Beck: Is it a Miracle or a Massacre?

Miracles and MassacresThis is a great book by Glenn Beck and co. Miracles and Massacres is an interesting name. Beck is concerned that even though we have the internet slowly but surely we are losing our history.  To a large extent that may be true but history for the most part should be for enjoyment. If we are to learn from history so we don’t repeat the same mistakes, that may be impossible. 

In one sense history never repeats itself per se, but we seem to see the same mistakes over and over. When they signed the U.S. Constitution centuries ago, there were liberals and communists way back then. But the leaders or the majority at the time wanted freedom and liberty and words like Obama’s injustice really don’t fit in the definition of liberty and justice.  What Obama is really saying is that we should have different sets of rules and some rules apply to some and not all and other laws apply to others. That is why it is so important for the liberals to fill our courts with a bunch of liberal no nonsense or no common sense law interpreters. 

One problem with history is that sometimes they make mistakes. By the time Obama leaves office he will be made to look like a hero. Look at Clinton he was a pure embarrassment. 12 years later he was probably Barbara Wa-Wa’s new messiah. 

One thread that seems to run through the Beck book is the government. The more unbridled the government becomes the more injustice we end up having to correct. 

Tokyo Rose story was about another liberal out in left field. They all knew that Iva was innocent. Matter of fact she ended up being a patriot. But the U.S. government thanks to Truman put her through hell and all sorts of embarrassment. For what? To win an election. Didn’t Obama lie about Benghazi to win an election? 

The Battle of Athens is your typical “Walking Tall” movie, but there was no film or stunt doubles, this was real. But the GI’s lead by a George Washington were able to win back their government that was controlled unconscionably by a bunch of hoodlums. The corruption went all the way to the county state senator. But when the war broke out, the FBI nor the justice department  showed up to insure a proper election. So  how far up did the corruption go? This was  1946 in Tennessee. Oh, I think most of these folks were white. 

There were loads of cover-ups. The story of My Lai and Battle of Wounded Knee lay witness to that claim. In both,  a village loaded with defenseless people were gunned down by the government. It is hard to imagine that anyone in the military would shoot down defenseless women and children. But it happens almost everyday in America. But when its one person, the story can become quite cloudy. But when hundreds are killed and some shot in the back, we have to wonder. But we look at abortions and millions are proudly killed with delight on an annual basis. 

And the more time that goes by the more accustomed we are to the massacre. Now we call it a woman’s right to commit murder. I wonder what they will think when the government orders you to have an abortion because the nanny state can’t afford another mouth to feed. Ask the Chinese? 

The Barbary War was interesting. I never thought much of Tommy Jefferson, but to agree to bribery with a bunch of Muslims that hated infidels seemed pretty stupid. But what does Obama want to do today? He wants to pay off Iran and North Korea to be our friends. When they only want to be friends with Rodman. 

It took a leader like President Reagan or President Madison to show the Muslims strength and death.  How quickly they want to be friends. Gaddafi who?  A couple of well placed bombs and Gaddafi became our friend. Biden calls for diplomacy. Since 1785 the United States or its precursor have been battling with the Muslims.  Way back then they called us infidels. They treated our captured military worse than slaves. And Agenda 21 wants to send how much money to the poverty in these Muslim countries? How much money will go to help the poor and how much will go to feed the terrorist mill. The liberals call this cap and trade. It should be called stupidity! 

Shay’s Rebellion was quite sad. The Massachusetts government had become heartless. The Business men and lawyers saw an opportunity to tax the crap out of their citizens. Some of the old time militia decided it was time to stand up for their rights. In the end they lost. Not many died but in the end the politicians, rich businessmen/lobbyists and lawyers won. Now that is a history we should learn from. As long as we have corrupt politicians and lobbyists and lawyers we will always have someone else’s hand in our pockets feeling around for all that loose change. And Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states and they still love to raise their taxes! 

The book makes a complete circle and ends with the missing 9/11 terrorist. Again we have another rendition about how Bin Laden was executed. But this is the second story that is different than the Obama story. The Obama story had Bin reaching for a weapon. The second and third story contradict that. When  Bin stuck his nose into the corridor to see what was happening, they blew his face off. That was their mission. So tell me again why we are supposed to work with the Muslims? 

It is a great book. And the kind of book that should be used like a bible. Sit down from time to time and read one of the short stories. And ponder how things have not changed and why they have not changed. And what must be done to bring back liberty and freedom to your country. 

Without freedom and liberty we can never live the American Dream, only the corrupt dreams of Obama. This book with 12 different stories discusses many heroes who stood up to correct the record or to correct the deed. It is hard to believe that a lawyer for Al Capone, had a son who ended up being a war hero and the name sake of the Chicago airport.  It must be the circle of life! Heroes come from ordinary people who do extraordinary deeds when called to do so. 

Where are the heroes today?

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