‘Before They Take My Right Away’ — Liberals’ Stealth Scheme to Eviscerate Second Amendment

btfgncntrlOn a recent visit to the Chester County Sheriff’s Department, I noticed several people applying for concealed carry licenses, including several young women. I kiddingly asked one twenty-something applicant if she intended to carry. “Yes,” she smiled, “before they take away my right.” And critics complain that the younger generation is uninformed.

The next day I asked the deputy if the number of concealed carry applications had increased. “Thirty-five yesterday,” he said, holding a stack of papers. “And that wasn’t our busiest day.”

Gun control activists know that wholesale repeal of gun rights a non-starter. Left unsaid is their stealth scheme to eviscerate the Second Amendment through incremental “sensible gun control” measures like President Obama’s recent proposal expanding background checks and the definition of firearms “dealers. “

Under his proposal, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will “clarify” their interpretation of the law to cover stores, private sellers at gun shows and internet sales, transactions heretofore exempt from the background check requirement.

The FBI reports that roughly 92% of NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) checks render an instant verdict. In about 8% of cases, the verdict is delayed, and the seller has to wait three days. If there is no verdict after three days, the sale can go through.

The NICS must delay or deny a firearm sale based on federal and state law. Reasons for prohibitions include criminal history or drug abuse; adjudication as a mental defective or commitment to a mental institution; a domestic “no-contact” order or abuse conviction; non-citizenship, and dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces.

According the FBI, the federal NICS system issued approximately 1.3 million denials between Nov. 30, 1998, and Dec. 31, 2015. Although criminal convictions represent the largest portion (699,000) of denials, substance abuse, domestic violence, and mental health issues comprise another 300,000.

Expanding background checks, aided and abetted by all-knowing Obamacare, offer gun rights opponents multiple opportunities to do mischief.

For example, at present federal law doesn’t require states to submit mental health records to the NICS database. As a result, mental health records are an incomplete part of the NICS database.

Under the president’s executive action, the Social Security Administration will make rules to include information in the background check system about beneficiaries who should be excluded from gun ownership for mental health reasons. The FBI also aims to improve notification of local authorities when certain prohibited persons unlawfully attempt to buy a gun.

Will treatment for alcohol or drug addiction (by definition, controlled substances in most cases) now be grounds for denial? What about treatment for addiction to prescription drugs?

Will expanded rules discourage substance abusers from seeking treatment, thus increasing the number of alcohol and drug related crimes?

Likewise, fear of the very real consequences of a 911 call by an angry or vindictive domestic partner can turn an everyday lovers’ quarrel into something much more serious.

Criminal and medical paper trails are long. Twenty-five years ago the parents of an acquaintance committed him to a hospital’s psychiatric unit because of alcohol use. Now in his forties, for many years a sober, law abiding member of society, he was recently denied a gun purchase because of this long ago incident.

The good news is that average Americans aren’t buying liberals’ cross their heart and hope to die assurances that they have no desire to disarm America. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s recent Congressional testimony about a record 3.3 million firearms sales being submitted for FBI background checks in December and that young girl’s words in the Sheriff’s Department prove that ordinary citizens smell a scam.

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