the book highly valuable. Bo knows baseball, Barry knows golf, but David Horowitz knows the left. As a youth, Horowitz was steeped in their duplicity, coercion, neurosis, and delusion. They are people of the lie. They call themselves progressive but are actually regressive. They claim to be liberal but are infatuated with state power. Their think they “lean forward” when all they really do is embrace 1930s socialism. 

In turn, Horowitz recognizes that conservatives are normal folks who simply wish to be left alone. We want to live our lives in peace. Rightists have no grand plans to remake society. We know that humans are corrupt and all that government should do is defend the frontiers, preserve property rights, and enforce the rule of law. We believe in equal opportunity as opposed to equality of outcome. Conservatives worship God, not the state. 

Alas, conservatives make for a poor match against psychologically unsound fanatics. When dealing with the left, being a gentleman is about as effective a strategy as petting a shark in the ocean. Lee Doren’s “debate” with Cenk Uygur is a perfect example of what happens when you mistake a leftist activist for a journalist. Doren, there in good faith, soon found himself mugged by two self-righteous regressives. He failed to understand that being an editor at Reuters makes one only slightly less political than Bella Abzug

The chief GOP error when dealing with our opponents is to mistake evil for ignorance. The anti-heroes who manipulate Democratic Party voters into believing they are non-ideological “pragmatists” know perfectly well what they are doing. They specialize in keeping “the masses” ignorant and in “breaking the necks of conservatives.” 

One need not be Sun Tzu to discern that when one side fights like zealots while the other seeks conflict resolution…a bloodbath will follow. As Horowitz observes: 

I said we are not good at politics. Actually we’re pretty terrible at politics. Whenever a Republican and a Democrat square off, it’s Godzilla vs. Bambi. They call us racists, sexists, homophobes and selfish pigs, and we call them…“liberals.” Who’s going to win that argument? They spend their political dollars calling us names and shredding our reputations. We spend ours explaining why the complicated solutions will work and why theirs won’t.  

The left seeks to give their empty lives meaning via politics which cannot happen. This state of affairs is obvious to everyone…except leftists. This means they are never happy and always volatile. The world constantly tells them “No!” which can be very traumatic if you happen to be a social justice gerbil. 

One hive of “spiritual progressives” even lists as its goal “repairing the world.” Imagine the disappointment they must feel on a daily basis! No, you cannot make a freak into an ultra-productive citizen. Most leftists are beyond any form of earthly assistance. Their brains are chock full of ideological fairy dust

Horowitz recommends that conservatives never forget to appear as happy warriors on the stage as most voters are repulsed by anger. That should not be too difficult. One cannot help but giggle at how self-righteous and phony most leftists are. They love the poor…so they ensconce themselves in mansions leagues away from the nearest inner-city. They love illegal aliens…but hate their own people. 

When dealing with our foes, we do not have to do much in terms of neural hijacking to get them to go berserk in front of third party observers. For example, rather than respect their command of “Don’t question my patriotism,” it would be far more entertaining and profitable for us to highlight how alienated leftists are from their own country. 

Republicans should call radicals what they are…traitors, and announce, “Leftist, the reason I question your patriotism…is due to the fact that you hate your country.” Watch them then spasm like partially dead raccoons. 

After all, claiming to be “a citizen of the world” translates into your not giving a damn about your own country. Democrats intentionally conflate patriotism with jingoism and imperialism. Simple gratefulness and appreciation for the land beneath your feet is too lacking in nuance for your average leftist. 

With their every action they shout, “Every intelligent person knows the United States sucks!” In order to achieve his desires for utopia everything the regressive sees must burn. Republicans should do the right thing and let everyone within a 50 foot radius know that that the person with whom they are conversing is a total mental patient. 

Have fun with them and turn leftists into laughingstocks in the eyes of the general public. We have to be careful though as they are so “super-sophisticated.” Let’s call them both the Narcisstii and the SuperSophisticatii. Instead of infesting our universities and governments, let’s prop them up in front of large flat screens, put on MSLSD, and allow them to turn on, tune in, and drop out. 

Take No Prisoners should be required reading for the GOP establishment. It demands that solid conservative citizens repossess the Republican Party. Are we up for the challenge? If we are not, get ready to watch America slowly become Argentina. Horowitz urges us to do to the GOP what the left did to the Democratic Party 46 years ago…infiltrate it and then take over. 

The GOP has fresh and strong leaders in its ranks like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Sessions. No, they are not representative of the whole, but those men are a strong nucleus to build upon. All it takes is courage and the Tea Party has that in abundance. We still have time to save our country. 

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