Benghazi: Hillary, Maybe it Does Make a Difference!

It seems odd that the Benghazi attack and assassination occurred over 8 months ago and we still have no answers and no arrests.

Hillary did not appear before congress as presidential material. But the question really is what difference does it make. And I think we need a flowchart and congress needs to fill in the blanks. Then the American people who pay Hillary’s exorbitant salary, lifetime  benefits and staff expenses can make up their own minds: What difference does it make?


Remember it wasn’t too long ago when the liberals couldn’t get the ObamaCare they wanted so they passed the garbage we now have. So for the liberals in the end it does make a difference the journey may not.


It seems odd that the Benghazi attack and assassination occurred over 8 months ago and we still have no answers and no arrests. The only facts we seem to have are that 4 Americans are dead. And as a result an American ambassador has been assassinated.


There are several issues that need to be probed. The main issues are what happened on that day. What did we know beforehand. What response was made as a result of the attack. Did Obama and staff and Hillary know that this was an Al-Qaeda  attack. If so when. And how long did Hillary and Obama know that this was an attack and not just a demonstration brought about by a trailer to a video that for the most part was non-existent. It existed only in the minds of Obama and Ambassador Rice.


1. What happened on Benghazi day:


How many attacker were there. How many at the initial attack. What kind of weapons did they have and how many weapons. Was there over a hundred armed attackers at the embassy. Did any of them carry protest signs along with their assault rifles and rocket launchers?


Were there 30 workers at the embassy who were saved? Were any of these American citizens and what are their names? If they were not Americans who were they and what country are they from?  What weaponry did the Americans have to fight back with? And how long did the fight last?


Did a SOS go out? If so at what time and to whom. And what was their response. And who was involved in that response?


The Ambassador was a pretty smart guy. Was he aware that he had little or no security and no back up plans? If that was the case, why didn’t he get the H$%$ out of there until Obama provided the proper security!


2. Before Benghazi day:


Who was at the embassy at Benghazi on an ordinary day. Was it true the Ambassador was involved with selling weapons to the Syrian rebels.  If so, who knew about it. And what kinds and what number of weapons were sold or transferred to the Syrians?


If the security was non-existent at the embassy, who knew about it and what requests were made and to whom and with what results?


3. After Benghazi day:


How long did it take before “reinforcements” showed up to remove the dead or almost dead bodies? At what time did the Whitehouse and Obama and others know that this was obviously a terrorist attack and not a demonstration gone bad.


If the backup or request for protection was denied before and after the attack… By whom and for what reason. And did Obama know about the refusal or was he kept out of the loop for his own protection for the convenience of later denials.


If the Army, CIA or SEALS requested permission to attack, who denied this request and why didn’t the heroes of the day ignore the denial and Play John Wayne at all costs.


If Hillary was kept out of the loop for denial purposes as well who was in charge and why did she refuse to protect the American Ambassador and his people.


This appears to be a good beginning. and as the answers come forth, more questions will obviously be created.


But the bottom line is that the Ambassador and any premises he inhabits is American Soil. And Obama and Hillary had a duty to protect the people on American soil. Obama calls this a “side show” and he considers the war on terrorism over. We the American people consider it a tragedy! “No Democracy can fight a war of this nature.” Obama may be short-sided on this one. The Jihadists’ only goal is to destroy America and defile and debase all non-Muslims. And all Democracies will fall under the influence of the Jihadists. 


With Japan and Germany the war was not over until the Japanese and the Germans knew the war was over. Until the jihadists know that the war is over and they have lost, the war is still being fought. Like Clinton, Obama would rather leave our country unprotected and well liked by Muslim countries. People have died in Boston and people have died in London. Obama failed to win the war in Afghanistan the only “real” war. And  he let the Pakistan folks walk all over him. As a true liberal, Obama thinks he can talk and the war is over. Hillary sees no difference. But the war is not over until one side surrenders. Has Obama surrendered the interests and freedoms of America?


You make the call!

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